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A Recurring Divine Christmas Gift


The Astrological System Is

A Divine Gift that Keeps on Giving


December 20, 2014


In recent articles we explained some reasons why we believe a Higher Power designed the Astrological System in ways such that when each of us were born, the planets endowed us with divine gifts of special talents and skills – this is one reason we refer to astrology as the Divine Astrological System.


[Please click here to read about how the Divine Astrological System works.]


To continue along the same path, this article reveals how the Divine Astrological System not only gave us gifts when we were born, but it continues to give to us throughout our entire lives.


The Divine Astrological System is always helping us by giving us assistance via Magical Transits.


Below, we explain how this all works.



Magical Transits


A Higher Power designed the Divine Astrological System such that as the planets move round and round in the sky, they regularly align at an angle that transfers beneficial power to our natal planets.  In essence, the stars constantly transmit to us divine help of all kinds.


For example, when transiting Mars is trine to our natal Sun, we are infused with EXTRA energy so we can accomplish what we must.  In ancient times, we usually used the extra energy to hunt for food or harvest our crops.


Another example of a Magical Transit is when transiting Venus is trine to our natal Chiron.  In Magi Astrology, we identified this to be a Cinderella Transit and it helps us have a chance to become a Cinderella because the transit helps us gain recognition and makes us look and feel our best. Therefore, this transit greatly increases the chance that someone will fall in love with us, or maybe someone else like our employer will think more highly of us and give us a raise or promotion. When transiting Venus is trine our natal Chiron, it is a great time for us to look for a new special person to come into our lives.


Another interesting example of Magical Transits is when transiting Jupiter is trine our natal Sun. In our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money, we explain that this Magical Transit will help provide us with what we need the most at the time.  If we need money, we get it; if we need love, we get it; if we need to heal from illness, we will heal.  Jupiter trine our Sun is amazing because it knows what we need most at the time and blesses us accordingly.  This is one reason why we believe that the astrological system is divinely designed.


[You might be wondering about so-called “bad transits” – we believe they do not actively hurt us but instead, they seem to “block out God’s light” and make it much harder for us to receive help from the stars.   Fact is we need assistance all the time so we deteriorate during “bad transits.” But we have found that those who are closest to Providence are less susceptible to “bad transits.”   “Bad transits” have an important role in our lives and are a subject we do not want to discuss in detail right now but we promise we will delve deep into them at a later date.]


For thousands of years, astrologers knew that we would all regularly get good transits that help us – but astrologers always assumed that good transits would come and go.


What astrologers never knew was that a Benevolent Higher Power created the Divine Astrological System in such a way that it actually provides us with a way of preserving and keeping our good transits. 


For 5000 years, astrologers have wanted to preserve good transits but never knew how to do so. In this article, the Magi Society will teach you exactly how to make good transits last your entire lifetime.



The Divine Astrological System

Gives Us a Way to Preserve Our Magical Transits


The Divine Astrological System was created so wisely and benevolently that it provides us with a way to preserve our good transits so as to make our good transits permanent.


The Magi Society has learned how to preserve your good transits so that they last your whole lifetime.  You can make your good transits permanent – you can do so by utilizing the Magi Principal of Natalization.


The Magi Astrology Principal of Natalization teaches us that whenever we do anything for the first time, we automatically create an astrological chart for what we did – we refer to this process of creating an astrological chart as “natalization.” 


When we do anything for the first time, we are creating, or natalizing, an astrological chart that preserves the individual positions of all the planets at the time of our action. The natalization chart will preserve all the transits you were having at the time.


For example, whenever two persons get married, they are natalizing an astrological chart and that chart becomes their Marriage Chart.  That Marriage Chart is an astrological chart that preserves all the positions of the planets at the time they marry.  In so doing, the Marriage Chart preserves all the transits each spouse was having at the time they married. 


If we marry on a day when we are having a Cinderella Transit, then our Marriage Chart will preserve that Cinderella Transit for as long as that marriage is intact.


The Marriage Chart lasts for as long as a couple remains married.


This obviously means we should only marry when we are having great transits.


The better the transits we have when we get married, the better the marriage will be for us.


If a couple gets married on a day when they are each having at least one Cinderella Transits, they will remain in love throughout their marriage.


If we marry on a day when we have Golden Transits, our marriage will be blessed with  money.


If we begin a job when we are having Golden Transits, we will be successful and make money at the job.


Therefore, we should always plan ahead whenever we are going to do anything important for the first time. Below is a perfect example of the importance of doing important things on a day when we are having great transits:



The Magical Marriage of Keith Richards and Patti Hansen


From the mid 1960’s until the early 1980’s, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones were the wildest womanizers among the world’s rock stars.  They each had sex with more than ten thousand women, most of whom were adoring groupies who lined up outside the concert halls after their performances.


So when Keith Richards married Patti Hansen in 1983, no one expected their marriage to last more than a couple of years at most. 


But here we are now more than 30 years later and the Richards/Hansen marriage is generally acknowledged as the happiest marriage any rock star has ever had. 


How could this be?


The answers are always in the stars and Magi Astrology reveals the secrets of the stars.


The main astrological reason for this success is Keith Richards was having five fabulous transits when he married Patti Hansen.


Below is a Magi Astrology Chart of the Heliocentric sky on their perfect wedding day showing three of the five great transits Keith Richards was having on his wedding day:





And below is a Magi Astrology Chart for the geocentric sky that illustrates that Keith Richards had an additional two more fabulous transits when he married Patti Hansen:





Keith Richards married Patti Hansen when he was having five Super Transits.  When they married, they automatically created a Marriage Chart which preserved all five of those Super Transits. 


For as long as Keith Richards is married to Patti Hansen, Keith will have the advantages of the five Super Transits he had on his wedding day.


But there is more.


Whenever we natalize a chart, we preserve not only our transits but also the Planetary Geometry of the day and time we natalized the chart. 


In other words, the natalization of Keith Richards’ Marriage Chart preserved not only his transits but also all the planetary aspects that existed at the time Keith and Patti were pronounced “man and wife.”


Below is a Magi Astrology chart of Keith Richards’ Marriage Chart, in the geocentric sky, showing the positions of the planets when Keith married Patti Hansen and the most important planetary aspects of the chart:







For those of you who are relatively new to this website, in Magi Astrology, a Planetary Eclipse occurs whenever two planets are both conjunct and parallel to each other.  A Planetary Eclipse is the most powerful two-planet aspect.


In 1995, our Magi Society published our first book, Astrology Really Works!  In this first book, we revealed that the Sun Jupiter Planetary Eclipse is the best planetary aspect to natalize into a Marriage Chart because it helps the marriage to overcome all obstacles and provide whatever the marriage needs.


When Keith Richards married Patti Hansen, there was a Sun Jupiter Planetary Eclipse in the sky.


The Sun Jupiter Planetary Eclipse in Keith Richards’ Marriage Chart is strengthened by the conjunction and parallel with Neptune.  In Magi Astrology, Neptune is both a Financial Planet and a Romance Planet.


Somebody upstairs must have been really looking after Keith Richards and helped him to marry on such a perfect astrological day with such great transits.


Before Keith Richards married Patti Hansen, he was universally described as a “mad mad drug addict” and famous for being called the “world’s most elegantly wasted human being.”


He still has a wild side, but he also has the protection and blessings of his magical Marriage Chart, a gift from the Higher Power that created the Divine Astrological System.


(And, yes, he also has the remarkable Patti Hansen as his wife – and of course a good woman is always a crucial part of the equation for a magical marriage.)



Natalizations Preserve Both Good and Bad Transits


Whenever we complete an action and do anything for the first time, we are giving birth to what we did ( natalizing) and creating an astrological chart that preserves the positions of all of the transiting planets at the time we took action.


The astrological chart we create when natalizing anything preserves all of our transits – this includes the “bad’ transits.


For this reason, it is imperative that we always check our stars before we do anything important for the first time, such as opening a bank account, starting a new job or project, buying anything not trivial, such as a house or automobile, and even a cell phone or toaster.


Selecting special astrological days for beginning endeavors is a branch of astrology called Electional Astrology


For thousands of years, great men and women relied on Electional Astrology to help improve their chances of success.


The ancient Hebrew prophets were the first to get good results and used Electional Astrology in choosing their kings and when to crown them.


Alexander the Great used Electional Astrology in planning his invasion of Persia.


The coronation date of every king and queen of England has been chosen with the help of astrology.


America’s Founding Fathers knew the value of Electional Astrology and relied on the world’s best astrologer, Benjamin Franklin, to select the time and day to sign the Declaration of Independence as well as the United States Constitution. 


Nowadays, too much attention has been devoted to whether to do something and not enough attention has been devoted to when to do it.


A wonderfully Benevolent Higher Power designed the Divine Astrological System in such a way that we can all harness the power of the stars to help us attain our dreams. Whenever the planets are aligned in ways such that we are having great transits, we can make the transits permanent by natalizing them and keep the benefits our entire lives.


If we dig deeply into the lives of every super successful person, a perfect natalization always marks the beginning of the road to super success.  It is often a wedding date or the date a contract was signed or the day when a corporation was formed.


The end of a great natalization often marks the end of great success – for example, when a superstar gets divorced, that star falls to the ground.


We believe that Magi Astrology can help you to select magical natalization days that will help to change your lives for the better and help you fulfill your dreams.


We will teach a lot about Electional Astrology in our Free Certification Classes for those who join us as Professional Members (those who join for at least five years).


Thank you for reading this.


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