Free Astro Fibonacci Calculator

Free Astro Fibonacci Calculator

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Almost no one knows this but every Fibonacci Ratio is almost exactly the same as a Planetary Ratio. For examples:


  • The Classic Fibonacci Ratio of 0.382 is nearly exactly the same as the Planetary Ratio of Mercury and Venus (0.3902).


  • The Classic Fibonacci Ratio of 0.618 is nearly exactly the same as the Planetary Ratio of Venus and Earth (0.6151)


  • The Classic Fibonacci Ratio of 0.236 is nearly exactly the same as the Planetary Ratio of Mercury and the Earth (0.2408)


A Planetary Ratio is the ratio of one planet’s period divided by that of another planet.



But here is our point:


All active traders know Fibonacci works.  But why does Fibonacci work?  We believe Fibonacci works because Planetary Ratios work.


We believe that it cannot be a coincidence that Classic Fibonacci Ratios are the same as Planetary Ratios.  It has to mean that Fibonacci works because Planetary Ratios work.  There simply is no other conceivable explanation for the power of Fibonacci.


(We have ascribed the name “AstroFibonacci” to Planetary Ratios.)


Quite often, a stock will hit a tradable bottom at a Classic Fibonacci level and we say “Wow” look at how well Fibonacci works.  But many times, a stock will go right through a Fibonacci level and instead will bottom at a non-Fibonacci level - nobody knew why.  


Until now.


Guess what?  There are TWELVE primary AstroFibonacci levels and four of them are quite different from Classic Fibonacci levels.  If you research it, you will find that historically, stocks and stock indices as well as commodities and currencies will find a bottom at one of the AstroFibonacci Levels.


We want you to prove this to yourself, which is why we created our FREE AstroFibonacci calculator below for you to use, as many times as you want, any time you want.


To calculate and display both Fibonacci and AstroFibonacci Ratios, please enter the high and low price for the wave, and then click the Calculate Button.  If you would like to go to our home page, please click here.



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