Last year on October 29, we announced we were working on a lengthy article about the astrological cause of the 2008 stock market crash.  We subsequently posted a medium-sized article on Financial Astrology.


We do not feel we have fulfilled our promise completely.


The essay below is a continuation of efforts to help you understand Financial Astrology and ultimately to know how to predict stock markets.


We know that many of our fans are not really interested in Financial Astrology.  But the principles of Financial Astrology work in all other areas of astrology including the astrology of love, sex and money.


So please bare with us and try your best to understand the information in this link.





Magi Society Announcement


We promise you that our next article will give you astrological information you have always wanted to know.  The Magi Society has recently made some more amazing discoveries and in the next article that we will post, we are will reveal more monumental new information about astrology that you have always been very anxious to know. You will be able to use Magi Astrology to answer questions you never could before.





February 4, 2009


A proof of astrology has come from a highly unexpected source – a mathematical sequence known as the Fibonacci sequence.


We are not going to get into the details of the actual Fibonacci sequence because you do not have to understand that in order to understand this article.


All you have to know is the following:


When any stock goes up and then comes down, the stock price will find “natural support” at certain specific levels that match ratios created by the Fibonacci sequence. 


There are five Fibonacci ratios – they are 0.236, 0.382, 0.500, 0.618 and 0.764.


The following link has a good article about Fibonacci:




We know most of you are not interested in Fibonacci, but we think you will find the above link interesting and we are certain that you will benefit from doing so because it will enlarge your astrological world.  


After you have read the above link, you will realize and understand that Fibonacci is a mystically accurate way of predicting support and resistance levels for stock and commodity prices.


Every trader who has tested Fibonacci Ratios knows they work.  Stock and commodity prices find support at Fibonacci retracement levels.


But why do Fibonacci Ratios work?


That has always been a mystery. 


Nobody has ever known the answer.  Until now.


The Magi Society has discovered that Fibonacci works because of Planetary Motion Ratios. 

A Planetary Motion Ratio is the ratio that results when we divide one planet’s period by another planet’s period.  (The period of a planet is the time it takes for the planet to revolve once around the Sun.)  For example:

The period of Venus is 224.70 days.

The period of the Earth is 365.256 days.

Guess what? The Venus/Earth Planetary Motion Ratio is = 224.7 divided by 365.256 which is:


Which is a mere 0.003 less than the established Fibonacci ratio of 0.618.   This means the Fibonacci ratio of 0.618 is essentially the same as the Venus/Earth Planetary Ratio.

The Mercury/Venus Planetary Motion Ratio is = 87.969 divided by 224.7 which is:


Which is just 0.0082 from being exactly the same as the Fibonacci ratio of 0.382.

The Magi Society analyzed all the Planetary Motion Ratios and concluded a massive research project.  We discovered that the reason Fibonacci Ratios work is that they are the same as Planetary Ratios. 


Here are the facts we discovered:




A) Every Fibonacci Ratio is nearly exactly the same as a Planetary Ratio.  (There are no exceptions to this rule.)

B) There are more Planetary Ratios than there are Fibonacci Ratios and every Planetary Ratio works just as well as Fibonacci Ratios at predicting support and resistance in stock and commodity prices.

The inescapable conclusion is therefore:

The only reason Fibonacci Ratios work is because they are equal to Planetary Ratios.




Every Planetary Ratio is valuable because each helps guide you so you can trade more profitably.


As explained in detail later in this article, there are ten Primary Planetary Ratios.


One of them is the 66.4% Neptune/Pluto ratio (the period of Pluto divided by the period of Neptune). If you check, you will find that in the present bear market, a significant percentage of stocks found strong bottoms at their 66.4% retracement level. 


Procter & Gamble is just one example of this.  Below is a stock chart of PG.  It illustrates how you can use Planetary Ratios to help you better predict stock prices.








In the above chart, we drew a Fibonacci Rectangle to define the high and low we used to create Planetary Retracement Lines.


In all the charts in this article, vertical lines are used to mark the beginning of each year, and each horizontal line is a Planetary Retracement Line.  To the right of the horizontal lines, we will give you detailed “Fibo Data” in the margin.  The Fibo Data includes price, retracement ratio, and the names of the planets that create the ratio.  (Sometimes, two or more horizontal lines are so close together that there is only room to show you one set of Fibo Data.)





We encourage you to be skeptical about what we are telling you.  You might be wondering “If Planetary Ratios really work, then why hasn't any else discovered this before now?”


Part of the answer is that the Magi Society is the world’s largest association of astronomer-astrologers and we have the best scientific research astrologers.


Another reason is that the Magi Society has recently made new discoveries.  The result is that the Magi Society’s list of “Planets” is more advanced and better than anyone else’s.  Therefore the Planetary Ratios are a little different from anyone else’s.


Below is a table showing the Magi Society’s list of planets, their periods and the Planetary Ratios created by them:




87.969 days (.2408 yr)



224.70 days (.6151 yr)

Mer/Ven = .3902


365.256 days

Ven/Ear = .6151


2.135 years

Ear/Mars = .4684


4.599 years

Mars/Ceres = .4642


11.86 years

Ceres/Jup = .3877


29.45 years

Jup/Sat = .4027


50.54 years

Sat/Chi = .5827


84.07 years

Chi/Ura = .6011


164.88 years

Ura/Nep = .5090


248.09 years

Nep/Plu = .6645



As you know, we have been using Ceres and Chiron for a long time.


By adding Ceres and Chiron to the list of planets, we get eleven planets and ten Primary Planetary Ratios.  (A Primary Planetary Ratio is the ratio obtained by dividing one planet’s period by the period of the planet that is next in line, by order of a planet’s distance from the Sun, such as Mercury and Venus.  There is another type of Planetary Ratio called the Leap Planetary Ratio which is derived by dividing one planet’s period by the period of the planet that is two planets farther from the Sun, such as Mercury and the Earth.  It is Leap Planetary Ratios that give us the Fibonacci Ratio of 23.6%.)





Since Planetary Ratios create resistance and support levels, it makes sense that if two Planetary Ratios are very close together, then their combined power would have about twice the strength of either ratio by itself.


Our research reveals that this is exactly what happens. 


Whenever two Planetary Ratios are almost the same, they have two times the strength of just one Planetary Ratio.  This is because the two Planetary Ratios REINFORCE EACH OTHER.  Therefore, we call them REINFORCED RATIOS. 


Reinforced Ratios are twice as powerful as ratios that are not reinforced.


Guess what? The two key Fibonacci Ratios of 38.2% and 61.8% are both nearly exactly the same ratio as two pairs of Reinforced Planetary Ratios.


The 38.2% Fibonacci Ratio is nearly the same as the Reinforced Planetary Ratios of Mercury/Venus (39.02%) and Ceres/Jupiter (38.77%).


While the 61.8% Fibonacci Ratio is nearly the same as the Reinforced Planetary Ratios of

Venus/Earth (61.51%) and Chiron/Uranus (60.11%).


The fact that the two most important Fibonacci Ratios are both the same as Reinforced Planetary Ratios is strong evidence that Planetary Ratios are what really control stock and commodity markets.





There is another pair of Reinforced Planetary Ratios.  The Earth/Mars Planetary Ratio is 46.8%, and the Mars/Ceres Planetary Ratio is 46.4%. The average of these two ratios is 46.6% and we have named this ratio the MAGI RATIO.


Believe it or not, the Magi Ratio is the most powerful of all retracement ratios.  A good  example of its strength is the Crash of 1987, which is illustrated in the chart below.




The above chart helps you to easily see that the low on October 19, 1987 (the day the US stock market fell 509 points) was made at almost exactly the 46.4% Mars/Ceres retracement, which is reinforced by the 46.8% Earth/Mars retracement. 


The above chart gives you remarkable evidence of the power of Planetary Ratios.  During the two weeks following the crash, the highs and lows were confined to the 66.4% Neptune/Pluto retracement level (point A) and the 50.9% Uranus/Neptune retracement level.  And Planetary Ratios were the keys to other crucial support levels, such as the low made at the 58.3% Saturn/Chiron retracement level (point C).


[ You probably noticed that the ratios on the chart of the 1987 Crash were ascending as you go up in price whereas the ratios on the PG chart were descending.  This is because the Magi Society Planetary software has the ability to “reverse” the ratios, which is something that Fibonacci also does. In fact, the 76.4% Fibonacci Ratio is not derived directly from the Fibonacci Sequence but it is really just the “reverse” of the 23.6% ratio, because you get the reverse ratio by subtracting it from 100%. We are using the same principle in the above chart. And by the way, the 50% Fibonacci Ratio is not really derived from the Fibonacci Sequence either.  The Fibonacci fans simply added the 50% because they saw it happen so much.  But there really is a Planetary Ratio of 50.9% - it is Uranus/Neptune.  And the Magi Ratio of 46.6% is very close to 50%. ]


If you are an experienced stock trader, it is a certainty that you have seen stocks make lows right at the 46.6% Magi Ratio many times in the past, but you probably simply assumed that it was the 50% Fibonacci Ratio that was working.  .





For decades, traders have noticed that it was a common occurrence for stocks and commodities to find very strong support at one-third or 33% retracement.  The same is true at about two-thirds or 66% retracements.


But neither the 33% nor the 66% are Fibonacci Ratios.


Nonetheless, for more than twenty years, most traders view one-third retracements as being “close enough” to the Fibonacci 38.2% ratio.  After all, if a stock moves up $10, the difference between a one-third and 38.2% retracement is only fifty cents.


But when you use Planetary Ratios, you will find that there is a 33.6% ratio.  It is the inverted 66.4% Neptune/Pluto ratio.  Quite often, knowing about this Planetary Ratio is what makes the difference between losing or making money on a trade.


Below is recent example of how knowing about the Neptune/Pluto Planetary Ratio could have been a great help is making money on a trade.





As you can see, the New York Stock Exchange Index made two significant lows almost right at the Neptune/Pluto retracement level of 8384.72.  On the above chart, we have marked these two lows with the labels A and B. They occurred on January 23 and March 17 of 2008.


The rallies from these lows were great trading opportunities and Planetary Ratios would have helped you to catch them.  


Now that you have some evidence that the planets may give us some clues about support and resistance levels of stock and commodity prices, the logical next step is to see if the planets can tell us something even more valuable – like the DIRECTION of stock and commodity prices.










Now that you have some evidence that planetary motion may have some influence on support and resistance levels, we invite you to go one big step further.


To every trader, the most important question is “How can you tell if a stock or commodity is going to hold at a support level?  Or break it?”  In other words: “Will it go up or down?”


We believe that the alignments of the planets help you answer this question.


Please do not misunderstand. We do not have the whole answer to that crucial question.  But we have part of the answer.  We have one piece of the puzzle – it is planetary alignments and it is an important piece.


Planetary alignments can help you to know the times when almost all stock markets worldwide will make a significant move up or down.  It works because extreme planetary alignments create extremes of sentiment, such as extreme optimism or pessimism, even euphoria and fear. 


To learn about different types of planetary alignments, we suggest you download our free digital book on this website. The book can dramatically improve your trading skills and it really costs absolutely nothing to download the book. You do not have to give us any information about yourself before you can download it for free.


Even if you know nothing about astronomy or astrology, it will take you maybe a few hours to learn the basics of planetary alignments.  Once you learn it, and test it out in your own way, you will be amazed at how helpful knowledge of the alignments of the planets can be at improving your trading profitability.  And you will be able to understand the information below:





The Magi Society has successfully concluded the most extensive research ever conducted into the relationship between stock/commodity prices and planetary alignments.  We found that certain specific and rare types of planetary alignments occur whenever stock markets worldwide are making a massive bull run, or a horrific bear collapse.  Here are two recent examples of this:


The exact same type of very rare planetary alignment was in force during the most euphoric stretch of the dot.com boom, and last year’s bull market. 


The planetary alignment that we are referring to were Magical Alignments made between Pluto and Chiron.  Astrologers never figured this out before because they did not know about Chiron. But the Magi Society very recently discovered that whenever Pluto and Chiron are making a heliocentric parallel in the latitudes, stock markets worldwide go into a lengthy bull run before the parallel becomes exact. 


Below is a Magi Astrology Chart of the Pluto/Chiron Perfect Alignment that peaked on July 25 2007.






In the last 50 years, Pluto and Chiron made perfect alignments exactly 14 times.  On ten of those times, the US stock market made a bull wave while the alignment was in force.  On three occasions, the market went sideways or only slightly up.  One of the times the market made a strong bear move.  But ten ups to one down is pretty good and better than any other indicator that investors now have. 


Some of you may not know this, but the Magi Society has a Financial Astrology website.  It is at:




Magi Astrology works in matters of love and sex as well as money and the stock market.  Magi Astrology is the only form of astrology worth learning because it consistently works.





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