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The Magi Society offers the world’s most accurate and useful Financial Astrology Software.


Our Financial Astrology Software was designed by the most qualified financial astrologer in the world, one who has held partnership positions in both Wall Street and Park Avenue financial firms and hedge funds, and has a proven track record of success, even during the stock market crash of 2008.


The Magi Society began selling Financial Astrology software in 2003 and is now selling its fourth generation of Financial Astrology Software.  Even though the basic software package costs less than $700, it has everything you need to chart stocks and commodities, and utilize all the principles of Magi Astrology to help you better anticipate and recognize major turns in stock and commodity markets.  You can even back test and conduct your own research to find how the alignments of planets influenced any financial market.


We also help our clients to learn the principles of Magi Astrology, and how to use them to more accurately forecast stock and commodity markets.  We do so by inviting our clients to participate in our regular Financial Astrology Workshops, which are held by conference calls.


In addition, when someone purchases any of the Magi Society’s Financial Astrology Software packages, the client is given access to our site, which provides valuable data for financial astrology including the First Trade Dates of over 9000 corporations.


The Magi Society’s Financial Astrology program is called AstroFibonacci™.  AstroFibonacci is both an astrology program, and a stock and futures charting program.  Below are several screenshots showing just a few of AstroFibonacci’s stock charting and astrological capabilities:



Main Screen – Easy to Use




AstroFibonacci’s Main Screen is amazingly user-friendly – just enter date and time and click the Recalculate Button and the astrological chart will be displayed.  To filter for the types of planetary alignments you are looking for, just use the Select Line Angles menu - the chart shown here displays the double Grand Cross of October 10, 2008, the day all stock markets worldwide made a momentum low



Time to Exact Data for Timing Major Turns




The Magi Society believes that stock and commodity prices are driven by the alignments of the planets, and that MAJOR TURNS are most likely to occur very close to the exact times when major alignments peak (become exact).  Therefore, knowing the exact times when planetary alignments peak can be very useful to stock and commodity traders. 


In 1996, the Magi Society introduced software that was the very first to ever calculate the exact time a planetary alignment became exact.  Although some other software programs have attempted to copy this feature, no other program is as accurate or complete as Magi Society software. For example, AstroFibonacci gives you the Time to Exact for Heliocentric latitudes and also for the Saturn-Chiron and Saturn-Jupiter midpoints, neither of which is readily available from any other software program.  (The Saturn-Jupiter midpoint was very important to the astrological timing of the November 21 low and reversal since it “peaked” that day because Saturn and Jupiter were exactly in the same degrees of different signs.)



AstroFibonacci is Helio-Balanced




Heliocentric Astrology is just as important to stock and commodity markets as geocentric astrology. For this reason, Magi Society software is “Helio-balanced” meaning that anything it can do in geocentric astrology, it can also do just as well in Heliocentric astrology.  Only Magi Society software is Helio-balanced and this capability is very helpful because Heliocentric astrology is the heart of accurate Financial Astrology.


AstroFibonacci even has a duo-chart capability that displays both geocentric and Heliocentric charts on the same screen.  The above duo-chart informs us that on Nov. 21, 2008, when US stocks made their price low and a major bottom, there were more important alignments in the Heliocentric sky than the geocentric sky.  There was only ONE geocentric T-Square, but there were FIVE heliocentric T-Squares.


(On the chart, the glyph that says “hj” represents the Saturn-Jupiter midpoint.)



Extraordinary Alignments




There is an important principle of Magi Astrology known as the EXTRAORDINARY ALIGNMENT PRINCIPLE, which says:



Extraordinary planetary alignments create

extraordinary conditions in financial markets.




Part two of the Extraordinary Alignment Principle tells us:



Major turns in stock and commodity markets are most likely to occur

when there are extraordinary peaks of planetary alignments.



In other words, major turns in stock and commodity markets occur when there are MANY peaks of important geocentric and Heliocentric planetary alignments.


An hour is an extraordinary hour if there are 5 or more peaks of important planetary alignments (peaking within 0.11 days).  Normally, an hour has only one peak, maybe two or most likely none at all.


AstroFibonacci helps you to identify the times when there are extraordinary planetary alignments by displaying a Combined Geo/Helio data grid that merges and sorts the Time to Exact data of both geocentric and Heliocentric planetary alignments. 


In the above screenshot, please take notice of the fact that 7 planetary alignments were peaking within plus or minus 0.11 days of the NYSE opening on November 21, 2008, when US stocks made their low in prices.  After the peak of these alignments, stocks rallied five straight days to produce the biggest one-week gain since 1933. 


(The two most important planets of traditional astrology, Jupiter and Saturn, made one of the planetary alignments that peaked.)



Planetary Synchronizations




For a long time, the concept of Planetary Synchronization has been a very valuable secret of Magi Astrology that no astrologer outside of the Magi Society understood.  In 1995, the Magi Society revealed and taught how to interpret Planetary Synchronization in its first book, Astrology Really Works!


A Planetary Aspect is an alignment made by just two planets. 


A Planetary Synchronization is an alignment made by at least three planets.


Planetary Synchronization refers to the condition where at least three planets are within orb and all make aspects to each other.  Magi Astrology is the only system of astrology that knows how to utilize and accurately interpret Planetary Synchronizations.


Since the alignments of two planets is important, it makes sense that the alignment of three or more planets is even more important.  In fact, the more planets that there are in any Planetary Synchronization, the more powerful the synchronization is.


A perfect example of this is the extraordinary and super powerful Planetary Synchronization formed in the sky by seven crucial planets on the morning of November 21, 2008, which is shown above.


It is extremely rare to have Planetary Synchronizations by so many important planets, especially such a tight or exact synchronization.  An extraordinary synchronization like the one above can give rise to high numbers of peaks, as demonstrated in the earlier chart, and therefore they usually pinpoint major turns in stock and commodity prices. For this reason, we programmed AstroFibonacci with the ability to find and display Planetary Synchronizations using a special Synchronization Wheel. 


AstroFibonacci is the only software program that has a Synchronization Wheel; it can even display Planetary Synchronizations one at a time.







An AstroChart is a stock or commodity chart with vertical lines that mark the day when a planetary alignment peaks. 


Only AstroFibonacci produces Stock AstroCharts and Commodity AstroCharts, like the one above.  This allows you to visually see what happened to stock and commodity prices just before and just after each peak.


In the above chart, the blue vertical lines mark the peaks of each Venus/Sedna.  (If the blue line is dotted instead of solid, it means it was a non-trading day, such as weekends and holidays.)  Upon examining the above AstroChart, you will be able to see that the market went down most of the time as we approach a solid blue line, but not every time. 


We believe that the Venus/Sedna clash pushes stock prices down as it approaches its peak.  It doesn't always work because there are always other planetary alignments occurring at the same time, so in effect, the complete set of alignments in play is not always the same.  There may be other alignments that work in the opposite direction.   For example, there may be a Jupiter trine Neptune at the same time and that helps lift stock prices up.


AstroFibonacci includes an Aspectarian Generator that lets you look for any major planetary alignment and creates a file listing the peak day of all such alignments.  You can then use AstroFibonacci’s Historical Research capabilities to quantify how the stock market performed any number of days before and after the peak of the alignment.



Long Range Precision Trendlines with Optional Super Fibonacci Upgrade




When trading stocks and commodities, it is essential to know all the major support and resistance levels.


The basic version of AstroFibonacci 7.37 has excellent charting capabilities.  But no program gives you better capabilities for calculating and graphing Fibonacci and trendlines than AstroFibonacci’s Super Fibonacci Upgrade.


AstroFibonacci’s Super Fibonacci Upgrade has a special pinpoint Magnify and Extend System that gives you the ability to draw absolutely precise trendlines, even over very long periods of time.  Even the best non-Magi Society programs you can buy merely use a zoom feature to let you enlarge a chart but you have to set trendlines by eye – this is only approximating.  You could be off a dozen or more handles (points). AstroFibonacci actually lets you set the trendline to the exact high or low of a day and is accurate to two decimal places. 


Is that depth of accuracy important?


Yes, because program traders have custom software that use the same numbers AstroFibonacci produces and they use these numbers to key off of for their program trading. You want to know what the program traders are doing.


In addition, AstroFibonacci’s Super Fibonacci Upgrade is the only program you can buy that gives you the ability to draw precision trendlines over DECADES and still have precision.


The above chart is an example of just how incredibly important a DECADE-long trendline can be. You can see that the lower trendline turned out to create the strongest support level of the 2008 bear market because that is where the DJIA finally held support in October and November of 2008.


That trendline was drawn from the lows made in October of 1990 and December of 1994, all the way up through November of 2008.  It is an 18-year trendline and forms a perfect parallel channel with the two highs (as shown).


The next chart will show you why it is very helpful for you to know the exact value of this 18-year trendline.



Precision Trendlines Are Valuable Trading Tools




The above chart displays the DJIA for January through November of 2008.  The red line is the 18-year trendline we discussed in the last chart.  You can see how valuable it was to know exactly where that trendline was – it was the most crucial support level for the DJIA.  For three months, the US stock market crashed 4000 points almost straight down until it hit that trendline and finally found strong support.


All other stock charting software programs can only approximate the value of such long trendlines. But AstroFibonacci is accurate to two decimal places.  The reason this is very important is that program traders have custom made programs that also produce the exact same support levels as AstroFibonacci (we admit they did this before we did).  When you know the precise levels AstroFibonacci provides, you can detect what the program traders are trying to do, and know when the bulls or bears have won the battle, at least temporarily.  This knowledge has allowed us to trade in the same direction as the successful program traders do, which definitely helped us make money.



Support and Resistance Levels Up to Two Decimal Places




The above is a screenshot of AstroFibonacci’s data grid that shows the exact value of trendlines, up to two decimal places.  This way, you know what the precise value of a crucial trendline is for each day.  If you watch real time streaming quotes of the stock market when the market is very close to a precise crucial support level like the ones displayed in the above grid, you would be amazed at how much it helps you to detect which way the market will ultimately go.



Optional Super Fibonacci Upgrade




There is no shortage of stock charting software programs that can draw Fibonacci retracements and extensions.  But once again, AstroFibonacci’s Super Fibonacci Upgrade is the best.  (This is an optional upgrade and costs extra.)  For one thing, it is the only program you can buy that gives you the ability to draw Fibonacci retracement levels, with precision, over a long period of time. 


As is the case with calculating trendlines, AstroFibonacci gives you the ability to Magnify and Extend so that you can draw precise Fibonacci retracements and extensions over very long periods of time.  You can set the exact date you want to use as the low or high; then AstroFibonacci’s Super Fibonacci Upgrade makes the appropriate calculations and does the rest.


AstroFibonacci produced the above stock chart of the S&P 500 showing the Fibonacci levels calculated using the low of the stock market crash of 1987 on October 20, and the all time high of 2007.  During the stock market crash of 2008, note how close the S&P got to the 61.8% retracement level of 735.84 – within five handles (points).



Magi Fibonacci Is More Accurate Than Classic Fibonacci




The 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level is probably one of the most powerful support levels technicians are aware of.  But there is a support level that is even more powerful and accurate.


It is the Magi Fibonacci retracement level of 61.5%.  The Magi Society believes that the reason the classic Fibonacci ratio of 61.8% works is because of the 61.5% Venus/Earth Planetary Ratio. If we are correct, it means that most of the time, the 61.5% Venus/Earth Planetary Ratio will work better than the classic Fibonacci ratio of 61.8%.


The stock market crash of 2008 is one of those instances where the Planetary Ratio worked better than the classic Fibonacci ratio.


The above chart shows that the S&P came closer to the Magi Fibonacci level of 739.78  than it did the classic Fibonacci level of 735.84. The index did not break 739.78. But the S&P 500 actually got down to 741.02, which was just 1.24 from the Magi Fibonacci level.  


Magi Astrology Really Works!


If you are interested in more information about AstroFibonacci, its upgrades and how to buy it please click here and send us an email.


AstroFibonacci 7.37 is the Magi Society’s fourth generation of software programs.  Our second generation of software is MagiSoft and it is still the best astrological software program in the world.





Almost all of you who are reading this have at least dabbled into using financial astrology of the traditional kind. Almost all of you who have tried to use it have been disappointed by it. Your experience probably has been that sometimes, traditional financial astrology seems to be uncanny and works perfectly BUT the trouble is it does not work enough of the time. And the result is that you probably lost money. Therefore, many of you have also been disenchanted with all the popular and published techniques employed by well-known financial astrologers.


Some of you purchased financial astrology software based on traditional astrology and found out that such software is as shaky as the theories they employ.


But nonetheless, something deep inside you still tells you to continue to investigate financial astrology because you believe there is something to it. Your gut tells you that you just need to find some of the missing pieces of the astrological puzzle.





Magi Astrology is much better than any other form of astrology.


The Magi Society does not purport to have all the answers - but we do believe we have made important discoveries in astrology and we are confident that we have more answers than anyone else does when it comes to the astrology of money (and love). We are confident we have found some of the previously missing astrological clues that can help astrologers and traders to understand the movement of stock markets and stock prices. And we developed and designed software to be able to utilize our discoveries.


A complete astrological analysis of the financial markets needs to take into account all of the following:


·           Planetary Geometry including the declinations

·           Heliocentric Astrology including the latitudes

·           Sedna

·           Chiron

·           The four major asteroids, especially Ceres

·           Planetary Synchronizations


These six astrological parameters have been missing from mainstream Financial Astrology.  AstroFibonacci Version 7.37 gives you the capability of utilizing all of the above astrological information. This allows you to do research and make forecasts you could not before.


Do you find the movements of the stock market at least somewhat confusing? Add the above calculations to your analysis and you may notice a number of correlations you never knew were possible before.


The Magi Society was founded by the Shao Lin a very long time ago.  As our founders the Shao Lin have said for centuries, "Through knowledge, it is possible to find order out of what appears to be chaos."


Our software can help you to view seemingly chaotic markets in a different light.  We believe you really can see what is really happening in the stock and commodity markets through Magi Astrology.


There is one other important matter we need to discuss.


All experienced traders know they have streaks, both good and bad.  We advise that you always pay attention to YOUR OWN TRANSITS because we have found that it is just about impossible to make money by trading stocks while you are having Turbulent Money Transits. (For example, while transiting Saturn is applying and within 0.6 degrees of making an exact Turbulent Angle to your natal Chiron, Pluto, Neptune, Venus, Sedna or Jupiter.)


Well, this is all for now. We will post much more info about Magi Astrology and AstroFibonacci soon.


Once again, if you might be interested in receiving information about the Magi Society's Financial Astrology Software, please click here and send us an email.

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