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Sedna is The Hammer of Thor



November 25, 2008



We have just had the biggest bank failures in American history and the stock market has been getting killed for months.


It is crisis time – the economy is teetering and is right on the edge of falling off a mountain that has been built on excessive leverage and debt.


Most Americans are aware of this.


But not all Americans realize there is a worldwide crisis. 


Although our stock market has been a disaster, the stock markets of other countries have been even worse.  The Russian stock market is down over 75% in the last three months.  All the major European and Asian stock markets are down an average of 60%. 


Just about every major bank in the whole world is in some kind of trouble.   Add it all up and they have lost trillions (not just billions) on their investments in American mortgage securities.  There securities were improperly rated AAA by the morons (or are they crooks) at Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s, the rating companies that we think should be outlawed forever.


There has been such a severe loss of confidence in banks that some European countries have been forced to essentially temporarily nationalize all their banks to prevent them from failing.


Here in America, we have essentially nationalized some of our biggest financial institutions: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, AIG and Citigroup.


Thank God our Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, has devised brilliant new ways of pumping money into the financial system to prevent it from total collapse.  As of today’s announcement of an additional $800 billion plan to directly help the mortgage markets, the total amount of money the US government has committed to save the US economy adds up to more than $3 trillion.


There will be more to come.


What in the world happened?


And more important, what in the world will happen in the future – will it get better or worse? 


As always, Magi Astrology has the astrological answers.


The answers are known through a secret of Magi Astrology that we revealed to our members three years ago.


The astrological answer lies in the Hammer of Thor!


The problems we now have are the result of the fact the world has been pounded by the Hammer of Thor.





Most of us know that in Norse mythology, Thor was the god of thunder and he made lightening with his hammer.


The hammer of Thor was the most destructive weapon in mythology.  Is there a planet that represents it?




It is Sedna.


Sedna is a recently discovered planet.  Astronomers classify Sedna as a dwarf planet and there have been dozens of them discovered in the last few years. 


But Sedna is not like any of the other dwarf planets.  It has the most elliptical orbit of any planet.  It is by far the farthest planet that we know about.  Sedna is so far away that astronomers calculate it takes 12,050 years for it to orbit the Sun.  By comparison, Pluto orbits the Sun every 240 years. 


Right now, Sedna is a bit more than 7 billion miles from the Sun and almost as close to the Sun as it ever gets – that is why we were able to discover it in 2003.  But Sedna will be 90 billion miles from the Sun in 6,000 years.  That is about 35 times further from the Sun than Pluto ever gets.


Because Sedna is so far away and its orbit is so elliptical, the Magi Society believes that Sedna is not from our solar system.  We believe that Sedna was a small planet that used to orbit another star, but it somehow escaped the gravitational force of that star, after which Sedna began wandering in outer space.  We believe that about 6000 years ago, Sedna became captured by the gravitational force of our Sun and became “part” of our solar system.   


So Sedna is really a visitor and not part of our original solar system.  This would explain why it is so far away from our Sun.


This would also explain why astrologically speaking, Sedna does not act like any other planet. 


Below, we will explain why Sedna is astrologically very different from any other planet and how it really works, as well as what Sedna means and represents.





Sedna is the destroyer.


That is why we refer to Sedna as the Hammer of Thor.


Sedna destroys everything in its path.  Saturn is also destructive but Sedna is actually more harmful than Saturn is, and Sedna has more destructive power than Saturn does.  


This is a monumental discovery!


When Saturn knocks us down, we can usually get back up.  If Sedna knocks us down, it follows up by pounding us into the ground – like a pile driver.  Sedna is nasty and mean and possesses the instinct of a bloodthirsty killer.  Sedna does not want us to be able to get back up after it knocks us down.


Sedna is symbolic of corruption, lies, and immorality of all kinds.  Sedna is ruler of economic and social disasters and upheavals, and moral decay.


Sedna represents ILL-GOTTEN gains, wealth stolen from others, profits made illegally or unethically, or at the expense of others.  Sedna also represents wealth accumulated from taking advantage of the weaknesses of others. 


Sedna is a moral cancer within our society; Sedna seeks to destroy our moral fiber and our very soul.


In business matters, a corporation with strong Sedna aspects is essentially a vulture and will prey on customers who are morally weak, and sell products that corrupt our souls. Sedna promotes violence, horror and terror.  (For example, Sedna aspects are plentiful in companies selling pornography and violent video games.)


Sedna is evil.


A Sedna business will leave its customers in the gutter after it has taken all their money and stripped them of self-dignity.  (Drug dealers have lots of Sedna aspects in their birth charts.)


Sedna symbolizes drugs and prostitutes, products that promote violence and or emotionless sex.


Sedna is symbolic of anything that is anti-Christian.  More than anything else, Sedna hates Christ and Christians.


Sedna has no conscience whatsoever.


“Good transits” by Sedna can bring wealth to the person having them. BUT whenever Sedna helps someone grab the loot, Sedna also corrupts the souls of the persons who are making the money, by making them totally selfish and greedy beyond comprehension.  This attribute of Sedna is one reason there is truth to the old adage that money corrupts.


Sedna is ruler of corrupt money.


Sedna is so insidious that it helps nobody.  During so-called “good transits” by Sedna, a person will make money – but the profits will corrupt the person’s soul to the very core.  And then Sedna will eat the person alive.


Bad transits by Sedna are the worst transits you can have when it comes to both your money and soul. One set of bad Sedna transits can cut our personal net worth in half or more.  But even worse, bad Sedna transits can make us completely lose our moral compass, making us willing to do anything, even break laws and hurt others, in order to make up our losses.


Compared to Sedna, Saturn is almost tolerable.


Saturn is still the bad planet.  But Sedna is the really bad planet and intrinsically evil.


[On our websites, the Magi Society will use the term “Hammer of Thor” or just “Thor” to refer to Sedna because the terms are so fitting.]





A few months ago, before the current stock market got really bad, we devoted a whole Certification Workshop to teach our Certification Candidates about the importance of Sedna. We also sounded the alarm about the fact that there were horrible Sedna clashes coming up.


You might be asking, “What is so important about Sedna clashes?”


Sedna clashes are important because Sedna clashes are the astrological key to stock market crashes, recessions and financial turmoil.  The worst Sedna crashes are the ones Sedna makes with Financial Planets (Venus, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto) and we call such clashes “Sedna based Financial Clashes.” 


Every year, we have at least a few “short-duration” Sedna based Financial Clashes made by Venus and Sedna.  Obviously, these clashes are not that important because they come and go quickly since Venus moves fast.


But the long-duration Sedna based Financial Clashes can have horrible consequences just like the Hammer of Thor.  The longer a Clash lasts, the worse it is.  If Sedna makes clashes with Pluto, or Chiron or Neptune, it creates a long-duration Sedna based Financial Clash and the results can be big problems in the economy and financial markets.


We warned our members three years ago about Sedna – we told them in a link on our 2005 Members Only site that Sedna was the secret cause of the stock market crash of 1987.


The stock market crash of 1987 was primarily the result of a couple of horrible long-duration Sedna based Financial Clashes made between Sedna and Pluto.


The crash came when there were several long-duration Sedna based Financial Clashes made between Sedna and Chiron and also Pluto. 


During the last 2 years, we have had NINE long-duration Sedna based Financial Clashes made between Sedna and Neptune and also Sedna and Chiron.


That is why we have had the worldwide stock market crash of 2008, and why we are now in the jaws of a recession, and there is worldwide financial turmoil.


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