December 2, 2010


Kate Middleton's engagement is another perfect example of how well Magi Astrology helps us predict our own future, and everyone else's futures.


All of us can use simple principles of Magi Astrology to predict and explain the following:






You can read about the awful Heartbreak transit Kate had in 2007, when the Prince broke her heart, by clicking on the following link:




And you can read about the Heartbreak Clash that kept Prince William from committing for eight years by clicking of this link:




And the Magi lesson below teaches about the super Cinderella Transit that Kate is now having and this is the main astrological reason why Prince William finally decided "the time is right" and propose to Kate and make her the current most famous Cinderella in the world.



Kate Middleton Had A Super Cinderella Transit

When She Became Officially Engaged to Prince William


On November 16, 2010, a spokesperson of the British Royal Family announced that Catherine Middleton was engaged to Prince William.  On the same day, the couple held a photo session where their pictures were taken by hundreds of photographers and the photos have been seen by virtually everyone in the Western World.  Catherine (Kate) was wearing the sapphire ring that Princess Diana once wore.


Prince William and Kate have been dating for eight years - they were living together most of those years. In May of 2007, while Kate was having the worst possible Heartbreak Transit, the Prince tried to dump her. After Kate's Heartbreak Transit passed, the couple reconciled and got back together. 


During the course of eight years of dating, surely the subject of marriage must have come up more than a few times.  Eight years is a very long time to be just dating.  But Prince William simply did not want to commit and we believe the reason is the Heartbreak Clash they form. 


In the spring of 2007, one awful long-lasting Heartbreak Transit combined with other bad transits to give Kate a Heartbreaking experience.


But Kate handled it all perfectly.  She gave Prince William the space he insisted he wanted but kept in touch with him without nagging him or pushing him.  She made sure he knew she would always love him and was available to him whenever he wanted. 


That is a smart woman. When her Heartbreak Transit passed, they reunited.


But just as Heartbreak Transit work and create Heartbreak, Cinderella Transits also work and create Cinderellas.


During the last two years, Kate has had several Cinderella Transits that helped her to firm up her relationship with the Prince.  And for this whole last year, she has had a super Cinderella Transit.  This Cinderella Transit makes everyone view Kate in the most favorable light - that is one of the reasons Cinderella Transits work so well.  All this helped her to finally get a marriage proposal from Prince William.


Below is a CAC of Kate's natal chart that shows Kate had a Cinderella Transit and also another great transit when she finally got engaged to Prince William.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Kate was born and the red planets represent the positions of the transiting planets on November 16 2010 when Prince William and Kate announced their engagement.






The above CAC highlights that transiting Chiron was trine to Kate's natal Pluto when Prince William finally proposed.  The Chiron to Pluto transit is a super Cinderella Transit.


How can you tell how powerful this Cinderella Transit is and what it does?


The best way for any astrologer to know how best to interpret this transit is to use the optional Romance Transit Interpretation Upgrade for the Magi Society's Members Only Software.  By using this Magi Society software upgrade, we learn that when transiting Chiron makes a trine to natal Pluto, it is a Cinderella Transit. 


The software upgrade provides a full interpretation of the influence of the transit - below is partial excerpt of the software program's interpretation for this particular transit:


Partial Excerpt of Magi Society Software Interpretation of

Transiting Chiron Trine Natal Pluto:


CINDERELLA TRANSIT. The longest lasting of all Cinderella Transits, this is a fabulous transit that can last several years and almost always leaves its mark on your life. Almost everything you do now, you do at your best and people look at you in the most favorable light. You must take advantage of this transit to help you fulfill your dreams. This is the time to be determined and aggressive and reach for the stars, and reach for your soulmate. During this transit, you can seal your relationship with your loved one and get married




The actual full text of the Magi Society's software upgrade tells us a lot more about this transit but from just the above excerpt, you can see how accurate the Magi interpretation is. Kate did exactly what the Magi interpretation advised - she sealed her relationship with Prince William.


The above chart shows that Kate also had what the Magi Society calls a Romance and Sexual Transit because transiting Neptune (a Romance Planet in Magi Astrology) was trine to her natal Pluto (a Sexual Planet in Magi Astrology).  Below is an excerpt from the Magi Society software's interpretation of that particular transit:



Excerpt of Magi Society Software Interpretation of Transiting Neptune Trine Natal Pluto:


ROMANCE TRANSIT and SEXUAL TRANSIT. This is a very long lasting transit and is a great one. It helps you with both your sexual and romantic aspirations. If you are in love, this transit can help you solidify your love union and bring it to a higher level. If you are in lust, this transit can help you achieve fabulous sex.



Wow - this transit helped Kate achieve fabulous sex.


Did Prince William propose while the two of them were having great sex?


When the media asked Kate how Prince William proposed, she blushed and said that Prince William's proposal was "very romantic" but demurred from providing any details.


But with Magi Astrology, we know the details.


We figure that Prince William proposed while Kate was making fabulous love to him - but obviously, Kate could not say that to the press.






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