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The Magi Society is very pleased to announce

The launch of AstroGeometry_Mobile

Our first mobile software program


AstroGeometry_Mobile will be available to the public

But our members are entitled to special discounts


September 4, 2013

Great News!

Now everyone with a smart phone or tablet can gain the Magi Advantage.

If you subscribe to AstroGeometry_Mobile, you will be able to access and use our super helpful AstroGeometry program from your smart phones or tablet anywhere in the world that has cell phone service.

AstroGeometry_Mobile is a cloud-based computer software program that is compatible with all smart phones and tablets including iPhones and Android phones. All of them.

AstroGeometry_Mobile is not just a meager app with limited capabilities that chews up your storage space, but is instead a robust and complete online software program capable of all the most beloved features of our famous AstroGeometry desktop software program that sells for as much as $1500.

The Basic AstroGeometry_Mobile is only $70 per year and includes a chartwheel and calculations for the nine traditional planets, Chiron and the four major asteroids (Juno, Ceres, Vesta and Pallas).

The $70 entitles you to any ONE of the following upgrades – the choice is up to you. We currently offer 13 upgrades, you may choose one for free and you may add any additional upgrades, each for an additional $25 per year.

Here is a list of our available upgrades:

·         Apex 1 Interpretations for Romance and Sexual Compatibiilty

·         Apex 1 Interpretations for Romance and Sexual Transits

·         Apex 1 Interpretations for Financial Compatibility

·         Apex 1 Interpretations for Financial Transits

·         Heliocentric chartwheels and latitudes charts

·         If you pay for the above Heliocentric upgrade, you may then also add any of four Heliocentric Apex 1 Interpretations.  These heliocentric upgrades correspond to the four geocentric upgrades listed above.

·          Magi Zodiacs

·         Solar Progressions and Time to Exact Planetary Aspect data

·         Additional Asteroids (11 more asteroids).

·         Extra AstroBodies (7 dwarf planets)

We are also currently working on “blow your mind” additional upgrades and hope to introduce them soon.

To repeat - You do not have to join the Magi Society to subscribe to AstroGeometry_Mobile.

What if you are already a member and purchased upgrades from us? You will love this – you get AstroGeometry_Mobile, with all the upgrades you ever purchased, for just $65 per year.

If you are a member in good standing, we will email you an offer soon. We have many members so it will require about two or even three months to get to all of you. If you cannot wait, feel free to contact your Membership Director.

If you are not a member but wish to subscribe to AstroGeometry_Mobile, come back to this site soon and you will find a link to pay online and subscribe.



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