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November 16, 2009



On September 19 2009, we wrote:


According to most leading skeptics, it is not possible to predict the future. 


All these skeptics claim to be scientists, yet they ignore the fact that most of science is devoted to making accurate predictions. For examples, science knows how to predict the speed and acceleration of a rock’s fall when dropped, and science can predict exactly where a planet will be in 47 days.  In fact, prediction is so basic to science that science rejects any theory that does not predict accurately.


So obviously, the skeptics are not only wrong, but they are idiots to claim you cannot predict the future.


In fact, we predict that the skeptics will think WE are the idiots – and that would be an accurate prediction of the future.


But to be more serious, the Magi Society looks at all of this in the following way:


Science has proven it can successfully discover laws about PHYSICAL MATTER and use them to make accurate predictions about pure physical occurrences. 


However, science is totally lost when it comes to anything that is not related to physical matter.  For examples, good and bad luck has nothing to do with physical matter.  Love and hate, ideas and ambitions, greed, fear, and the like, are all vital parts of our lives and are not related to physical matter.


Good and bad luck, love and hate, ideas and ambitions, greed and fear all have one thing in common – they are VARIABLE and they are all influenced by the alignments of the planets.  It is the changes in the alignments of the planets that make things variable and change.  And because the stars influence them, they are predictable by analyzing the stars.


Magi Astrology can predict love and hate, good and bad luck, a person’s ambitions and when any person will experience greed or fear.  We also know when any person will be able to perform at peak levels or low levels, then someone’s judgment will be good or weak, when anyone will be calm or angry, etc.  If we have the ruling astrological charts, we can make predictions more accurate than any scientists ever could.


Soon, the Magi Society will begin to post on this website a series of articles to teach how to use the principles of Magi Astrology to predict the future.  We will reveal how to predict love and great sex, the economy, sports, the weather, disasters or miracles, and almost anything of great significance, and we will also continue to explain how to predict the stock and commodities markets.


But the stars are not right to begin posting these lessons (this is a very bad astrological month, as explained in our Best and Worst Astrological Days section) and we will wait until the stars get better.  But it will not be long from now.



Now it is mid-November and this link has the first in a series of lessons about how to predict the future.



Magi Astrology Helps You Predict Sports



Three World Series records were set during the recent 2009 World Series between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phyllis.  The three records were:







There were three record-breaking performances and Magi Astrology predicted that each was possible.


The only way to predict such events was through TRANSITING PLANETARY GEOMETRY, a concept that is unique to Magi Astrology.



Transiting Planetary Geometry


According to the principles of Magi Astrology, extraordinary Planetary Geometry accompanies all extraordinary events.


This means that when professional athletes set new records, they will do it during days that have extraordinary Planetary Geometry created in their CAC.


There is more to Planetary Geometry than we have revealed in the past.


In the past, we have focused on the Planetary Geometry of a natal chart, or the Planetary Geometry formed by linkages and clashes in a CAC.


But transiting planets in a CAC can also make Planetary Geometry.


It turns out that TRANSITING PLANETARY GEOMETRY is the most powerful type of transit and therefore, when professional athletes set new records, they will do so on days when they have extraordinary transiting Planetary Geometry.


Transiting Planetary Geometry is defined as transits made by at least two planets. 



The Astrology of Why Chase Utley Could Set His World Series Record


Below is an example of Transiting Planetary Geometry.  It is a CAC showing Chase Utley’s Heliocentric natal chart and his transits on October 28, 2009, the date of the first game of the 2009 World Series.






With the help of the chart above, we can now better understand what Transiting Planetary Geometry is.


Transiting Planetary Geometry is transits made by two or more transiting planets where each of the transiting planets is in aspect to each other.


In the above CAC, transiting Chiron is conjunct to transiting Neptune, which is conjunct to transiting Jupiter, and all three transiting planets are trine Chase Utley’s natal Earth.  Therefore Chase Utley was having Transiting Planetary Geometry.


The next question is was the Transiting Planetary Geometry good or bad and how do we interpret Transiting Planetary Geometry?



How To Interpret Transiting Planetary Geometry


Traditional Astrology limits itself to single-planet types of transits.  Since Transiting Planetary Geometry is a multiple-planet transit, Traditional Astrology is dumb-founded and has no idea how to interpret Transiting Planetary Geometry.


Magi Astrology is the only system of astrology that understands how to interpret Transiting Planetary Geometry. 


In Magi Astrology, Transiting Planetary Geometry is good when the angles made are Magical but Transiting Planetary Geometry is bad when the angles made or bad.


To actually interpret the precise meaning of Transiting Planetary Geometry, we combine and integrate the Magi symbolisms of the transiting planets, and then target the symbolism of the natal planet.


Chase Utley’s Transiting Planetary Geometry would be interpreted as follows:


Super Cinderella Transit


First of all, all the transiting planets are making Magical angles so that is good.


In addition, the combination of Chiron and Neptune is a Cinderella pairing in classic Magi Astrology. Adding Jupiter makes it a Super Cinderella.Planetary Geometry Transit, because Jupiter increases the power to the super level. 


Utley made pretty good use of his Super Cinderella Planetary Geometry Transit – he is now in the history books tied with Reggie Jackson for the most home runs in a single World Series. And he will be able to leverage that into more money in his next contract.


The Transiting Planetary Geometry that Utley had during the 2009 World was extremely rare.  It was so rare that Chase Utley will never have this particular set of transits again in his entire life.  So rare that most people go through life without ever having such a set of transits.


But guess what?


Hidecki Matsui had the same transit and he set his own World Series record.



The Astrology of Why Hidecki Matsui Was Able to Set His World Series Record


During the 2009 World Series, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune formed a triple conjunction in BOTH the geocentric and Heliocentric skies.  The triple conjunction in the Heliocentric sky helped Chase Utley tie a World Series record, and the triple conjunction in the geocentric sky helped the Yankees’ Hidecki Matsui set his World Series record. 


Below is the geocentric CAC of Hidecki Matsui with his transits on the night of November 4, 2009, when he set a new World Series record for most runs batted in during a clinching World Series game.






You can see from the above chart that Yankee slugger Hidecki Matsui had essentially the exact same Super Cinderella Planetary Geometry Transit that Philly slugger Chase Utley had. They both made World Series history.


Of course you also must have noticed that Matsui had additional transits that formed great Planetary Geometry.  Transiting Ceres, Mercury and Sun made trines to Matsui’s natal Mercury, Ceres and Juno forming a total of five separate Grand Trines. 


When two transiting planets form a conjunction and they form Grand Trines to one or more natal planet, it is another example of Planetary Geometry Transits and they are all very powerful and helpful because Grand Trines are helpful.


Grand Trines and Double and Triple Trines formed by transiting planets are great transits to have and are examples of good Transiting Planetary Geometry.


But there are Planetary Geometry Transits that are not good to have.  Below is an example of how this can happen.



The Astrology of Why Ryan Howard

Set Dubious World Series Record

By Striking Out Thirteen Times


If transiting planets form a T-Square to our natal planet(s), they will form Turbulent Planetary Geometry and the transiting planets will impede our ability to be at our best.  In fact, they sap us of energy and make our judgment lousy.  The more T-Squares they form, the worse we feel, and the worse our instincts and judgment, and the worse we perform


Ryan Howard’s 2009 World Series disaster is a perfect example of how Turbulent Planetary Geometry Transits can hinder our performance.  Ryan Howard is one of baseball’s best hitters.  But during the 2009 World Series, especially in the middle games 2 through 4, he was having extraordinarily bad Planetary Geometry Transits.  He struck out a total of 13 times in the 2009 World Series, which surpassed the previous record of 12 strikeouts in a single World Series set by Willie Wilson of Kansas City in 1980.


Below is the Heliocentric CAC of Ryan Howard and his transits on the night of game 4 of the World Series. 




Here is what to pay attention to in the above chart:


In the Heliocentric Sky, Ryan Howard was born with a double square of Jupiter squaring both Earth and Mercury.


During the 2009 World Series, transiting Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter were in conjunction to each other. These three transiting planets were all making squares to Ryan Howard’s natal Earth and natal Mercury, and they were also all opposed to his natal Jupiter.


Chase Utley’s natal Earth is almost exactly 30 degrees “higher” than Howard’s Earth and therefore Utley’s Earth was having trines by transiting Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter – Utley was receiving Cinderella Transits.


But Ryan Howard’s natal Earth was 30 degrees “lower” than Utley’s Earth and was being squared by transiting Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter – Howard was receiving Heartbreak Transits.


As if that were not bad enough, transiting Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter were all making oppositions to Howard’s natal Jupiter.


Transiting Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter were therefore forming a total of six T-Squares to Ryan Howard’s natal Jupiter, Earth and Mercury.


Add up all of the above Planetary Geometry Transits and the alignment of the planets had set the stage for a record breaking bad performance by Ryan Howard.


(During games 2 and 3, when he struck out 7 times, Ryan Howard also had particularly bad short-term Planetary Geometry Transits in the geocentric sky – made by Sun, Mars and Ceres. In the National Championship Series, Ryan Howard had short-term Cinderella Transits and did very well.)



Extraordinary Events Occur During Extraordinary Planetary Geometry


When amazing things happen, there is always amazing Planetary Geometry.


Extraordinary events occur during extraordinary planetary geometry.


It does not matter what signs the planets are in at the time; it does not matter what Houses the planets are in at the time.


You can know whenever something important will happen by using the Magi Astrology principles of Planetary Geometry.


The best part about all this is that when you use Magi Astrology, you can know all this without an exact time of birth for the birth charts in question.


Traditional Astrology is paralyzed by its birth defect of needing exact times of birth.


Magi Astrology is most accurate when it knows the exact time of birth, but only Magi Astrology is great even without exact times of birth.






The above lesson helps you to understand matters you could not possibly understand without using the principles of Magi Astrology.  And you can know all this without using any exact times of birth.


Traditional Astrology could never help us understand any of this. Especially since Traditional Astrology is nearly a total prisoner of its requirement of an exact time of birth. 


On the other hand, one of the great beauties of Magi Astrology is that it gives us so much knowledge without exact times of birth – Magi Astrology is a “timeless” gift to us and we should always use it in our lives.






If you have been a fan of Traditional Astrology, you must have been totally frustrated many times because you could not obtain an accurate time of birth to use for your Traditional Astrology analysis.


The fact is that we almost never know the exact time of birth.


The times of birth on birth certificates are almost never accurate.  This is because the CRITERIA FOR EXACT TIMES OF BIRTH VARY from doctor to doctor and nurse to nurse.


There has never been a uniform definition for “time of birth” among doctors and nurses, most of whom are not astrology fans.  One nurse may use the time when a baby’s head is visible, another nurse may use the time when the umbilical chord is cut, and still another nurse may simply write down a time the baby is safely delivered and the nurse can leave the delivery room. Or a doctor may just put in a time from memory after he leaves the delivery room.


The exact time of birth found on birth certificates is NOT reliable! 


But Magi Astrology is reliable without exact times of birth.


Look at what you can know through Magi Astrology without a time of birth!


Through the Magical Lens of Magi Astrology, we actually know more about the World Series and the best and worst performances than we could ever know from Traditional Astrology.  And we did not need any exact time of birth – which is rarely accurate anyway. 


The techniques and principles of Magi Astrology are revolutionizing astrology and giving all who use Magi Astrology an advantage over every one else. 


(By the way, the techniques Traditional Astrologers use to rectify a chart are a joke because no two Traditional Astrologers ever independently come up with the same rectified time – they are always different.  Test them out and see for yourself.)





Magi Astrology is easy to learn and is the only form of astrology that actually helps you to improve your life.  With Magi Astrology, you can improve your love life and your career; and you can avoid heartbreaks in both love and business. This may sound like quite an exaggeration but please judge for yourself.  We invite you to a free download of the first 14 chapters of our third book by clicking here.  Reading these chapters is the best way to begin to learn Magi Astrology.





For over a decade now, we have been able to consistently use the simple rules of Magi Astrology to explain the love life of hundreds of famous people on our websites because Magi Astrology Really Works.  This website has hundreds of articles all proving Magi Astrology Really Works.


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