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We Have Discovered More Asteroids


That Help You Improve Your Life



May 3, 2014


Every reputable astrologer knows by now that at least some asteroids have astrological power – for examples: Ceres, Juno, Vesta and Pallas.


The Magi Society has coined the word “ASTROBODY” to refer to any asteroid or planet that has astrological power.


We are pleased to announce that we have discovered an additional twenty asteroids that have powerful astrological influences.


With the help of these new astrobodies, we can finally answer questions such as:


  • When am I going to be lucky or unlucky at making some money?


  • How can we tell if someone could have a violent nature and is not safe to be alone with?


  • Why has Bill Clinton and Barack Obama never lost an election?


  • What astrological aspect(s) made Anna Nicole Smith tick and willing to marry a billionaire who was 63 years older than she?


  • What makes a man an irresistible hunk?


The answers are always in the stars and with the help of the Magi Society's groundbreaking research into AstroBodies, we finally know the answers.


But first some background information:


In our third book, Magi Astrology – the Key to Success In Love and Money, we explained that one reason astrology has not advanced all that much during its 5000-year history is because astrology did not have enough “planets.” 


Eleven “planets” is simply not enough to cover all of life.


For example, our bodies are made up of hundreds of major parts and Traditional Astrology has only 11 “planets” to symbolize each and every one of them.  Eleven planets are simply not enough.


There are literally thousands of different types of professions and Traditional Astrology has only 11 “planets” to symbolize each and every one of them.  Eleven planets are simply not enough.


Let's face it - it is simply impossible to try to understand and predict all of life if we utilize only 11 “planets.”


The Magi Society believes that at least several dozens of asteroids and newly discovered planets possess strong astrological influences and we refer to them collectively as “AstroBodies.”


In our third book, the Magi Society revealed that Chiron is an AstroBody and has astrological dominion over some of the most important aspects of our lives including true love, marriage and pregnancy.


Our third book was a great success and was reprinted four times before we decided to obtain the publishing rights from our publisher so that we can distribute it for free on the Internet to anyone who wants it anywhere in the world. 


If you would like to read a free downloadable PDF copy of the first 16 chapters of our third book, please click here.


By reading our third book, you will realize why Chiron is truly an AstroBody and how vital Chiron is to astrology.


In November of 2008, the Magi Society's websites revealed why Sedna, a recently discovered minor planet, has enormous astrological influences and how Sedna was one of the main astrological forces that caused the stock market Crash of 2008.  Please click on the links below to read those articles.


The Discovery of New Planets Helped Magi Astrology To Successfully Predict the Crash of 2008


Sappho is a Main Cause of Stock Market Crashes


The Magi Society has been conducting research into the astrology of asteroids and newly discovered planets for a very long time and we regularly teach our members about what we have learned during our members only Certification Classes. 


For example, we revealed in one Certification Class that the asteroid Diana is symbolic of Angels, while the asteroid Lillith is representative of demons.  In another class we taught our members how to use Icarus to help predict natural disasters like hurricane Katrina and the 2007 Tsunami.


The stars can tell us everything.


There is a time for everything under the Sun and Magi Astrology helps us to know what time it is.






The planets are NOW aligned and it the perfect time for the Magi Society to reveal more information about astrobodies.  With the help of new AstroBodies, you can finally answer questions such as:


  • Why have Bill Clinton and Barack Obama never lost an election?


  • What makes a man an irresistible hunk?


  • How can we tell if someone could have a violent nature and is not safe to be alone with?


  • When am I lucky at making some money?


  • How was Anna Nicole Smith willing to marry a billionaire who was 63 years older than she?


The answers are always in the stars and Magi Astrology is the only system of astrology that reveals those answers to you – you just have to employ the principles of Magi Astrology and AstroBodies.


Here are some of the answers based on newly discovered AstroBodies:


The asteroid Midas is an AstroBody – we have evidence that certain transits by Midas or to Midas can be very helpful for predicting good and bad luck at making money.


The asteroid Dionysus is an AstroBody – it is representative of the politician and political success – Barack Obama was born with a near exact aspect of Jupiter trine Dionysus.  Bill Clinton has his natal Dionysus nearly exactly paralleled by both Uranus and Pluto.


The asteroid Adonis is an AstroBody that is very important for men.  Adonis is symbolic of the hunk – the gorgeous and manly man. Sean Connery was born with a near exact aspect of Jupiter trine Adonis.  If you have a son born with a strong Adonis aspect, the boy will grow up to be attractive and maybe even a hunk.  It is not the genes that count.


AstroBodies help you to know more about the astrology of love:


The asteroid Kleopatra is an AstroBody.  Man-eater Madonna was born with a near exact aspect of Saturn trine Kleopatra.   Anna Nicole Smith was born with two Saturn aspects to Kleopatra.  In a birth chart, such natal aspects are indicative of a person who is willing and able to use sex to achieve ambitions.


On the darker side:


Xanthus is an AstroBody.  Xanthus is the mythological man-eating horse, and is the asteroid most associated with serial killers. Jeffrey Dahmer was born with a near exact aspect of Saturn trine Xanthus.  If you are looking for your soul mate or just a fun date, be sure to avoid dating anyone with multiple Xanthus synchronizations to the natal Sun – it may not be safe to be alone with such a person.


The Magi Society has identified a special group of 20 asteroids like the ones above that have awesome astrological influences.  We refer to these 20 AstroBodies as the New Frontier Astrobodies. If you learn how to use them, they will change your whole world and you will greatly improve your astrological capabilities.  You will understand much better the true nature of anyone you care to analyze, and you will much better know that person's strengths and hang-ups.


If you find any of this fascinating and wish to learn more, we recommend you join the Magi Society. Beginning today, we offer new and existing members the right to purchase our New Frontier Group One AstroBodies upgrade, which includes Midas, Dionysus, Adonis, Kleopatra, Xanthus and 15 other AstroBodies we deem very powerful astrologically.


The upgrade costs a mere $230, and can help you to improve your life.


And here is some fantastic news for our current members:


If you are a member in good standing, you then already and have our latest software (AstroGeometry v. 8.68), and your program already has the New Frontier upgrade built into the program and all you have to do is pay us to activate the upgrade. 


You will not have to download new software or install a new program.  And if you purchase the New Frontier AstroBodies Upgrade before July 15, 2014, you will receive a $100 discount so you are entitled to pay only $130. (This discount offer is only good if you pay us online through PayPal - click below to go to one of our PayPal payment pages to pay us).


If you are not a member yet but would like information about membership benefits and our software, please click here and send us an email.



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