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Why Stock Markets Change Directions

This page contains links to dozens of articles we have written explaining how to use the alignments of the planets to predict stock and commodity markets, as well as currencies.

Our first book, Astrology Really Works!, revealed the basic principles of Magi Astrology and Magi Financial Astrology.

The book was published in 1995 and since that time, the Magi Astrology principles revealed in the book have been very helpful in pinpointing some major turns in stock and commodity prices - but the book's information could not explain EVERY major turn.

It could explain some but not all of the major tops and bottoms.

The reason we could not explain them all is that we were limited to only ten planets.

But that has changed - astronomers have recently discovered dozens of Dwarf Planets and some of them have astrological influences on the stock and commodity markets.

By utilizing these Dwarf Planets, Magi Astrology is now able to explain many more of the major highs and lows in stock and commodity prices that have been made during the last 100 years.

This page provides links to dozens of lessons on how to use Magi Astrology and the alignments of planets to help predict a major change in direction in stock and commodity prices.

We will be posting quite a few more lessons soon. Ultimately, our goal is to post articles that illustrate how to use Magi Astrology principles to explain every major turn in stock and commodity markets during the last 100 years.

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