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Those of you who have joined the Magi Society may access our new 2005 Members Only Website. If you joined the Magi Society, when you joined us we sent you a username and password to access our regular Members Only Website; you may click on the icon below and use the same username and password to take the first step towards entering the new 2005 Members Only Website.


If you joined the Magi Society but somehow misplaced your username and password, you can send us an email to the special members only email address we gave you when you joined. If you send us an email, please be sure to include your full name, present address and phone number, and we will answer you.


If you also misplaced the special members' email address we sent you, then shame on you - but you may email us by going to the "Contact Us" link on the upper left side of the home page of this website.


Thank you for your support of the Magi Society.






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