Astro Fibonacci is an obvious proof that Magi Astrology Really Works! Proof you can easily see with your own eyes.

The proof is in stock charts and commodity charts. Astro Fibonacci works so obviously you can actually see it working day by day, minute by minute, in real time, in the financial markets (stock, bond, currency and commodity markets).


Below is a three-year chart of the S&P 500 displaying both standard Fibonacci and Astro Fibonacci retracement ratios. Both types of Fibonacci ratios are calculated using the low made in March of 2009 and the recovery high made on May 2, 2011.

(All charts on this page are generated by the Magi Society's AstroFibonacci™ web-based software.)

There are two types of Astro Fibonacci charts. One starts from a low and goes to a high in price, the second type starts from a high in price and goes to the low.

The chart above starts from the high and goes to a low.

The chart below is the same S&P 500 chart drawn with the Astro Fibonacci ratios reversed (from low to high). Sometimes, the reversed ratios are also very helpful indicators of natural support and resistance.


Because Astro Fibonacci Works

Since the 1980's, traders have used the five standard Fibonacci ratios to calculate useful support and resistance levels. Since the 1980's, astute traders have known Fibonacci ratios worked but never knew why they worked. It was a mystery - the Fibonacci Mystery.

The Magi Society and Magi Astrology have solved the Fibonacci Mystery and have helped stock and commodity traders know what price levels will have natural support or resistance.

Please carefully examine the above charts and see how often the S&P 500 index makes turns at Astro Fibonacci levels.

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