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August 2, 2012


We rarely do this but we just checked the Internet to see what others are saying about us and Magi Astrology.  We thank our many fans for their support, and we challenge our critics to Astrology Forecasting Contests in the following three broad categories:


  • Love, sex and marriage


  • The US Stock Market and US stocks


  • Sports Astrology


We will start with the US stock market and US stocks and in each of the next three months we will move onto one of the other three areas of forecasting.


During the next three months, the Magi Society would be pleased to accept challenges from anyone who is qualified to compete with us - we underline "qualified" because we consider ourselves to be at the top of the mountain and there is no reason to waste our time competing with unqualified novices or people who have not proven themselves worthy of the challenge.  If you wish to challenge us, we will consider you qualified if you have achieved the following:


  • You have $250,000.00 of your own money to trade.  We give you a little leeway to meet this requirement.  For example, you qualify if you have maintained, for at least three of the last five years, brokerage account(s) in your own name (or in the name of a corporation or partnership you control) a total equity of at least $250.000.00.  - Our rationale for this requirement is that if you do not have money, then you are not qualified to challenge us.  (The Magi Society meets this requirement.)


  • You are the author or co-author of at least two books that are currently sold on (either new book or used books) and at least one of them is in enough demand such that people have been willing to pay over $100 for at least a year.  (The Magi Society meets this requirement.)


  • You are or have been registered with the NASD or with the SEC.  This means you do not have a criminal record (at least at the time of registration) - obviously, we do not want criminals making challenges to us. (Magi Society board member(s) qualify in this way also.)


  • Your brokerage accounts have outperformed the S&P at least three of the last five years and your brokerage accounts have outperformed the S&P by at least 20% on net over the last five years.  (The Magi Society meets this requirement.)


For the contest, each challenger will be required to maintain and use a brokerage account with a starting net equity of at least $100,000.00 (the account may be in the challenger's name, or in the name of a partnership or corporation controlled by the challenger).  The Magi Society will do the same and whoever has the most money at the end of the "challenge period" is the winner.  (That's right, we are using real money, this is not a game but a serious challenge.)  The duration and commencement of the "challenge period" is flexible and negotiable and we will accommodate the challenger as much as reasonably possible.


Now, we understand these four qualifications are not easy to fulfill, but the Magi Society fulfills all of them and therefore so should any challenger.


If you qualify and wish to challenge the Magi Society as offered above, you may send us a private email (by clicking here) to give us your email address so we may proceed with your challenge.


We will post all challenges on this page after we receive them.


(If you are just dying to challenge the Magi Society but do not qualify for this challenge, you may qualify for the other two contests, so we encourage you to come back after three months.)


No challenges received as of yet.



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