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Just as a person can have Cinderella Transits, so can a corporation. Cinderella Transits for corporations occur under the same set of planetary alignments that they do for people. Every Cinderella Transit is a Golden Transit so it means that when a company is having a Cinderella Transit, it is also a very good time for the company and people view the company in the best possible light.

One perfect example of this is, Inc. Although it was not founded on a fabulous day (perhaps one reason it has not ever made any money yet), the stock price of Amazon is definitely like a Cinderella. Below is a CAC (Combined Alignment Chart) of, Inc. and transiting Uranus and Neptune (shown in red) for the day this article is written. As you can see, the company was incorporated on a day when Chiron was making a MAGIcal Angle to Sun, giving Amazon a great public image.

More importantly, for a couple of years, Uranus was making MAGIcal Angles to both the Chiron and Sun of Amazon's birth chart and thus creating a Grand Trine. Uranus has now finished these transits but Neptune has picked up where Uranus left off. There were times when both Uranus and Neptune in the sky were making a Double Grand Trine to the Chiron and Sun of Amazon's birth chart. At the Magi Society, we believe that these are the key astrological reasons why we have all heard about, Inc. and why the company's stock has had such high prices.



The second principle of Financial Magi Astrology is that the transits to the birth chart of a corporation are one of the deciding factors in the price of the company's stock.


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