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In our third book, the Magi Society revealed that Chiron is the key to Cinderella. You cannot be a Cinderella without Chiron being involved. This rule is applicable for all types of Cinderellas, whether we are talking about women or men, athletes or countries, etc. The Rule of Cinderella also applied to Cinderellas on Wall Street. In other words, the companies whose stock prices go to the moon.

Everyone has wondered: What makes stock prices go up? And what makes stock prices go down? The answers are always in the stars! The Magi Society does not yet know ALL of these answers BUT we do know some of them and what we know has never been published yet. In the rest of this lesson, you will learn one of the most important secrets of Magi Astrology.

What is the most important astrological factor when it comes to stock prices? It is Chiron. As we wrote in our third book, Chiron is ruler of "charisma and ….. public image." Obviously, if a company has a good public image and powerful charisma, then everyone, including investors, look upon the company in a more favorable light. It also means that the company is more likely to be highly regarded by money managers and financial analysts such that they are more likely to buy and recommend the purchase of the company's stock. In the same vein, the company is more likely to attract customers and is better able to compete against other companies because it is held in higher esteem.

The result of all this is that when a company has Cinderella Transits, its stock price is likely to go up and when the Cinderella Transits pass, its stock price is likely to drop. On the flip side, when a company is having turbulent transits to Chiron (Heartbreak Type of Transit), the price of the stock is likely to fall until the turbulent transit passes.

But a transit only lasts for a short time and is usually measured in days whereas a progression is measured in years. Therefore, a Cinderella Progression is much more powerful than a Cinderella Transit because it lasts much longer (Ah ha. Now a lot of you know something that was missing when you were doing your astrological analyses. But remember we did discuss it in some depth in Astrology Really Works!)

In Magi Astrology, there are two types of Secondary Progressions that works. We will discuss only the first type in the next three links.


Few astrologers employ this type of Secondary Progression and many believe this does not work. But the Magi Society assures you that this type of Secondary Progression not only works, it is also the most powerful form of Secondary Progression.

The theory is that if an aspect is formed and is exact TEN DAYS after you are born, then that aspect will have at least a significant, and probably overpowering influence, on your life in the TENTH YEAR of your life.

Let us use Cisco as an example of this. Below is the screen displayed by MagiSoft v. 5.52, with the Progressions Upgrade installed and running, showing the Progressions Window (which can be moved and resized anywhere and any size you like). The chart shows the positions of the Progressed Planets for Cisco as of December 20, 2000.


Cisco was incorporated on Dec. 10, 1984. In the above illustration, we wanted to see what Cisco's chart (and Planetary Geometry) looked like if we Progressed it to today, Dec. 20, 2000, chosen because this is the day this lesson is being written.

The way you would do this is to first simply load Cisco's chart and open the Progressions Window. Then you use the Progressions Window to enter the Year, Month and Day that you want to calculate the Progressions for (this date is called the Equivalent Date as shown with the purple lines in the above chart which in this case is year 2000, month 12 and day 20). Finally, you just click the UPDATE button in the Progressions Window and the Progressions Upgrade does all the rest.

The new chart shown on the screen will then be the progressed chart for Cisco for Dec. 20, 2000. Since Cisco was formed almost exactly 16 years ago, the Progressed Chart for Cisco is almost exactly 16 days after the date it was incorporated, and the Progressed Date is therefore for a time during Dec. 26, 1984, which is referred to as the Progressed Date. (We do not know the exact time Cisco was incorporated so we are using noon. This is close enough as you will see.)


This is also a Financial Super Progression because it is an enhancement aspect made up of two Financial Planets. Since it is also an enhancement progression that involves Chiron, it means that Cisco would have a fabulous public image while the Progression is applying, and people would want to but Cisco's stock and drive up the stock price. Which they did, all the way to the Moon. We have found remarkably strong evidence that whenever a corporation has a Venus/Chiron Financial Super Progression, then its stock price performs much better than the stock prices of most other companies.

Note well that we used the term WHILE THE PROGRESSION IS APPLYING in the above paragraph. This is because after the Progression is no longer applying, the Progression is no longer working and people no longer are screaming to buy the stock. Because it is so important to know exactly when a Progression ends, the MagiSoft Progressions Upgrade ACTUALLY GIVES YOU THE DATE WHEN EVERY PROGRESSION PEAKS. If you look at the Progressions Window, you will see that the green lines point to where the Venus/Chiron Progression is, and the program gives you the exact day the Progression peaked, which is June 30, 2000. This date is off only a few months and remarkably close to the date that Cisco's stock actually peaked, especially considering that we are talking about a Progression that lasted years.


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