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[Editor’s Note: This is the first of five articles devoted to the Financial Astrology of Currency Trading.]



In late October of 2000, the value of the Euro versus the US Dollar was so low that the then president of the European Central Bank called the weakness in the Euro a big problem that was “brutal.” The Euro was worth less than 85 cents. The cost of US goods was sky high.


The value of the Euro bottomed on October 26, 2000 and has risen steadily ever since.


Last month, the value of the Euro versus the US Dollar reached such a high level that the present president of the European Central Bank called the strength in the Euro as a big problem that was “brutal.”  The Euro was worth over 130 cents.  The cost of US goods was bargain basement cheap.


In four years, the Euro Currency had risen in value by 60% against the US Dollar, and if you bought lots of Euro Currency futures – well you would be very happy and you would have made quite a hunk of money.


Most currency analysts tell us that the Euro has risen so much mainly because the United States now has a huge budget deficit and a huge trade deficit.  But here at the Magi Society, we think the answers have a lot to do with the stars.


Why has the value of the Euro Currency risen so dramatically and relentlessly since October 26, 2000?


The answers are always in the stars and Magi Astrology helps us to actually see and understand these answers – Magi Astrology provides you a perspective that nothing else can.






According to the principles of Magi Astrology, everyone and everything has a birth chart, which is an astrological chart.  This means that the Euro Currency and the US Dollar both have birth charts.


According to the principles of Magi Astrology, every birth chart has transits and each type of transit is a sign of what will be the most likely outcome of the transit.  For example, when the birth chart of the Euro Currency has Heartbreak Transits, it is a sign that the public will view the Euro Currency in the most unfavorable light – and the result would be that the value of the Euro Currency will most likely be low during Heartbreak Transits.  Similarly, if the birth chart of the US Dollar is having Heartbreak Transits, the value of the US Dollar will most likely be low during Heartbreak Transits.


This is exactly what has been happening and Magi Astrology helps us to understand what is happening in the currency markets.


During October of 2000, the birth chart of the Euro Currency was having Heartbreak Transits and its value made an all time low.   Since then, the star of the US Dollar has fallen, and the star of the Euro has risen. Magi Astrology gives us the best clues about rising and falling stars.






The Euro was born at 12:01 AM on Jan. 1, 1999.  That is the date to use for the natal chart of the Euro (the place of birth is quite unusual and complex since it was born in more than one place at the same time because it was born at the central banks of every Euro member nation).


From the time the Euro Currency was born until today, the Euro has had ten Heartbreak Transits, which is a lot for just six years.  But all of them ended a year and a half ago.


Below is a price graph of the Euro Currency since it started trading.  The graph has vertical lines that mark the time when each of these ten Heartbreak Transits peaked (was exact):




The graph (chart) above was created by the Magi Society’s Financial Astrology Software (MagiOracle) which can draw graphs of any financial instrument (such as stocks and futures) and calculates any important type of transit (such as Heartbreak or Cinderella Transits, or any transit such as Venus trine Uranus).  The Magi Society’s MagiOracle program also can then draw lines to indicate when each transit occurred on the graph, as shown above. These capabilities of the MagiOracle program are very useful because we can then easily notice that seven of the ten Heartbreak Transits for the Euro occurred when the Euro’s price was lowest.  Between June of 2000 and April of 2001, the Euro Currency had seven Heartbreak Transits and the value of the Euro was at its lowest.  According to Magi Astrology, when the Euro is having a Heartbreak Transit, the value of the Euro would be lower than it deserves.  The reason is that when the Euro was having Heartbreak Transits, the public image of the Euro was at its worst.


The Euro made its all time low on October 26, 2000. 


On that very day, the Euro was having a Heartbreak Transit and this awful transit was peaking exactly on the day of its all time low.  Below is a CAC of the Euro showing the Heartbreak Transit it was having when it made its all time low; the black planets represent the positions of the planets when the Euro was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets on October 26, 2000.







As you can easily see, transiting Saturn was making an exact opposition to the natal Chiron in the Euro Currency birth chart on October 26, 2000, when the value of the Euro hit its all time low. Was it a coincidence?  We do not think so – the Magi Society believes that the Heartbreak Transit is a reliable astrological sign as to what is happening and that it is a PIECE OF THE PUZZLE. 


But the Heartbreak Transit is just one piece of the puzzle (albeit a very important piece) and there are many other pieces of the puzzle.  For example, we believe that Cinderella Transits are also a big piece of the puzzle, and Financial Super Progressions, and Poorhouse Transits, etc. are all pieces of the puzzle which we teach our members and those who purchase our software.


But let us get back to the Heartbreak Transit.  If the Heartbreak Transit really makes a difference in the value of a currency and predicts a low value, then it would mean that when any currency is really weak, there is a better than average chance that the currency is having Heartbreak Transits.  A perfect test for this theory would be the US Dollar, which is now very weak.  The US Dollar is now very weak, so is the Dollar having Heartbreak Transits?






If you are up to date on what is happening in the financial markets, you would of course know that the US Dollar is very weak now.  And if you are a Magi Astrologer, you would also know that the Dollar is having Heartbreak Transits now.


It is harder to calculate the transits of the US Dollar because it is harder to know when the Dollar was born. There is a debate among astrologers as to when the Dollar was born. The Magi Society is confident we know the answer.


The US Dollar was born on July 4, 1776, when the United States itself was born.  This is because the language of the Declaration of Independence included the creation of the US currency.


Amazingly, when the Euro was at its lowest versus the Dollar, the Euro natal chart was having Heartbreak Transits. And when the Dollar has been at its lowest versus the Euro, the US Dollar natal chart was having Heartbreak Transits.


Which is exactly what the principles of Magi Astrology would predict.  Magi Astrology Really Works!


Below is a graph of the price of the Dollar Index, for 1999 through the present time.  The graph shows that the value of the dollar has fallen by over 30% since its highs in 2001.





There are three vertical lines in the above chart and they point out the three exact Heartbreak Transits that the Dollar has recently had.  But the most important line in the above graph is the orange colored bar at the end of the graph, which is drawn to tell us that right now, the Dollar is having a Stationary Heartbreak Transit, which is the worst of all possible Heartbreak Transits.  A Stationary Heartbreak Transit occurs when transiting Saturn is stationary at the same time that it is making a Heartbreak Transit.  It is the most powerful Heartbreak Transit because it lasts the longest.


Below is a CAC showing the Stationary Heartbreak Transit the Dollar has been having; the black planets represent the positions of the planets when the US Dollar was born, and the red planets represent the positions of the transiting planets a short time ago on Feb. 24, 2005.






The above give us just two examples of how Magi Astrology can be applied to help us analyze the financial markets.  But we believe there is ample evidence to conclude that Magi Astrology helps us to better understand the financial markets and give us a part of the puzzle.  However, we suggest that you all have to do your own research and draw your own conclusions. 


In Magi Astrology, we strongly suggest that we should always take into account all of the many parameters and criteria whenever we analyze anything, especially in matters of love or money.


Once in a blue moon, the transits are HEAVILY STACKED in one direction and one-sided, like the 7 Heartbreak Transits that the Euro had, and then it is relatively easy to see how well Magi Astrology really works.  But most often we will find that the stars give us counteracting signs, such as the presence of BOTH good and bad transits (for example both Cinderella and Heartbreak Transits).  It takes a lot of experience with Magi Astrology to learn how to formulate a proper conclusion when we have to balance good versus bad transits. 


This is why we have a society and we have a special Members Only Website where we teach members Magi Astrology. If you might be interested in becoming a member of the Magi Society, please click here and send us an email.  If you are mainly interested in our Financial Astrology Software, let us know when you send us an email.



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