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[Note: This section is written with the assumption that you have either read our books or that you have at least read and understood the Lessons on Magi Astrology that are available on this website. It you have not done either, please first click here and read the Lessons on Magi Astrology that we provide you, for free, on this website.]



Have you made money in the stock market during the last two years?


The Magi Society has!


During the last two years while the NASDAQ composite was crashing from over 5000 to less than 1400, the Magi Society actually made money by buying stocks.  We made five stock trades during the last two years and made money on every one of them - for a profit of well over 100%.  (We did not sell short any stocks - that would have been too easy!  We wanted to prove we could make money by picking stocks that would go up even when almost every stock was going down!)


How did we do it?


We are experienced and disciplined investors so we have an edge.  But we also used Magi Astrology and applied the principles of Magi Astrology to both geocentric and Heliocentric Astrology.


If you have an interest in Financial Astrology, you will find the material in this section interesting.  We are not implying that you can make money from what we have to say - we just think that if you have an interest in Financial Astrology, you would want to know about the techniques explained in this section of our website since the material is not published elsewhere. 


At the Magi Society, our research gives us ample reasons to believe that Heliocentric Astrology is just as important as geocentric astrology when it comes to the astrology of the stock market. Our experience is that it is impossible to understand the astrology of the financial markets by using only geocentric astrology.


This section of our website is devoted in large part to Heliocentric Magi Astrology. We plan to eventually have six lessons on Heliocentric Magi Astrology in this section. We will post new lessons on a pretty regular basis but it may take a year before all six complete lessons will be available. Members of the Magi Society will be given the lessons on an accelerated schedule.  Members will also be provided special Members Only Lessons that will go into much greater depth than the lessons that are accessible to the general public from this section of our website.




The Magi Society offers unique computer software for Financial Astrology. Our Financial Astrology Software was designed by one of the most qualified Financial Astrologers (one who has managed money for the likes of George Soros' legendary Quantum Fund, and who has held partnership positions in both Wall Street and Park Avenue financial firms).


Our Financial Astrology Software packages presently offered range from $285 to over $600. Even our $285 software package has astrological capabilities that no other software program has.




Almost all of you who are reading this have at least dabbled into using financial astrology of the traditional kind. Almost all of you who have tried to use it have been disappointed by it. Your experience probably has been that sometimes, traditional financial astrology seems to be uncanny and works perfectly BUT the trouble is it does not work enough of the time. And the result is that you probably lost money. Therefore, many of you have also been disenchanted with all the popular and published techniques employed by well-known financial astrologers.


Some of you purchased financial astrology software based on traditional astrology and found out that such software is as shaky as the theories they employ.


But nonetheless, something deep inside you still tells you to continue to investigate financial astrology because you believe there is something to it. Your gut tells you that you just need to find some of the missing pieces of the astrological puzzle.





The Magi Society does not purport to have all the answers - but we do believe we have made important discoveries in astrology and we are confident that we have more answers than anyone else does when it comes to the astrology of money (and love). We are confident we have found some of the previously missing astrological clues that can help astrologers to understand the movement of stock markets and stock prices. And we developed and designed software to be able to utilize our discoveries.


A complete astrology needs to take into account all of the following:


·         Planetary Geometry including the declinations

·         Heliocentric Astrology including the latitudes

·         Chiron

·         The four major asteroids


These four astrological parameters have been missing from mainstream Financial Astrology. But even our most basic Financial Astrology Software package gives you the capability of utilizing all four of the above astrological information. This allows you to do in depth research that you could not do before.


And even our most basic Financial Astrology Software allows you to make valuable calculations that no other software can perform, such as:


·         Calculate the exact time when a Grand Trine is TIGHTEST AND MOST EXACT, whether it is formed in the geocentric or Heliocentric sky (whether the Grand Trine is formed by just the real planets, or is formed by including Chiron or any of the four major asteroids)


·         Calculate the exact time a planet passes the midpoint of two other planets


·         Calculate the exact time when two midpoints form a conjunction in the sky


·         Calculate the exact time when a Financial Super Aspect is most precise


Do you find the movements of the stock market at least somewhat confusing? Add the above calculations to your analysis and you may notice a number of correlations you never knew were possible before. As the Shao Lin have said for centuries, "Through knowledge, it is possible to find order out of what appears to be chaos."


Our software not only helps you to see if the planets really can or cannot explain what happens in the stock markets, our software also helps you to check to see if planets have an influence on YOU and your changing ability to make money at any given time. We advise that you always pay attention to YOUR OWN TRANSITS because we have found that it is just about impossible to make money trading stocks while you are having Turbulent Money Transits. (For example, while transiting Saturn is applying and within .6 degrees of making an exact Turbulent Angle to your natal Chiron, Pluto, Neptune, Venus or Jupiter.)


If you might be interested in receiving information about the Magi Society's Financial Astrology Software, please click here and send us an email.


Our most basic Financial Astrology Software package sells for just $285; the price includes a two-year membership to the Magi Society and the ability to join one of our special Study Groups for Financial Astrology (so you can communicate and study Financial Magi Astrology with other members). Our software license allows you to install the software on two computers and you may run the program on up to two computers at any one time.


Below is a sample of the screen of one of our Financial Astrology software programs. All of our Financial Astrology software programs allow you to display either a geocentric chart or a Heliocentric chart. The software programs also have the capability of displaying both the geocentric and Heliocentric charts at the same time, side by side. This allows you to more easily scan ahead and search for Planetary Geometry that Financial Astrologers are normally interested in, like Grand Crosses or Grand Trines. The programs allow you to scan ahead using virtually any time interval you might be interested in, like every day or week, or every minute or hour, or every 28.92 minutes (which is 38.2% of one hour), etc.





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