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Below is a screen display showing Oracle's Progressed Chart for today, December 20, 2000.

You are probably thinking "The exact same thing?" because Oracle had the exact same Cinderella Progression that Cisco did. Oracle also had the Venus/Chiron contra-parallel and this is a Financial Super Progression. But as you can see if you look at the data in the Progressions Window, Oracle's Venus/Chiron enhancement did not peak until Nov. 15, 2000, about 4 1/2 months after Cisco's ended. You might expect from this that Oracle's stock price stayed higher for a longer time than Cisco's stock and it did.

We believe that Oracle was one of the Big Five of the raging bull market of the 1990's in large measure because of this Venus/Chiron Progression. Of course if also helped that on the day Oracle was incorporated, it had a Venus/Neptune parallel, which is a Financial Super Aspect. Cisco had two Financial Super Aspects when it was born. Venus was also parallel Neptune. In addition, Chiron was quincunx Pluto and this was a Bi-directional Aspect.


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