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The ultimate key to financial astrology is the birth chart of corporations. Just as we can learn a great deal about what will happen to a person by examining the person's birth chart, we can also know a great deal about a company by examining its birth chart.

Yahoo's website at is the most heavily trafficked website in world. Yahoo's stock price has set a new standard for how high Internet stocks can go. Yahoo is the true Cinderella of the Internet. Therefore, it is not surprising that Yahoo was incorporated on a day when the stars had CINDERELLA written all over them. In fact, Yahoo was founded when the stars said it was a Cinderella of the Internet!

Below it birth chart of Yahoo, Inc.




In all of our books, we explain how to read the language of the stars. The most basic rule is to combine the meanings of the planets that make MAGIcal Angles. We have already learned elsewhere on this website that Yahoo was likely to be a Cinderella because it was born when Chiron and Neptune were making a MAGIcal Angle. Yahoo also has a MAGIcal Angle of Jupiter and Uranus. By combining the meanings of these two planets, we get success (Jupiter) on the Internet (Uranus). The Jupiter-Uranus MAGIcal Angle also means success (Jupiter) with the public (Uranus) and success worldwide (Uranus). There is no doubt in our minds that these alignments of the planets foretold of Yahoo being the Cinderella of the Internet.

In all of our examples so far, note how Chiron's position in the birth chart plays a pivotal role in whether or not the company becomes super successful.


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