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For a very long time, astrologers have believed that it is possible to utilize the alignments of the planets in order to improve the forecasting of financial and economic trends. There is considerable verifiable evidence to support this belief. But something was missing. Before Magi Astrology was introduced, Chiron had not really been used in financial astrology. Just as Chiron is the missing link of the astrology of love and marriage, Chiron has also been the missing link of financial astrology.

At the Magi Society, quite a few of us are financial astrologers. After concluding extensive research, we discovered that Chiron fills in many of the mysteries of the financial markets and the economy. In this section of our website, we will begin to explain how to utilize Chiron and Magi Astrology principles to help you gain an edge in being able to understand and predict future economic trends. We will also explain how to use Magi Astrology to wisely assess which companies are most likely to be super successful, and which are most likely to be super disappointing.

In both our first book (Astrology Really Works!) and our third book (Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money), we devoted quite a few pages to the principles of financial astrology. We have no room to repeat them here because those two books combine for over 700 pages. But the Lessons on Magi Astrology given on the main page of this website will help anyone who has not read any of our books to understand what we will discuss in this section of our website. For a much deeper understanding, we suggest our books. (Those who join the Magi Society may also participate in Study Groups to help them learn Financial Astrology.)



At a later date, we will add a large amount of material that deals with how the prevailing alignments of the planets directly influence global and regional economic issues. But right now, we want to discuss some other principles of financial astrology that we find to be just as significant as the prevailing alignments of the planets. By applying these astrological principles, you could have accurately predicted some very important trends.

But first please click here to learn about the financial meanings of the planets.

Microsoft and General Electric are the two most successful and most valuable companies in the world. Click here to find out how the super success stories of MSFT and GE were obvious and written in the stars.

Since Wal-Mart began, it has become the most successful retail operation that the world has ever seen. Click here to learn why Wal-Mart's success was written in the stars.

Yahoo is the ultimate Cinderella of the Internet. Click here to learn the astrological reasons why Yahoo is so successful.

One of the most significant economic trends of the last 12 months has been the rise in the price of oil from $10 to $30. Click here to read about the astrological sign that told us oil prices was definitely going to go up a lot since March, 1999.

Click here to read about the Cinderella Transit that has been helping, Inc.

Click here to read about the Dot-Com crash and about a predictive tool to assess whether or not a bear market might be coming.

Click here to learn why the new Euro currency is so weak and breaking the hearts of its founders. (added October 31, 2000)



The information provided on this website is for entertainment purposes. You may also use it to provide you with alternate ways of looking at the world and life. But now that you have read about how astrology can be used in matters of money, we want to repeat our warning that we gave in our first book. YOU CANNOT MAKE MONEY BY USING ASTROLOGY.

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