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Here at the Magi Society, we devote most of our attention to the astrology of love and money.  Although a great many of our members are extremely interested in the astrology of love, even more of them are intrigued by the astrology of money.  For this reason, we have finally made the commitment to launch a new website devoted to Financial Astrology. 


This link is devoted solely to the astrology of Cinderella Stocks.


Microsoft Corporation, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. and eBay, Inc are examples of Cinderella Stocks.  A Cinderella Stock is a stock that made so much money for its stockholders that many of them became pretty darn rich on a modest initial investment.


One of the two main goals of will be to find the next Cinderella stocks so you can invest in them.  This means we will do our best to find the next Microsoft, eBay and Wal-Mart – before Wall Street finds them.


Buying Cinderella stocks before everyone on Wall Street knows about them is one of the best ways to make a lot of money on a relatively small investment.  For example, if you had invested $10,000 in Microsoft’s stock during the week it first went public in 1983, your investment would now be worth $2,500,000.  Sam Walton made so much money from his stock holdings in Wal-Mart that six years ago, four of the ten richest persons in the US were his heirs, all because of the value of their Wal-Mart stock holdings.  And if you had invested in eBay’s stock when it first went public, you would have made a lot of money, and you also would not have lost most of it during the bust of 2001 – eBay was the best performing stock during that debacle.


If you are interested in finding the next Microsoft, Wal-Mart or eBay, join us soon on We will launch sometime during the upcoming Jupiter/Chiron trine.  But you do not have to wait for the actual launch.  The journey to the site begins right here – even before we launch our new website.  The start of the journey is the following lesson on Financial Astrology.







There have been all too many astrological methods used to try to find Cinderella Stocks.  Most of the methods do not work.  But one of them does.  The most reliable astrological tool to use to find the next Cinderella Stocks is Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometry.


In our books, we explain that whenever three or more planets are aligned in the sky so that they form a symmetrical pattern, then the planets form Symmetrical Planetary Geometry. Whenever three or more planets form Symmetrical Planetary Geometry, it is a sign that the stars are aligned in a very powerful and beneficial way.   There are two exceptions to this rule, and they are the T-square and Grand Cross.  On this website, we will refer to the T-square and Grand Cross as Turbulent Symmetrical Planetary Geometry because they are signs of likely turbulence.  And we will refer to all other patterns of Symmetrical Planetary Geometry as Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometry because they are beneficial and helpful.  Grand Trines, Grand Sextiles, yods and Kites are examples of Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometry.  Each of these patterns are symmetrical and are made up primarily of Magical Angles.


The more planets that form a symmetrical pattern, the more powerful the alignment.


In each case, Microsoft, Wal-Mart and eBay owe much of their success to the formation of Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometry.  In each case, Microsoft, Wal-Mart and eBay did something crucial in their history on a day that had remarkable Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometry, and this greatly helped the company’s stocks to become Cinderella Stocks.





Microsoft “went public” on March 13, 1983 – meaning that on that day, the company for the first time sold some of its stock to the public and anyone thereafter could buy and sell its stock. You should have bought that stock the first week it went public.  There was a very precise astrological clue that told you that you should buy its stock. But it is not the clue most astrologers would have found.  Here is the reason you should have bought the stock:


Microsoft’s only product, the DOS Operating System, was launched on a day when the planets were aligned to form one of the most powerful of astrological patterns for making money. There was Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometry on that day.


DOS stands for Disk Operating System.  When Microsoft first went public in March of 1983, it was a one-product company.  Its only real product was DOS (bundled with a few programs like Basic).  DOS was a computer operating system.  (A computer operating system is a software program, like Windows 98 and Windows XP that actually controls the running of a computer.) DOS had already become very successful when Microsoft went public but there were many uncertainties for Microsoft. For one thing, IBM was planning on introducing its own operating system to compete with DOS and IBM was Microsoft’s biggest customer; Microsoft could lose IBM as a client.  Apple Computer was a formidable competitor and had a sizable share of the market (many analysts on Wall Street regarded Apple’s operating system as being far superior to DOS).  In addition, other computer software and hardware companies were planning to introduce their own operating systems to compete with DOS.  Sun Microsystems did so, and UNIX was developed by Microsoft’s competitors to compete with DOS.  But Microsoft’s DOS beat out all the competition and became more and more popular.  DOS ultimately gained an 80% market share.  The entire Microsoft company owes its success to the dominance of DOS.


To many, the complete supremacy of DOS was a big surprise.  But if you had mastered and utilized Magi Astrology, you could have predicted Microsoft would become as successful as it did with DOS because DOS was introduced on a day when there was Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometry.  Below is the birth chart of the day Microsoft launched DOS, which was the foundation that gave it dominance in computer operating systems.






As you can easily see from the above chart, Microsoft launched DOS on a day when there were three Cinderella Aspects, and also when there was Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometry (as outlined in purple). 


Any Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometric Pattern is very powerful and beneficial.  But this particular Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometric Pattern is all the more extraordinary because it is formed by three of the four Financial Planets.  As explained four years ago on this website and even earlier in our books, the four Financial Planets are Venus, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto.  Whenever planets are aligned to form Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometry, it helps to make money – but when three of the planets forming the Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometry are Financial Planets, then the Magical Alignment helps to make mountains upon mountains of money.


A Financial Planet is a planet that has rulership over matters related to money.  From the symbolisms of the planets revealed in our books, it is obvious that Venus, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto would be Financial Planets.  That is why four years ago on this website, we began to refer to these four planets collectively as the four Financial Planets.


Whenever any two Financial Planets are aligned to form a Magical Angle, there is a Financial Aspect. Every Financial Aspect is a sign of the ability to make lots of money.  Almost every super successful corporation is helped by at least one Financial Aspect in one way or another.  Financial Aspects are very helpful but they have limited power because they are formed by just two planets.


But whenever three or more Financial Planets combine (with or without any additional planets) to form Symmetrical Planetary Geometry, the resulting pattern is one of the most powerful alignments of planets for making money.  And the DOS chart has such an alignment.


But there is more to the DOS chart. The DOS chart has three other Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometric Patterns.  There is a yod formed by Chiron, Neptune and Pluto; all three of these planets are Financial Planets.  And there are two additional Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometric Patterns as well, although they are less powerful (look carefully at the chart and see if you can spot them).


Plus the DOS chart has three Cinderella Aspects.  Magi Astrology is consistent – just as Cinderella Aspects in the birth chart of a person are signs that the person is likely to become Cinderella, Cinderella Aspects in a chart that is related to a company are also signs of Cinderella Stocks. The combination of all this makes the launch date of DOS one of the best dates in history for making money. Therefore, back in 1983, you could have used Magi Astrology to predict that you should buy Microsoft stock and make yourself a Cinderella amount of money on Microsoft.


Microsoft replaced DOS with Windows in late 1985.  Some astrologers might therefore say that DOS has nothing to do with Microsoft anymore and therefore the chart of DOS is now meaningless for Microsoft.  But that is not correct because the chart of the DOS launch is more than just the chart of DOS – it is also the chart of the first time Microsoft and Bill Gates sold any software.  Because of this, the DOS chart is also the natal chart of “selling any software” by Bill Gates and Microsoft.  This means that all software ever launched by Microsoft or Bill Gates has the advantage of the supremely powerful DOS chart. 


That is one of the main astrological reasons why Microsoft is still on top of the software business 18 years after Windows replaced DOS.  (It also helped that the launch date for Windows was also a Cinderella day.)


Microsoft became a Cinderella Stock because it launched DOS on a day when the planets formed a Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometric Pattern formed by three Financial Planets. Wal-Mart became a Cinderella Stock for a similar reason.






Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is the most successful retailer in history.  Its entire success is based on its Wal-Mart stores.  Wal-Mart stores have been so successful that its competitors pick the locations for building their own new stores based on being far away from the nearest Wal-Mart. 


Sam Walton opened his first Wal-Mart store on July 2, 1962.  That is the date used for the natal chart of Wal-Mart stores.  Below is the Magi Astrology Chart for that day:







The chart above shows that there was a Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometric Pattern when Wal-Mart first opened. The basic symmetrical pattern is outlined in purple and the pattern is a Grand Trine formed by the Sun, Chiron and Neptune.  But the chart is much more powerful than just that single Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometric Pattern. Please note that Jupiter conjoins Chiron, and thus Jupiter creates a double Grand Trine, or a Conjuncted Grand Trine. On top of that, the position of Pluto is such that it forms the apex of a Kite configuration.  In other words, the Sun, plus Pluto, Neptune, and Chiron conjoining Jupiter, all form a Kite, which is a Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometric Pattern of five planets.  The more planets that form a Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometric Pattern, the more powerful the alignment.  The more Financial Planets that form a Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometric Pattern, the more powerful the alignment.  The Wal-Mart Kite has three Financial Planets: Chiron, Neptune and Pluto.  And the Wal-Mart chart has three Cinderella Aspects.  That’s why Wal-Mart is the most profitable retailer in the world.





The entire success of eBay, Inc. has been based on its worldwide auction site located on  The site is the most profitable website in the world.  Below is the Magi Astrology Chart of the birth of that website:







Once again, like Microsoft’s DOS and Wal-Mart first store, was born with a Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometric Pattern.  This one is formed by Chiron, Pluto, Neptune and Saturn – the shape is known as a Grand Sextile and is outlined in purple in the above chart.  (In this pattern, Neptune is beyond the normal 3 degree orb used by the Magi Society for longitudinal aspects but within the 4 degree orb allowable for Planetary Geometry formed by three or more planets.) Here again, like Microsoft and Wal-Mart, the special Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometric Pattern that has is better than a simple Grand Sextile.  It is a Conjuncted Grand Sextile because Uranus conjoins Neptune and adds another level of power to the Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometric Pattern.


And once again,’s Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometric Pattern includes three Financial Planets (Chiron, Neptune and Pluto), just like DOS and Wal-Mart.  The chart of also has a Cinderella Aspect.


Microsoft, Wal-Mart and eBay are Cinderella stocks.  The reason for this is that Microsoft has the most successful software products, Wal-Mart has the most successful stores, eBay has the most successful website. And in each case, the success is because of Magical Symmetrical Planetary Geometry with Financial Planets forming the pattern.  They all owe their success to the stars.


But Microsoft, Wal-Mart and eBay are old news.  At the Magi Society, we believe that we can utilize the principles of Magi Astrology to successfully find the next Cinderella Stocks that will make news in the future.  The most basic step to finding future Cinderella Stocks is to know what birth charts to look at.  Unfortunately for most fans of astrology, many financial astrologers have been looking at the wrong chart and have advised the public to make investments based on the chart of the first trade of a company’s stock.  But the so-called “first trade chart” is not only meaningless, it is actually misleading.






The First Trade Chart is the chart of the first time a company’s stock is bought by the public – this equates to the actual date of the IPO, or Initial Public Offering.


We have done a lot of research into the merits and pitfalls of The First Trade Chart.  What we have found is that the First Trade Chart is worse than useless.  The First Trade Chart is misleading.  If you bet your house on a stock based on the First Trade Chart, you are MUCH more likely to lose your house than make any money.  (Any money anyone makes from using a First Trade Chart is sheer luck.)  Most of you probably already have had a very bad experience from investing using the First Trade Stock, or by taking the advice of an astrologer who uses the First Trade Chart.  We have received a lot of emails detailing horror stories in this regard.


It is one thing to use an astrological tool that is worthless.  It is much worse to use an astrologically derived tool that is actually misleading. The First Trade Chart is actually misleading, and very much so.


Unfortunately for fans of astrology, for a very long time, the First Trade Chart has been the main one that many “financial astrologers” have used to predict the future stock price of a company’s stock.  Let us take a look at the First Trade Charts of Microsoft, Wal-Mart and eBay and see if these three charts are useful or not.


Click here for the First Trade Chart of Microsoft


Click here for the First Trade Chart of Wal-Mart


Click here for the First Trade Chart of eBay


As you can see, these three First Trade Charts are misleading.  For example, according to the First Trade Chart of Microsoft, investing in Microsoft should lead to heartbreak since there is a Saturn-Chiron Heartbreak Clash on the first trade.  In the eBay chart, Saturn clashes with Neptune (a financial planet) and Saturn also clashes with the Sun as well as Mercury.  Wal-Mart has a T-square formed by Chiron, Venus and Uranus.  What gives?  How incredibly misleading the First Trade Charts are.


How can an intelligent astrologer look at the First Trade Charts of Microsoft, Wal-Mart and eBay but ignore the charts for DOS, Wal-Mart stores and  The companies’ businesses are based on those charts.


Our advice is to completely ignore the First Trade Chart because they have no value.  The important first trade is not when a company sells shares to the public but it is when a company FIRST SELLS ANY SHARES AT ALL – like when Bill Gates or Sam Walton made their first investments in their companies.  Gates and Walton made their investments very close to the date of incorporation and therefore long before the public got a chance to buy in at the IPO.


We will discuss such matters more in future links here and also on after we launch it.





Four years ago, we revealed to our members (and only to our members) a concept of Magi Astrology referred to as Primary Linked Charts.  A Primary Linked Chart for a company like Microsoft and Wal-Mart and eBay is the astrological chart of an event that has significant influence on the company’s future. The charts of the DOS launch, the birth and the opening of the first Wal-Mart are all examples of Primary Linked Charts.  The date of incorporation of Microsoft, Wal-Mart and eBay are also Primary Linked Charts and they also have a strong influence on what happens to the companies and their stock prices. 


There are other examples of Primary Linked Charts.  For example, the chart of a significant merger or acquisition and when the CEO takes over the reins of the company are all Primary Linked Charts.  All such charts have an influence on the company and its stock price. 


Different types of businesses have different types of Primary Linked Charts.  For example, the success or failure of a Biotech company will be very much influenced by the chart of the day the company applies for FDA approval for its first drug.  The near-term success or failure of a movie production company will depend on the release date of its most recent movie.


If the CEO owns a big chunk of the company’s stock, then the CEO’s natal chart is a Primary Linked Chart for that company.


If we know all of the Primary Linked Charts of any company, we can use Magi Astrology to determine whether the company will be successful or not.


That is exciting.


The Board of Governors of the Magi Society has authorized the resources necessary to provide our new Financial Astrology website with the tools and databases we need to find the next Cinderella Stocks.  The first step is to obtain the dates needed to cast the most crucial Primary Linked Charts for various public corporations.


But it is very time consuming to find and update the data related to all of the Primary Linked Charts of any given corporation.  That is why the Magi Society will be asking our members to volunteer to help us obtain and update such data in order to successfully find the next Cinderella Stocks. The volunteer work would consist primarily of keeping tabs on the financial news so we know when a new product is launched and when a new CEO takes over, etc.  We will do most of the work, and we will do all of the analysis of the charts.  But there are over ten thousand publicly traded companies.  Thankfully, some of our members have indicated willingness to help us keep track of the important events in the ten thousand public companies and we are very thankful for that.


We will be launching our Financial Astrology website some time during the upcoming Jupiter/Chiron trine

As we envision the website, as events occur, we will be posting the dates that create the crucial Primary Linked Charts for important public corporations, like when a new CEO takes over, when a significant product is launched, a merger is announced, etc. We will provide an analysis of the most important Primary Linked Charts.


The website will also include a Chat room with several layers of access.  Everyone will be able to ask questions and make suggestions on the chat room and read the final postings but our members will have a special level of access to the site, and our volunteers will have their own chat room and primary access.


If you would like to participate in any of the chat rooms of the new Financial Astrology website, please click here and send us an email.  In your email, please also let us know if you are a member of the Magi Society and if so, whether you wish to volunteer to help us find and obtain the facts needed to determine the Primary Linked Charts for public companies.


All of the charts on this website were created by the Magi Society’s own software, which we distribute under the trademark “MagiSoft.”  The software is a free benefit of membership in the Magi Society, which with over 3000 members, is the largest astrological society in the world.  If you would like information about the Magi Society and the benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email


Our next posting on this site for Financial Astrology will be about Stock Market Timing, and how the alignment of the planets give us signs about the direction of the stock markets.  We will also make Stock Market Timing a part of our new Financial Astrology website.  



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