Wall Street is not stupid. It understands that stock prices go up and they go down. Therefore, even though we have been in a bear market this year, Wall Street still views General Electric as a Cinderella because its stock price has gone done much less than most. And GE is still by far the most valuable company in the world.

Magi Astrology can explain all of this.

General Electric is still a Cinderella (relative to almost all other stocks) because it still has three Financial Super Progressions that are applying. But they are of a different type than the ones we have been looking at in the previous four links. Remember we said in link one (about Cisco) that in Magi Astrology, there are TWO types of Secondary Progressions? Here is the second type:



Just as a transiting planet can make a transit to a natal planet, a Progressed Planet can also make a Progressed Transit to a natal planet. In general, the interpretations for Progressed Transits are the same as that for transits, but they last longer, and transits by the Moon and Sun become very much more powerful and important. Most astrologers have used this type of Secondary Progression but no books we are aware of have ever discussed Progressed Transits involving Chiron and the declinations, which are vital and intrinsic parts of Magi Astrology. Three of the four companies we already discussed had their Financial Super Progressions in the declinations and they involved Chiron. You could not have known what was happening with these companies without the Magi Astrology tools of declinations and Chiron.

General Electric is a perfect example to illustrate the second type of Progressions. Below is a screen display for General Electric that shows how it now has three Financial Super Progressions.


We highlighted all three of the Financial Super Progressions with blue lines within the chart itself. In the previous four links, we were looking at Progressions formed by aspects in the Progressed Chart; here we are looking at Financial Super Progressions created when Progressed planets form aspects to the natal chart. To do this, we have created a CAC with the birth chart of GE in black planets, and the red planets are the positions of GE's Progressed Planets for the Equivalent Time. In our case, the Equivalent Time is December 20, 2000, the day we are writing this lesson.

It is very easy to do this kind of calculation with the Magi Society's Progressions Upgrade but we will not get into that right now. What we need to understand is simply that in the above example, the black planets are the natal planets for GE on its birth date, and the red planets are the Progressed Planets for GE for December 20, 2000.

If you look at the chart, you can count three Financial Super Progressions as follows:

1. Progressed Neptune is applying towards a conjunction with natal Venus
2. Progressed Pluto is applying towards a conjunction with natal Venus
3. Progressed Pluto is applying towards a parallel with natal Chiron in the declinations

In each case, these progressions involve enhancements of two financial planets so they each Financial Super Progressions.

And they are all applying so that they are still helping GE at this time and these are the main astrological reasons GE is the most valuable company in the world now, even though its stock price has fallen a little since its high.

(With the Progressions Upgrade, the Progressions Window shows the type of Progressions you select. For example, you can select the declinations or longitudes. In the longitudes, you can select the type of angles you want to display, such as just Clashes or just linkage angles and sextiles.)

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