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You members have been asking for it so here it is. This lesson is about how to forecast the future trends of stock prices!






Since the very beginning of time, humankind has been both fascinated and gripped by the possibility and desire of being able to predict the future. Tens of thousands of completely worthless books have been written on this subject. But now finally, as a member of the Magi Society, you will learn in this lesson about a Magi Astrology methodology of forecasting that will actually improve your ability to forecast future trends.


There are many Magi Astrology techniques that can help you to assess the direction of future trends. This lesson will cover only one of them and it involves the use of a technique that is similar to Secondary Progressions.  But the Magi Society has substantially improved upon Traditional Astrology’s Secondary Progressions – the improvements are so vast that our improved techniques deserve their own name and we call them Magi Solar Progressions.


Magi Solar Progressions has a much broader scope than Secondary Progressions. Whereas the theory of Secondary Progressions espoused by Traditional Astrology is limited to just one technique to evaluate progressions, Magi Solar Progressions provides you with four techniques and categories of Progressions, each of which is embodied with its own separate formulations and calculations. 


Traditional Astrology’s Secondary Progressions theory is based on the Biblically derived theory that each year of a person's life is foreseeable and based upon the astrology of each successive day after a person is born. The first day after a person is born represents the first year of the person's life; the fifth day after a person is born represents the fifth year, and so on. Since this theory is essentially derived from the Bible, it means that the ancient Hebrew Prophets have the right to lay claim as the originators of this theory. Unfortunately, Traditional Astrology’s theory for the utilization of Secondary Progressions was and still is very limited.  The Magi Society has greatly expanded and improved upon the theory.





In Traditional Astrology, astrologers generally agree that Progressed Planets actually form transits to natal planets and the research of the Magi Society has confirmed the validity of this theory.  But traditional astrologers are split as to whether or not progressed aspects formed in progressed charts also have an influence.  Most traditional astrologers do not believe progressed aspects have any influence.  The Magi Society has concluded from extensive research that progressed aspects are very powerful astrological influences. 


Interestingly, traditional astrologers generally do not focus on either progressed transits or progressed aspects.  Instead, they concentrate their attention on the ingress of progressed planets into each sign or house.  (We have not been able to verify that either of these techniques works.)


After concluding extensive research, the Magi Society concluded that both progressed transits and progressed aspects work and are crucial astrological influences on the life of the native


In other words, the Progressed Planet as a "transit" to the natal planet, and also the actual Planetary Geometry of the Progressed Chart are crucial astrological influences. Do not be concerned if you do not understand what we have just written because we are about to give you five perfect examples of what we mean and you should understand it all after you read all the examples.





During the late 1990's, the raging bull market in stocks entranced the American public. The unprecedented bull market of the late 1990's, especially in technology stocks, has led to an almost unparalleled fall in stock prices in 2000, especially in technology stocks. Believe it or not, you are about to learn some techniques that can help you to understand the astrology of what really happened to the stock market, both on the way up and on the way down. And this lesson should serve you well in the future to help you forecast future trends in your own life, and forecasting the future trends of anything that has a birth chart.


The five super glamour companies of the bull market have been:


 General Electric -  incorporated on April 15, 1892

 Microsoft -  incorporated on September 22, 1993

 Cisco -  incorporated on December 10, 1984

 Intel -  incorporated on March 1, 1989

 Oracle -  incorporated on October 29, 1986



We chose these five companies because at the top of the bull market, these five companies were the five most valuable companies in the world. The last four companies are ones that are pure technology related companies. All five companies were the leaders of the bull market from the beginning and to the end of the bull market. We will refer to these five companies collectively as the "Big Five."


Amazingly, by knowing how to apply the Progressions techniques of Magi Astrology, you could have known five years ago that these five stocks would be the likely leaders in an upcoming bull market. And you could have even come very close to figuring the actual time the bull market would turn down and become a bear market. This could all have been done using a concept of Magi Astrology called Financial Super Progressions.





About a year ago, we launched the Financial Astrology Section of our website. In that section, we said that there are four Financial Planets and they are Venus, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto. We also explained that whenever any two of these planets make a MAGIcal angle to each other, the two Financial Planets form what we call a FINANCIAL SUPER ASPECT. The MAGIcal angles are the conjunction, trine, quincunx, parallel and contra-parallel. We also explained that almost all of the super successful companies were incorporated on a day that has a Financial Super Aspect.


Guess what? All five of the above companies (the Big Five) were incorporated on a day that had at least one Financial Super Aspect. Together, the Big Five have a total of eight Financial Super Aspects. Check them out for yourself using your MagiSoft program.


But even more important than that is the fact that all of these companies had FINANCIAL SUPER PROGRESSIONS during the bull market of the 1990's. And still even more amazingly, all four of the technology-based companies had peaks of their Financial Super Progressions at about THE SAME TIME. Thus you could have used these companies as a guide to the overall stock market and figured out that the technology stocks would peak about the time that they actually did peak on March 10, 2000. From many years of experience the Magi Society has discovered that when the stock prices of the companies that are the leaders peak, so does the entire stock market. The Big Five were universally acknowledged as the leaders of the bull market so if their stock prices peak together about the same time, so does the whole stock market.


Some of you are probably wondering, "What is a Financial Super Progressions?" A Financial Super Progression is an enhancement progression that is formed by two Financial Planets and it is most easily understood if we use examples to explain them. So we will give you examples of them now so that you can fully understand them.


Click here to read about how a Financial Super Progression is made and how Cisco's Financial Super Progression helped it to become one of the leaders of the bull market of the 1990's.


Click here to read about the Financial Super Progression of Oracle and how it peaked within months of the Cisco peak.


Click here to read about the Financial Super Progression of Microsoft and the Financial Clash Progression that follows.


Click here to read about Intel and how its' past and future can be understood through its Financial Super Progressions.


Click here to read about the three Financial Super Progressions of GE and why GE is the most valuable company in the world.


The above examples only illustrate a portion of the techniques that are embodied in Magi Solar Progressions. The other techniques of Magi Solar Progressions are taught in the Progressions Manual, which we provide to only members who purchase our special software upgrade known as the Financial Astrology Predictive Upgrade





Most of our members have a keen interest in financial astrology.  The Magi Society offers a FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY PREDICTIVE UPGRADE that allows you to easily and accurately employ all of the techniques of Magi Solar Progressions.  (This means the software upgrade includes the ability to utilize the techniques explained in the above examples AND also the remaining four categories of techniques that embodies Magi Solar Progressions.)  The Magi Society Financial Astrology Predictive Upgrade has by far the most useful and accurate capabilities for progressions available from any piece of software.


Members may use their MASTER CARD or VISA (as well as American Express) to buy any of our software.


The Financial Astrology Predictive Upgrade lets you easily calculate all of the Progressions as shown in the above links and also calculates the Magi Solar Progressions by midpoints, for Magi Quads and Midpoint Crossings, all of them in the declinations as well as the longitudes and none of which can be done by any other piece of software you can buy. They all work!  If you might be interested in ordering the Financial Astrology Predictive Upgrade, or any of the other upgrades like the Interpretations Upgrades, please click here and send us an email. Please include your name in your message.




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