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As we explained in our Lessons on Magi Astrology, every planet has a set of meanings. Since there are only eleven planets, each planet has many meanings. In our lessons, we gave you some of the meanings of the planets as they relate to love, sex and marriage. Here are some of the financial meanings of the planets:

Mercury: communications, traveling and transportation, computer microprocessors, software and anything that mimics the mind

Venus: money and possessions of an easily movable nature

Mars: sports, weapons and aggressiveness, energy and activities

Jupiter: success and good fortune, expansion

Saturn: control and impediments, contraction

Chiron: earning power and the economy, public image, career, merger

Uranus: the Internet, inventions, technology, innovations and changes; entertainment, broadcasting and aeronautics; the public and what is worldwide or pervasive or huge

Neptune: real estate, copyrights and patents, minerals, oil and other long-term possessions; electricity and electrical devices; medicine and biotechnology; also selling and creativity

Pluto: big business, monopoly, investments, debt; bonds, stocks and other financial instruments; power and the urge to use power

Sun: represents the actual company or person

(We have been brief with the financial meanings of the planets but we provide details in our three books.)

Just as there are Romance Planets and Sexual Planets, there are also Financial Planets. Interestingly enough, the Financial Planets are all also Romance Planets or Sexual Planets. There are four Financial Planets: Venus, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto.

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