What stock should you buy or sell? Is this the right time to buy or sell your mutual funds or bonds? Such questions are supposed to be answered by Financial Astrology.

In Financial Astrology, tons of volumes have been written about how we must pay attention to the alignments of the planets, and the chart of the initial trade of a stock or financial instrument, and the positioning of the planets in the signs and your houses, etc. Et cetera. We will discuss the value, or lack of value, of each of these astrological parameters in later lessons on Magi Astrology. But for now, we want to point out that astrologers have written almost nothing about how your personal transits influence your investment decisions. And they should have.

At the Magi Society, we have considerable expertise in investment strategies, both astrological and non-astrological. Our first rule of Financial Magi Astrology is:


This may sound like a simple rule but it has its intricacies. To fully follow this rule, you must not only examine your transits for now but you must also look ahead at your future transits and make sure that you are not going to have unusual investment positions during a period when you will have awful transits. This is because you simply cannot fight the stars and you cannot make money when you have horrific transits. George Soros, the world's most legendary living investor, went against the stars and he got his head handed to him.


For decades, George Soros has been one of the most respected and astute men on "Wall Street". His reputation and presumed power was so remarkable that he was even given credit for almost breaking the Bank of England and crushing the value of the British Pound when he made an enormous investment in currencies in 1993. Soros' most successful investment operation has been a fund called the Quantum Fund. The Quantum Fund has been one of the so-called hedge funds where only very well heeled investors (known as accredited investors) were allowed to participate. At one time in 1999, the Quantum Fund was so successful that it could boast that it had made over 30,000 percent for its initial investors about 31 years ago. That's right, thirty thousand percent. This means an initial investment of $100,000 would have been worth $30 million.

But in April of 2000, Soros had some highly unusual transits. It was Saturn that keyed these transits so they were unusually bad transits for him. According to the newspapers, the day of April 14, 2000 was a very bad day for George Soros. On that day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell a record 617 points, which was about 6%. Even worse, the NASDAQ composite fell 355 points, which was over 10%. And Soros seems to have lost money on every point of decline. When all the dust settled, the Soros funds had lost about 5 billion dollars from their highest values.

Apparently, Soros' hedge funds were excessively and heavily invested in technology and biotech stocks that were the stocks that took the worst beating. And they were leveraged. Soros' funds lost so much money and the stress was so unbearable that his two key fund managers wanted out. Soros was forced to make dramatic changes and he did. He even announced that he was changing his investment strategy and objectives for the future. He was no longer going to take high-risk investment positions, even though it was such investments that made him so successful in the first place. He was even going to essentially close his Quantum Fund.

What a turnaround! Soros experienced a set of life altering Saturn transits. And it was not fun for even one instant of time.

We believe that his debacle could have been avoided had he applied the principles of Magi Astrology and learned about and also heeded the warnings given by the stars. Below is the principle that would have helped him:


In Astrology Really Works!, we introduced the concept of Bi-Level aspects and how very important they are. A Bi-Level aspect exists when two planets form an aspect in both the longitudes and the declinations at the same time. Such aspects are the ruling aspects of a given day. If Saturn and the Sun form the Bi-Level, it is a very reliable sign of a reduction in freedom and peace. For example, the Bolshevik Revolution began during a Bi-Level Sun-Saturn day. It was a very bad day for peace and freedom in this world. Saddam Hussein's party took over Iraq in a military coup on a Bi-Level Sun-Saturn day. It was a very bad day for peace and freedom in this world. Fidel Castro was born on a Bi-Level Sun-Saturn day. It was a very bad day for peace and freedom in this world. Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany on a Bi-Level Sun-Saturn day. It was a very bad day for peace and freedom in this world. You got the picture.

In the case of George Soros, he had a Saturn-Sun Bi-Level transit during April 2000. Such transits are very rare, and usually mark a dramatic change in someone's life and career. Below is a CAC of Soros' birth chart and the transiting planets of April 14, 2000, the day the NASDAQ composite fell over 10%.



As you can see, transiting Saturn was square to Soros' natal Sun and parallel his natal Sun. He had a Bi-Level Saturn-Sun transit. Even worse, Saturn was conjunct his Chiron and also parallel his Chiron meaning he also had a Saturn-Chiron Bi-Level transit at the same time. In addition, the Jupiter-Saturn midpoint was parallel his natal parallel of Sun and Chiron. The Jupiter-Saturn midpoint as a transit is a real killer at any angle!

We have always warned in our books to beware of Saturn transits, even if the transit is a parallel or conjunction. Such enhancement transits by Saturn are almost never helpful, but they are not necessarily signs of problems and their influences depend on what other transits are in effect. When Saturn makes a Bi-Level transit, then the Bi-Level is a problem no matter what the angles. In the case of George Soros in April of 2000, he had both the Saturn-Sun and Saturn-Chiron Bi-Level transits. For Soros, Saturn made a Turbulent transit to his natal Sun in the longitudes and activated his natal Sun-Chiron square, meaning a loss (Saturn) of reputation (Chiron) and a disaster (Saturn) in his career (Chiron), which was exactly what happened.

Of course Soros did not have all the damage done in one day and did not make all his mistakes on that April He began making the mistakes several months before. Which is why we suggest you plan ahead and see if you will have any Bi-Level transits by Saturn in the future. If so, you must plan ahead and you must make certain that you are not excessively or unusually invested during the time you have such transits. Especially since you now know that such transits can even hurt the likes of George Soros.

What could Soros have done if he decided to heed the warnings in the stars? Plenty. Disaster is never preordained. We firmly believe every major problem is avoidable and can actually be bypassed. In early January of 2000, the Soros' funds investments were doing very well. Had he come to us and asked, our advice to George Soros would have been:

The stars say that this coming April could be the worst month you have ever had in the money management business. Something could happen in April that could even make you lose your reputation and want to get out of the business you have thrived in so far. The best thing to do now would be to use the next two months to adjust your investments so that you will be essentially market neutral by April, or you should be about 90% in cash by then.

If Soros had done that, he would have bypassed the bad effects of his horrible April transits. Yes, you can bypass your bad transits if you plan ahead wisely and have discipline.

(But this does not mean you should change an investment you have had for a very long time just because you will be having Saturn Bi-Level transits sometime soon. What we do advise is that you do not initiate new investments, and do not be excessively or unusually invested, going into a period with such transits. Soros was both excessively and unusually invested, even for him.)


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