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012 SMILE.COMMUNICATIONS LTD. (SMLC)First Trade Date10/31/2007
1-800 CONTACTS, INC.First Trade Date02/10/1998
1-800-FLOWERS.COM, INC.First Trade Date08/03/1999
1347 CAPITAL CORP (TFSCU)First Trade Date07/16/2014
1347 PROPERTY INSURANCE HOLDINGS, INC. (PIH)First Trade Date04/01/2014
1PM INDUSTRIES INC (OPMZ)First Trade Date04/29/2015
1ST AUSTRALIAFirst Trade Date04/15/1986
1ST CITYFirst Trade Date04/20/1988
1ST COMMUNITY FINCFirst Trade Date06/22/1999
1ST INTERSTATEFirst Trade Date06/02/1981
1ST SOURCEFirst Trade Date03/18/1997
1ST SOURCE CORPFirst Trade Date08/12/1983
1ST SOUTHERN BANCFirst Trade Date02/27/1993
1ST STATE BANCORP, INC.First Trade Date04/26/1999
21ST CENTURY HOLDING COMPANYFirst Trade Date11/05/1998
21VIANET GROUP, INC. (VNET)First Trade Date04/21/2011
24/7 MEDIAFirst Trade Date08/14/1998
24/7 REAL MEDIA, INC.First Trade Date08/14/1998
2CONNECT EXPRESS INCFirst Trade Date05/12/1997
2I INCFirst Trade Date02/02/1994
2U, INC. (TWOU)First Trade Date03/28/2014
360NETWORKSFirst Trade Date04/20/2000
3COMFirst Trade Date03/21/1984
3D SYSTEMSFirst Trade Date03/10/1988
3DFXFirst Trade Date06/25/1997
3DLABSFirst Trade Date11/19/1996
3DOFirst Trade Date05/04/1993
3DX TECHFirst Trade Date12/20/1996
3MFirst Trade Date01/14/1946
3PAR INC. (PAR)First Trade Date11/16/2007
3SBIO INC. (SSRX)First Trade Date02/07/2007
3TEC ENERGYFirst Trade Date09/29/1995
4FRONT TECHFirst Trade Date01/03/1996
4KIDS ENTERFirst Trade Date03/07/1986
500.COM LTD (WBAI)First Trade Date11/22/2013
51JOB, INC. (JOBS)First Trade Date09/29/2004
58.COM INC. (WUBA)First Trade Date10/31/2013
5B TECH (FORMERLY PARA)First Trade Date01/23/1996
5TH AVE CHANNELFirst Trade Date05/03/1995
7 DAYS GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED (SVN)First Trade Date11/20/2009
7-ELEVENFirst Trade Date03/05/1991
724 SOLUTIONS INC.First Trade Date01/28/2000
800 JR CIGARFirst Trade Date06/26/1997
800 TRAVEL SYSFirst Trade Date01/15/1998
8POINT3 ENERGY PARTNERS LP (CAFD)First Trade Date06/19/2015
8X8, INC.First Trade Date07/02/1997
99 CENTS STORESFirst Trade Date05/23/1996
@ROAD, INC.First Trade Date09/29/2000
@TRACK COMMFirst Trade Date06/23/1995

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