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Z-AXIS CORPORATIONFirst Trade Date10/15/1983
Z-TEL TECHNOLOGIES, INC.First Trade Date12/15/1999
ZAFGEN, INC. (ZFGN)First Trade Date06/19/2014
ZAI LAB LIMITED (ZLAB)First Trade Date09/20/2017
ZAIS FINANCIAL CORP. (ZFC)First Trade Date02/08/2013
ZAMBAFirst Trade Date12/10/1993
ZANY BRAINYFirst Trade Date06/03/1999
ZAPMEFirst Trade Date10/20/1999
ZARING NATLFirst Trade Date05/25/1993
ZARKON COMPUTERFirst Trade Date08/10/1983
ZAYO GROUP HOLDINGS, INC. (ZAYO)First Trade Date10/17/2014
ZD NETFirst Trade Date03/31/1999
ZEALAND PHARMA A/S (ZEAL)First Trade Date08/09/2017
ZEBRA TECHFirst Trade Date08/15/1991
ZELTIQ AESTHETICS, INC. (ZLTQ)First Trade Date10/19/2011
ZENDESK, INC. (ZEN)First Trade Date05/15/2014
ZENECA GROUPFirst Trade Date06/01/1993
ZENEXFirst Trade Date03/13/1980
ZENITH ELECTRONICSFirst Trade Date04/01/1958
ZENTECFirst Trade Date12/18/1980
ZEROPLUS.COMFirst Trade Date04/08/1997
ZEVEX INTLFirst Trade Date11/02/1998
ZHAOPIN LTD (ZPIN)First Trade Date06/12/2014
ZIFirst Trade Date06/17/1994
ZILAFirst Trade Date10/23/1989
ZILLOW, INC. (Z)First Trade Date07/20/2011
ZILOGFirst Trade Date02/27/1991
ZINDART LIMITEDFirst Trade Date03/04/1997
ZIONS BANCFirst Trade Date04/28/1997
ZIPCAR, INC. (ZIP)First Trade Date04/14/2011
ZIPLINKFirst Trade Date05/26/1999
ZIPREALTY, INC. (ZIPR)First Trade Date11/10/2004
ZITELFirst Trade Date12/22/1983
ZITEL CORPORATIONFirst Trade Date12/22/1983
ZIXITFirst Trade Date11/09/1989
ZIYAD INC.First Trade Date08/02/1983
ZK INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO., LTD. (ZKIN)First Trade Date09/01/2017
ZMAXFirst Trade Date05/19/1998
ZOE PRODUCTSFirst Trade Date05/04/1981
ZOE'S KITCHEN, INC. (ZOES)First Trade Date04/11/2014
ZOETIS INC. (ZTS)First Trade Date02/01/2013
ZOGENIX, INC. (ZGNX)First Trade Date11/23/2010
ZOLL MEDICALFirst Trade Date07/09/1992
ZOLL MEDICAL ZOLL (NQ)First Trade Date07/16/1992
ZOLTEK COMPFirst Trade Date11/06/1992
ZOMAXFirst Trade Date05/07/1996
ZONAGENFirst Trade Date03/25/1993
ZONDERVANFirst Trade Date09/02/1976
ZONICFirst Trade Date07/02/1981
ZOOM TELEPHONICSFirst Trade Date09/27/1990
ZORANFirst Trade Date12/15/1995
ZORBA'S PALACEFirst Trade Date07/18/1984
ZOSANO PHARMA CORP (ZSAN)First Trade Date01/27/2015
ZS PHARMA, INC. (ZSPH)First Trade Date06/18/2014
ZST DIGITAL NETWORKS, INC. (ZSTN)First Trade Date10/20/2009
ZTO EXPRESS (CAYMAN) INC. (ZTO)First Trade Date10/27/2016
ZULILY, INC. (ZU)First Trade Date11/15/2013
ZUMIEZ INC. (ZUMZ)First Trade Date05/06/2005
ZUOAN FASHION LIMITED (ZA)First Trade Date02/15/2011
ZY MOS CORPORATIONFirst Trade Date07/21/1983
ZYCAD CORP.First Trade Date06/05/1984
ZYGOFirst Trade Date12/13/1983
ZYGO CORPORATIONFirst Trade Date12/13/1983
ZYMETXFirst Trade Date10/29/1997
ZYMEWORKS INC. (ZYME)First Trade Date04/28/2017
ZYMOGENETICS, INC.First Trade Date02/01/2002
ZYNGA INC. (ZNGA)First Trade Date12/16/2011
ZYTREX CORPFirst Trade Date06/16/1982

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