March 6, 2010


The Magi Society has set up and programmed one of our websites to create free online horoscope charts for you  – you do not even have to register to use the service.  We call this program the SportsMagi because we plan to eventually use it to predict the outcome of sports events like the Super Bowl and World Series.


Here is what you should know about the SportsMagi so you can use it for free:


The SportsMagi will draw chartwheels for you in seven house systems (Placidus, Regiomontanus, Koch, Campanus, Porphyry, Meridian, Morinus) as well as five chartwheel systems (Natural, Solar, Arabic, Equal – Ascendant and Equal – Midheaven.


The SportsMagi will display an Aspect Grid for you.


SportsMagi creates all of the above with one click and will display each different chartwheel and grid in a different tab you can easily select.


The SportsMagi provides you with an ATLAS that gives you geographic coordinates.  At this time, the Atlas contains only 3000 cities but we are working on an extensive Atlas that has 250,000 cities. 


Below are very simple step-by-step instructions for using the SportsMagi:


First click this link:



The SportsMagi web page is arranged in two parts: the top has the data entry area and the bottom has the Atlas / City Search.


If you know the geographic coordinates of the birth city, simply enter all the required birth data into the appropriate boxes and then click the red button labeled Draw Horoscope Charts For Above Data.  It will take about five seconds and then the charts are displayed in the bottom of the page; click on any of the ten tabs for the type of chart you wish to view. To enter new data and redraw charts, first click the blue button labeled Click Here To Clear Data, and then repeat the steps from the beginning of this paragraph.


If you want to use the SportsMagi’s Atlas to find the geographic coordinates of the birth city, enter just the date and time into the appropriate boxes, and then scroll to the bottom of the home page and enter the first one to four letters of the birth city and then click the red City Search button – all cities in our Atlas that begin with the letters you typed in will be listed – find the city and click on it. This will transfer the coordinates and time zone of the city along with the birth data you entered, onto a new window that looks like the main SportsMagi page.  To draw the chartwheels for this data, in the new window, click the red button entitled Draw Horoscope Charts for Above Data.  You will see the charts in about 5 seconds in the lower part of your screen in the new window.




Almost all websites require that you verify “you are human” as opposed to a robot by typing in some characters before you submit a request – SportsMagi does this also.  Before you click on either of the two RED buttons, you must type in characters that match the ones displayed on the web page.  If you make a mistake, you will have to try again but you will not lose any data you entered.


THE FREE SPORTSMAGI DOES NOT DRAW MAGI ASTROLOGY CHARTS - a SportsMagi for members only will soon be launched and that will draw Magi Astrology charts.





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