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Heartbreak clash - The worst clash two persons can form in their CAC.

Two persons form a Heartbreak Clash when one personís natal Saturn makes a square, quincunx, opposition or contra-parallel to the other personís natal Chiron. Heartbreak Clashes can be formed in either the geocentric or Heliocentric charts.

When two persons form the Heartbreak Clash in their charts, and also have Romantic Linkages, they could think they are in love, but the most common outcome is heartbreak for one or both.

There are two distinct stages of a Heartbreak Clash.

The first stage is the Illusion Stage during which time the Heartbreak Clash will push the two persons close together and deceive both of them into thinking they are in love based on illusions about each other.

The second stage is the Heartbreak Stage, during which time the Heartbreak Clash dissolves the illusions, pushes the couple out of love, and prevents each person from giving the other the benefit of the doubt.

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