April 16, 2008


In this article, we will help you better understand how to use Magi Astrology in order to find a better job and help you to fulfill your financial dreams. 


(To those of you who are interested mainly in personal relationships, please remember that 70% of divorces are caused in part by financial problems, and a great job and financial security help in all matters of love.  Therefore, this article can help you improve personal relationships.)





Magi Astrology can help you find a better job – maybe even your dream job.


Magi Astrology can tell you in advance whether or not a company is likely to hire you, and if hired, whether or not you can have extraordinary success with the company, and enjoy working for it.


With the help of Magi Astrology, you can accurately predict what kind of relationship you will most likely have with an employer in much the same way you can predict the kind of relationship you can have with a person.  You can do this by analyzing the CAC you form with an employer.  Every employer has a birth chart.  Most employers are corporations and the birth chart of a corporation is the chart of the day the company was incorporated.


The CAC you form with a company works exactly like the CAC you create with a person.  This means that:




So the first step to finding a better job is to find the date of incorporation of prospective employers.





The birth chart of a corporation is the date of incorporation of the company.  It used to hard to find that data but now on the Internet, it is relatively easy.  It is easiest to find the date of incorporation of a public company.  Every public company has to file a 10K report with the Securities and Exchange Commission; in this report they have to include the date of incorporation of the company as well as the state in which the company is incorporated.  Check the SEC website and use the Edgar database; it has all public filings for every public company.


It is harder to find the date of incorporation of a private company.  A corporation can be incorporated in any one of the 50 states, but most private companies are incorporated in the state the company began its business.  Many states now allow online search of their databases for information about that state’s corporations, and the databases include the dates of incorporation.  Some states charge a small fee for using its database of corporations.


If the employer is a sole proprietorship, you need the birth date of the person who runs the company and use the person’s birth date for the Employer Chart.


Once you have the right birth chart for an employer, all you have to do is use normal principles of Magi Astrology to interpret the CAC you make with the prospective employer and you will pretty much know if that company is good or bad for you as an employer. 


Below is an example of how Magi Astrology can help determine if you are likely to do well with a particular company.






When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak incorporated Apple Computer in January of 1977, they dreamed that Apple Computer would begin a revolution with its invention, the personal computer.  They also dreamed that they would always be at the helm of Apple Computer and together they would forever be the dominant company in the personal computer business. 


They were correct that Apple’s personal computers would start a revolution.  But they were wrong about the rest.


Apple Computer did become the first company to successfully produce and sell personal computers.  But Wozniak left only a few years after Apple introduced its product. And Apple Computer never dominated the personal computer industry.  Apple had stiff competition almost immediately, and it fell way behind its rivals by 1985.


Right from the onset, Steve Jobs gained a reputation for being one of the worst bosses in the world.  He was notoriously hot-tempered, stubborn and many viewed him as ungrateful, unfair and totally devoid of loyalty.  Most Apple employees were terrified of him.  Steve Jobs was known for off-handedly firing employees inside office elevators just because he was in a bad mood.


When Apple fell on very hard times in the mid-1980’s, Jobs had no allies, and Apple’s stockholders and its board of directors blamed Jobs for all of Apple’s problems.  But Jobs’ biggest problem turned out to be John Sculley.


Sculley had been CEO of Pepsi-Cola but Jobs lured him away and made him President of Apple, not realizing Sculley would turn on him.  Sculley convinced Apple’s board that Apple would be much better off without Jobs.  Essentially, the board fired Jobs.


Jobs left Apple in 1985.  But he returned in 1996. 


Both his departure and return are too complicated to get into here.  What is important is that after returning to Apple as a consultant, Jobs regained more and more prominence and influence in the company and ultimately regained Apple’s helm.


Under Jobs’ direction, Apple developed and introduced innovative products including the iPod.  But Apple did not take off until late 2004.  That was when Apple Computer REINCORPORATED in Delaware and took on its new name, Apple, Inc. 


The original Apple Computer, Inc. was incorporated in California in January of 1977.  But during the summer of 2004, the company decided that it was not just a computer company so they needed a new name.  And instead of just changing its name, it decided to reincorporate in Delaware because of tax advantages offered by that state.


So Apple Computer, Inc. reincorporated in Delaware as Apple, Inc. on October 15, 2004.  The new birth chart was much better than the original one.  More importantly for Steve Jobs, the stars of the new Apple made fabulous linkages with the stars of Steve Jobs.   The result is that since it reincorporated, Apple has become one of the most adored darlings of Wall Street and Steve Jobs has become the single most highly respected CEO of any public company.


How could that happen?  Apple Computer used to be a company that rarely got any respect on Wall Street and Steve Jobs was universally ridiculed as a horrible manager.


The answer is always in the stars so let’s take a look at the stars using the Magical Lens of Magi Astrology. 


Below is the Duo CAC of Apple Corporation and Steve Jobs.  A Duo CAC shows both the geocentric and Heliocentric CACs; the geocentric is on the left and the Heliocentric is on the right.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when the new Apple was reincorporated in Delaware in 2004, and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Steve Jobs was born.




Amazingly, and as you would expect, Apple and Steve Jobs make lots of Cinderella and Golden Linkages.  These fabulous linkages are:


·         Jobs’ Venus is conjunct Apple’s Chiron – this is the best of all linkages, which is why our third book named this linkage the “Magical Linkage.”


·         Jobs’ Chiron is trine Apple’s Jupiter.


·         Jobs’ Heliocentric Chiron is trine Apple’s Jupiter.


·         Jobs’ Heliocentric Neptune is parallel Apple’s Venus (in the Heliocentric Latitudes, the Magi Society uses an orb of just 0.3 if a fast planet is involved and only 0.15 degrees for slow planets, which are the planets beyond Mars).


We already explained elsewhere on this website, and in our books, that every Cinderella Linkage is a Golden Linkage. That is because the Good Lord designed astrology such that we can make money with the person who is our true love. (Wouldn't it be a horrible world if we could not make money with our soulmate?)


The lesson we should learn from the story of the new Apple and Steve Jobs is that if we want to look for a new job, we want to find a company whose chart makes tons of Cinderella Linkages to us, just like Steve Jobs and Apple, Inc.


Steve Jobs is a prominent example of super success but the most prominent examples of super success at this time are the Google guys.


At the Magi Society, we have a saying: “The more extraordinary anything is, the better Magi Astrology works.”  The Google guys are good examples of this.


The Google guys are even more successful than Steve Jobs, and as always, Magi Astrology tells us the astrological reasons why the Google guys are so super successful.






Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the founders of Google, Inc., the company that owns Google, the dominant search engine of the Internet.


Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the Google guys, parlayed a search engine algorithm into hundreds of billions of dollars.  They are each worth well upwards of at least $10 billion in Google stock.


We are sure they deserve credit for making a lot of good decisions and worked really hard along the way.  But they also got lots of help from the stars and we think the stars also helped them make the right decisions.


Page and Brin formed their first corporation in 1998, and along the way, they formed several others.  It is uncertain why they formed so many companies (astrology?). But on October 22, 2002, they formed the mother of all search engine companies when they incorporated Google, Inc. in the state of Delaware.  This is the company they took public, that anyone can buy or sell the stock of, and made the Google guys super rich.


Below is the geocentric CAC of Larry Page with Google, Inc.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Larry Page was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Google was incorporated.





Google and Larry Page form a double Grand Trine. Jupiter, Pluto and Chiron form one Grand Trine (GT).  Since two Financial Planets plus Jupiter form this GT, the GT is great for making money for both parties – both Google and Larry Page.


Jupiter, Chiron and Ceres form the other Grand Trine. This is a good time to talk a little about the astrology of Ceres. 







We did not include Ceres in charts on this website until our last article when we simply explained that Ceres is very powerful, especially when it comes to business matters.


Ceres has been included in Magi Society software for over a decade.   In fact, for years, our Members have known that the Magi Society refers to Ceres as the “little Godfather of business” and we have included Ceres in all charts on our Members Only Website.  Ceres is a Financial Asteroid, just as Juno is a Sexual Asteroid.  Interestingly, Ceres is just as powerful in financial matters as any Financial Planet.  (Just as Juno is just as powerful in sexual matters as any Sexual Planet.)  For ease of writing, we will henceforth simply include Ceres as a Financial Planet.


As you can see in the above CAC, the black Ceres at 16.9 degrees of Sagittarius is crucially located.  Google was born with Jupiter trine Pluto (which is the Super Success Aspect, as revealed in our first book, Astrology Really Works!) and this enormously powerful trine creates a Grand Trine with Larry Page’s natal Chiron.  This Jupiter-Pluto-Chiron Grand Trine is a Financial Super Grand Trine because it is made by a Super Aspect (the Jupiter-Pluto trine) and a financial planet (Chiron). 


But the power of this Financial Super Grand Trine is quadrupled because another planet (Ceres) converts the Grand Trine into a Double Grand Trine, and because Ceres is the Little Godfather of Business. The result is the stars predicted and created extraordinary business and financial success for Larry Page and Google.






A few months ago, we revealed how Benjamin Franklin used astrology, with Magi principles, to help successfully create the United States.  (Click here to read how Benjamin Franklin used astrology to give birth to the United States.)


The same principles Benjamin Franklin utilized over 225 years ago also help us to better understand the success of the Google guys.  Below is an astromap which is a picture of the sky, showing that Google’s Neptune, a Financial Planet, made a Planetary Eclipse with Larry Page’s natal Jupiter; this means Google’s natal Neptune was both conjunct and parallel to Page’s Jupiter.  As we explained in the Benjamin Franklin article, a Planetary Eclipse creates awesome power.





(You might be wondering what the Magi Society uses for an orb with Planetary Eclipses.  The orb of a Planetary Eclipse is more complex than the orb of a simple conjunction or parallel.  This is because conjunctions and parallels have only one dimension, whereas a Planetary Eclipse is two-dimensional since it requires both a parallel and a conjunction. To help our members know if two planets actually are within orb of a Planetary Eclipse, our software’s optional Eclipse Viewer draws an oval to help us see if two planets are within orb of forming a Planetary Eclipse.)


In Magi Astrology, Neptune is a Financial Planet. Obviously, a Planetary Eclipse of Neptune and Jupiter helps bring lots of money.






Magi Astrology is the only form of astrology that recognizes how crucial Heliocentric Astrology is, and also knows how to utilize and interpret it.  Once again, Traditional astrologers are lost in space when it comes to Heliocentric Astrology.  This is because none of the main tools of Traditional Astrology exists in the Heliocentric Sky.  The Heliocentric chart has no houses, no ascendant or Midheaven and no Moon.  Even worse, if Traditional astrologers include the Heliocentric chart, they get Zodiac Sign Inconsistency – a condition where the same planet is in more than one sign.  For example, on April 11, geocentric Venus was in Aries but Heliocentric Venus was in Pisces; Geocentric Mars was in Cancer while Heliocentric Mars was in Leo. This sort of thing drives Traditional astrologers nuts and proves how absurd Traditional Astrology is.


So what can Traditional astrologers use to interpret a Heliocentric chart?


There is Planetary Geometry, of course.


The Heliocentric chart creates Planetary Geometry – which is the basis of Magi Astrology.  Which is one reason any Magi Astrologer is better than any Traditional astrologer.


Below is the Heliocentric CAC of Sergey Brin and Google, Inc.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Brin was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Google, Inc. was incorporated.





It is obvious from the above Magi Astrology Chart that Google makes a lot of powerful linkages to Sergey Brin in the Heliocentric sky.  But the most powerful ones are what the Magi Society calls PAIRED LINKAGES.  Paired Linkages are two linkages made by the same two planets – for example, Brin’s Jupiter is conjunct to Google’s Neptune and at the same time, Google’s Jupiter is trine Brin’s Neptune.  Both of these linkages are made by one person’s Jupiter and the other’s Neptune so the two linkages are made by the same planet. 


Another example of a Paired Linkage is Brin’s Jupiter is parallel (in the Heliocentric latitudes) to Google’s Uranus, while at the same time, Google’s Jupiter is parallel to Brin’s Uranus.


Intuitively, most of us probably understand that a Paired Linkage is more powerful than just two linkages.  In fact, our research discovered that Paired Linkages are as powerful as four linkages. 


In the case of Brin and Google, their paired linkages are Paired Financial Linkages because they bestow success and money.  Jupiter is the planet of success; Neptune is a Financial Planet.  Uranus is not a Financial Planet but Uranus rules the Internet and Fame. Being successful and famous on the Internet certainly helps bring money; because of this, we can reasonably consider the Google/Brin paired linkage of Jupiter and Uranus is really a Paired Financial Linkage.


On top of their Paired Financial Linkages, the natal charts of Google and Brin combine to form the Pluto/Chiron Super Financial Linkage and a double Grand Trine.  Their Grand Trines are not as powerful as the ones made by Google and Larry Page so we drew the green lines thinner.  Nonetheless there are two Grand Trines and any Grand Trine is very helpful.





In summary, if you wish to know in advance what are the chances of your having great success working for a particular company, you need to analyze the CAC you form with the company.  The Magi Astrology principles that apply to relationships with a person also work on relationships with any employer.  This means that the more Cinderella Linkages you form with the company, the better your chances of success, fulfillment and happiness with the company.  And the more clashes you form with a company, the more headaches any job with that company will give you.





There is another principle to learn about how to use Magi Astrology to get the best possible job.  There is another chart to look at and take into consideration.


We must also take into consideration the astrological chart of the day we begin any job.  This is called the Employment Chart.


The CAC that two lovers form is the main astrological force that determines whether two persons will wall in love.  But if they marry, the Marriage Chart determines the success of a marriage.


In the same way, the Employment Chart determines the success of your employment.  In other words, to be super successful at a job, in addition to having a great CAC with an employer, you also have to choose the perfect astrological day to begin a job.  This is not new to those of you who have read our books or this entire website. And this makes sense because it is consistent with everything else we have taught. 


In the case of the three examples we already studied, the Employment Charts are pretty much the same as the dates of incorporation of Apple and Google, because for example, presumably, right after the new Apple was formed, Jobs immediately took over as CEO of the company.


To help you understand the astrology of Employment Charts, let’s do a case study of George W. Bush.




Most of you probably do not remember this, but George W. Bush was a pretty popular president during his first term and his approval rating was as high as 85% (during November and December of 2001), and was over 70% for more than a year.  That is why his Republican Party gained control of the Senate in the 2002 elections, and why Bush got re-elected in 2004 and his Republican Party gained five senate seats in 2004.  On Election Day of 2004, Bush’s approval rating was 53%. 


But almost immediately after Bush’s second inauguration on January 20, 2005, his popularity fell and kept falling until his approval rating fell below freezing (less than 32%).  This awful approval rating has never really improved much and has dogged him throughout his second term; the Democrats have been merciless in reminding everyone how unpopular Bush is.


Why is there such a stark contrast between the first and second Bush presidency?


Of course the answer is in the stars.  And we know just how to find the answer because we use Magi Astrology.


The Employment Chart of a US president is the day the president is inaugurated.  The US Constitution specifically states that a president’s term of office is exactly four years and ends at noon on January 20 when the next president is inaugurated.  This means that if a president is re-elected, when he takes his oath of office the second time, the president gets a completely new Employment Chart as president, and the new chart is the chart of the day of the second inauguration. After the second inauguration, the first Employment Chart essentially “dies” and no longer has any astrological power.


Therefore, if the stars on the first inauguration are great but the stars of the second inauguration are bad, then you can have a situation like George W.  And as you will see, the stars of Bush’s first inauguration were infinitely better than the stars of the second inauguration.


The day George Bush became president the first time (January 20, 2001) was a pretty good astrological day, including a Sun/Jupiter contra-parallel.  Of much greater importance is the fact that Bush had great transits on that day. The transiting planets made over a dozen Grand Trines to his natal chart. 


Below are the geocentric and Heliocentric CACs of George W. Bush and his first presidency.  The planets in black represent the positions of the planets when Bush was born and the planets in red represent the positions of the planets showing his transits on the day he became president for his first term of office. (Please click on either image to enlarge it.)





Quite obviously, the transiting planets made lots of Grand Trines to Bush’s natal planets when Bush became president for the first time.  There were seven Grand Trines in the geocentric chart.  There were six Grand Trines in the Heliocentric chart.


(In the geocentric CAC, there were also a couple of bad Saturn clashes and every clash has an influence.  But the thirteen Grand Trines overpowered them.)


By applying the simple and consistent principles of Magi Astrology, we now understand why Bush was popular enough to have won re-election. 


Magi Astrology also explains why Bush’s second presidency is so unpopular; not even his staunchest supporters think he could win a third term.  Below are the geocentric and Heliocentric CACs of the day George W. Bush became president the second time.  In essence, they are CACs showing the transits to Bush’s natal chart on his second inauguration.  The planets in black represent the positions of the planets when Bush was born and the planets in red represent the positions of the transiting planets on his second inauguration.  (To enlarge either chart, please click on it.)




It is easy for you to see that there is a world of difference between the CACs of Bush’s first and second presidency.  The CACs of the second Bush presidency have a total of three Heartbreak Clashes, and there were more T-Squares than Grand Trines.  Heartbreak Clashes lead to heartbreak.  During Bush’s second term, Bush experienced heartbreak as his Republican Party lost control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives and Bush became the constant target of ridicule by the media. 


So now, with the help of Magi Astrology, we can finally understand the astrology of Employment Charts and how influential they are to our image and performance on any job.  You can take advantage of this information by using Magi Astrology to help you get a perfect job. 


But please do not make hasty changes.  If you hate your present job, that is one thing. But if you are doing okay and want to do better, be sure to analyze your existing Employment Chart before you think seriously about making any changes.  Then please make sure any change you make will have MUCH BETTER STARS THAN THE JOB YOU NOW HAVE before doing anything about making a change. 


There is a lot to learn about Employment Charts. We could write several books about them.  Sorry to be so brief at this time, but we promise to post more articles in the future.  If you are a member of the Magi Society and wish to learn more as quickly as you can, we suggest you join our free Certification Program (for those who have joined us for at least five years).  We will begin detailed lessons on how to utilize the stars to achieve success at the next Certification Workshop to be held on May 14, 2008.  If you are a member and want to attend, please email your membership director for details.





Magi Astrology is the only form of astrology that actually helps you to improve your life.  In the past, most of our articles about Magi Astrology explained how to use it to improve you love life, but you can also use Magi Astrology to improve your finances, get a better job and have a more successful career.  With the help of Magi Astrology, you can avoid heartbreaks in both love and business. Perhaps more importantly, Magi Astrology helps you fulfill your dreams, find true love and make more money.  This all may sound like quite an exaggeration but please judge for yourself.  We invite you to a free download of the first 14 chapters of our third book by clicking here.  Reading these chapters is the best way to begin to learn Magi Astrology.  Magi Astrology will almost certainly change your life and how you view the world.





The principles of Magi Astrology work on both love and money.


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