Since the very beginnings of Financial Astrology, Financial Astrologers have been looking at the alignment of the planets to seek clues as to what will happen in the financial markets. Almost every major bottom or top in the major financial indices coincide within about a day of the formation of "precise planetary alignments."


If you are asking "What is a precise planetary alignment?" - the answer is: It is similar to what the Magi Society refers to as Planetary Geometry - below is an example of Planetary Geometry that are precise enough to mark a major top in the financial markets. The two charts below side by side are the geocentric and heliocentric Magi Astrology charts for March 10, 2001, which was the all-time high for the NASDAQ composite; the charts include the four major asteroids and the true node.



In our books and this website, we have consistently explained that dramatic events are most likely to happen when multiple planets are SYNCHRONIZED (meaning they are in the same degree of any of the twelve signs, or in the declinations).


The more planets that are synchronized at any given time, the more likely the chance that something meaningful will occur. This is the case also for the four major asteroids, Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta. And it is the case in both the geocentric and heliocentric skies.


The above Magi Astrology charts were generated by the Magi Society's computer program called MagiSoft. It is simply the most useful astrology program in the world.


As you can see in the above charts, there are quite a few precise planetary alignments and we call them Planetary Synchronizations. Some of these synchronizations create Symmetrical Planetary Geometry. When planets form Symmetrical Planetary Geometry, they are more likely to indicate that a significant event in the financial markets will occur.


Examples of Symmetrical Planetary Geometry found in the above two charts are:


Jupiter, Mercury, Ceres and the True Node form a parallelogram in the geocentric chart. All parallelograms are symmetrical in shape.


Saturn, Mercury, Uranus and Earth form a parallelogram in the heliocentric chart (in the above example of the two charts, the heliocentric chart is the one on the right side).


As you can see, there were a number of precise planetary alignments on the day of the historic high for the NASDAQ stocks.


But it is necessary to look at both the Heliocentric and geocentric charts, and to include the True Node and the four major asteroids. This is the point of this lesson.


As far as we know, not a single Financial Astrologer who has been publishing was able to call this top correctly - even though it is the most significant top in decades, perhaps ever. (Since that date, the NASDAQ composite has fallen 70%.) But Financial Astrologers who have been publishing missed it in part because they did not look at the four major asteroids. (Most Financial Astrologers do analyze the Heliocentric sky, but not all of them).


When coupled with intelligent and disciplined investment strategies (that we will teach on our new site, identifying the days with special Planetary Geometry should improve a savvy investor's overall ability to make wise investment decisions.


At this time, the Magi Society's software is the best there is at helping you to evaluate the Planetary Geometry of a day. Only the Magi Society offers software that allows you to create the geocentric and heliocentric charts side by side; the software also gives you the outlines of Symmetrical Planetary Geometry so you can more easily see them. Although the Magi Society offers some software that anyone can buy, our software that includes heliocentric capabilities are available only to our members. If you might consider joining the Magi Society and would like to receive information about our software and/or the benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.


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