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June 13, 2011


[This is just one of a series of articles about how to predict stock markets.  The AstroFibonacci techniques we discuss here are useful not just for forecasting stock prices but you can use the same methodology to better predict the future price of any currency or commodity. This means you can use AstroFibonacci to help you more accurately forecast the prices of oil, gold, silver, cotton, the Euro, Yen, British Pound, etc.  ]


Just about every stock market around the world has gone down for the last six weeks.  Seven weeks ago, we gave you a warning that something like this could happen.


On April 26, we hastily posted a brief article about how the US stock market was about to reach a crucial AstroFibonacci price level and we also said this:




AstroFibonacci Theory says:

Stock prices will find the most natural support or resistance

at AstroFibonacci levels.




You may read that article by clicking on the link below:


We wrote the short article because we believed that the US stock market was about to reach a major resistance level and make a major turn down.  We were not sure that would happen but we wanted you to be aware of the high probability of it happening, and that is exactly what happened.


When we posted our article on April 26, 2011, the S&P 500 was about 1340.  During the next several days the market went up to 1361, just past two crucial AstroFibonacci levels - but then stocks fell sharply.


Below is an enlarged chart of the S&P beginning about a year ago and showing what happened to it since we posted our article.




Click Here To Enlarge Graph


As you can see from the above chart, on April 26, there were not one but TWO crucial AstroFibonacci levels just above the stock market.  That means there was twice as much resistance as there would be if there was only one AstroFibonacci level.  Below are details about how the two AstroFibonacci levels were calculated


  • 1362.68           23.47%            Jup/Chi AstroFibonacci ratio


  • 1357.13           24.08%            Mer/Ear AstroFibonacci ratio



We believe that because there were two AstroFibonacci levels, it was doubly likely that COSMIC FORCES WOULD CREATE A LOT OF RESISTANCE and could prevent stocks prices from permanently moving past these two AstroFibonacci levels, at least for some time.


Within a few weeks, AstroFibonacci Theory proved to be correct.  US stock prices were able to only move up to the Jup/Chi and Mer/Ear AstroFibonacci levels, just barely nosed up above them, and then stock prices met too much resistance and stock prices turned and went down.


Stocks have gone down six straight weeks since the turn and AstroFibonacci gave us a double warning that the markets would most likely go down.


So once again, the stock market has proven that AstroFibonacci works - this also means that the stock market has proven that the motion of planets has a direct influence on events on Earth.  Magi Astrology Really Works!



How AstroFibonacci Can Help Traders


Stock and commodity traders are always looking for an edge.  We believe AstroFibonacci gives them an edge because of the following rule:




Level to Level Rule

More often than not, major moves in stock and commodity prices go from one AstroFibonacci level to another. 



If stock prices usually move from one AstroFibonacci level to another, it means that stock prices normally do not turn in between AstroFibonacci levels


If you look at the stock chart above, you would say we were not quite correct - you might be thinking: "Gee, it is true stocks do find resistance and support at AstroFibonacci levels but there are quite a few times stocks made turns in between AstroFibonacci levels."


But the Magi Society has the answer:


There are more AstroFibonacci levels than we previously revealed.


There are also Leap AstroFibonacci ratios and levels.


Until now whenever we talked about AstroFibonacci ratios, we were referring to Sequential ratios - meaning the ratio between the periods of two planets that were sequentially located in the solar system.   


For example, the sequence of planets' locations in the solar system begins with Mercury, then Venus, then the Earth, and then Mars.  The orbital ratio between Mercury and Venus is a sequential ratio; so is the orbital ratio between Venus and Earth.  (An orbital ratio is the ratio between the periods of two planets - it is the same thing as what we have called a "planetary period ratio.")



Leap AstroFibonacci Ratios


The orbital ratio between Mercury and Earth is a Leap ratio - it leaps over Venus, which is the next planet in the sequence.  Similarly, the orbital ratio of Venus and Mars is a Leap ratio.


Every Leap ratio is a Leap AstroFibonacci ratio and they are all effective in predicting resistance and support levels in stock and commodity prices.


This is the exact same concept as classic Fibonacci Ratios - the classic Fibonacci ratio of 0.382 is actually a Leap Fibonacci ratio - because it is derived from dividing any number in the Fibonacci Sequence by the number that is found two places to the right.  Please click on the link below to read Wikipedia's excellent lesson on Fibonacci Ratios.



Below is a 5-year chart of the S&P 500 index with both Sequential and Leap AstroFibonacci ratios:



Click Here To Enlarge Graph


You can see from the above chart that an amazingly high number of keys tops and bottoms in US stocks occur were pinpointed by AstroFibonacci levels.


Before the Magi Society discovered AstroFibonacci, stock and commodity traders successfully used five classic Fibonacci ratios to help them predict price movement.


But AstroFibonacci is much better because it offers at least NINETEEN ratios (there is really even more because of the new planets discovered like Sedna).


Some think nineteen ratios are too confusing and they want less, but this is the way we look at it:


If you are in a strange city and there are a lot of street signs missing, you are going to have a tough time knowing where you are and how to get to where you want to go.


Each AstroFibonacci level is like a STREET SIGN FOR STOCK AND COMMODITY PRICES. 


Ideally, you want to have a street sign for every street - and if you are missing signs you will be lost.


The same is true for stock and commodity markets.  Classic Fibonacci has only five ratios - just five street signs.


AstroFibonacci gives you 14 more street signs than classic Fibonacci - every one of them gives you a low risk entry point to buy or sell stocks and commodities.


And YES - MAGI SOCIETY HAS DISCOVERED EVEN MORE ASTROFIBONACCI LEVELS.  We invite you to come back to our site here and read about them.



Magi Society Is The Leader in Making New Discoveries In Astrology


The Magi Society is very proud to have discovered AstroFibonacci ratios - they are proof that the movements of planets have direct influences on events on Earth. There is a direct link between planetary motion and what happens on Earth.


The Magi Society's AstroFibonacci Financial Astrology Research program includes Leap AstroFibonacci Ratios.


If you would like information about our AstroFibonacci Financial Astrology Research Software program, or if you would like information about membership benefits of the Magi Society, please click here and send us an email.



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