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Why the US Stock Market Dropped on a “Good Astrological Day”


And How the Magi Society Made a Good Profit That Day


By Trading Stocks



April 18, 2015


For over ten years, the Magi Society has posted a listing of the “Best and Worst Astrological Days” of each month for natalizing 14 types of important activities such as paying a bill, opening a bank account or going out on a first date and planning a seduction.


Although we have many times explained how we hope you will use our “Best and Worst Days” calendar, there is still much confusion among our readers so we wanted to use this opportunity to go into a more in depth lesson.


The Magi Society listed yesterday (Friday, April 17, 2015) as one of the best astrological days of April. Some of our readers who misunderstand how to use our Best and Worst information wrote us and said “But the US stock market went down a lot that day.”


We have written several times that our “Best and Worst Astrological Days” information is not our predictions for the stock market, but only to help you plan your activities.


We knew stocks were going to fall on April 17 even though it was one of the best days of April for you to make certain types of natalizations.


You may be skeptical that we knew stocks were going to drop precipitously on April 17 so let us show you proof that we at the Magi Society made a hefty profit trading stocks and options on April 17, 2015.  Below is a screenshot of the Magi Society brokerage account‘s daily changes in balances that shows clearly that we made a profit of $3,204.03 on April 17, 2015. We made a profit of over 2.3 percent in that ONE DAY even though the stock market went down over 1 percent.





Obviously, we KNEW the US stock market was going to go down on April 17 – that is the only way we could make so much money that day.  (For those of you who are knowledgeable stock traders, just before the close of trading on April 16, we bought leveraged inverse ETFs that go up when stocks go down.  And we sold them all on April 17, at the perfect time to sell them, which was between 2 PM and 3 PM.)


Our point is not that we made money, but that we designed our “Best and Worst Days” of each month NOT for use in predicting stocks but only for use in helping you know which are the best and worst days each month to natalize fourteen types of activities (the fourteen activities are listed on each monthly calendar we post on this website.)


We hope this helps you better understand how to use our monthly “Best and Worst Days” information. Please do not make investment decisions based on it, but you can rely on the days we select for your important natalizations. 


But please remember to always take into account your personal transits when you choose a natalization date because you should never natalize anything important on days that you are having bad transits.  If you do, you will preserve those bad transits because they will be part of the chart you natalized.  For example, you create an astrological chart on the day you open any bank account and that chart will preserve all the transits you have on that day.


Below is the Magi Astrology Principle you should utilize:


You should only natalize something important (like opening a bank account or starting a new job) when you are having good transits AND it is a good astrological day.

This way, you will preserve the good transits because whenever you natalize anything important and will enjoy the benefits of those natalized transits so long as the natalized chart exists.  You can undo your natalization by, for example, closing the bank account or leaving the job



Natalizations Preserve Both Good and Bad Transits


Whenever we complete an action and do anything for the first time, we are giving birth to what we did ( natalizing) and creating an astrological chart that preserves the positions of all of the transiting planets at the time we took action.


The astrological chart we create when natalizing anything preserves all of our transits – this includes the “bad’ transits.


For this reason, it is imperative that we always check our stars before we do anything important for the first time, such as opening a bank account, starting a new job or project, buying anything not trivial, such as a house or automobile, and even a cell phone or toaster.


Selecting special astrological days for beginning endeavors is a branch of astrology called Electional Astrology


For thousands of years, great men and women relied on Electional Astrology to help improve their chances of success.


The ancient Hebrew prophets were the first to get good results and used Electional Astrology in choosing their kings and when to crown them.


Alexander the Great used Electional Astrology in planning his invasion of Persia.


The coronation date of every king and queen of England has been chosen with the help of astrology.


America’s Founding Fathers knew the value of Electional Astrology and relied on the world’s best astrologer, Benjamin Franklin, to select the time and day to sign the Declaration of Independence as well as the United States Constitution. 


Nowadays, too much attention has been devoted to whether to do something and not enough attention has been devoted to when to do it.


A wonderfully Benevolent Higher Power designed the Divine Astrological System in such a way that we can all harness the power of the stars to help us attain our dreams. Whenever the planets are aligned in ways such that we are having great transits, we can make the transits permanent by natalizing them and keep the benefits our entire lives.


If we dig deeply into the lives of every super successful person, a perfect natalization always marks the beginning of the road to super success.  It is often a wedding date or the date a contract was signed or the day when a corporation was formed.


The end of a great natalization often marks the end of great success – for example, when a superstar gets divorced, that star falls to the ground.


We believe that Magi Astrology can help you to select magical natalization days that will help to change your lives for the better and help you fulfill your dreams.


We will teach a lot about Electional Astrology in our Free Certification Classes for those who join us as Professional Members (those who join for at least five years).


Thank you for reading this.


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