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In the last ten years, the Magi Society has published three books about astrology and all of them have become classics.  The value of our books can be attested to by the fact that used copies of our first two books sell for $100 to over $200.


The Magi Society has just acquired the rights to publish our third book from Hay House, Inc., the original publisher of the book.  By acquiring the publishing rights, we can publish a digital copy of this book on the Internet and make the valuable information in the book available to as many astrology fans as possible.


If you have a high-speed Internet connection and Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may click here to directly download a PDF file that contains our Mini-book (first 7 chapters).


You may also download chapters 8 through 14 of our third book. We made these other 7 chapters into Mini-book2 and you may download it by clicking here.


If you use dial-up to connect to the Internet, you can still use the above links to download the PDF versions of our Mini-books, but it will take about ten minutes to complete the download for each mini-book; during this time your computer screen may not give you any indication it is downloading a file. Most people like to see a "progress window" while they are downloading a file. If you would like to see a "progress window" then we suggest you click on the link below for your download of our minibooks.


If you have dial-up Internet, by clicking here on this link, you may download the pdf version of the first 7 chapters (166 pages) of our third book for free (the name of the file to download is magi_astrology_minibook.exe and is a self-extracting zip file; once you download the file, you have to unzip it by using Explorer to locate the file and then double-click on the file's icon to extract the .pdf file from the downloaded .exe file).


If you have dial-up Internet, you may download the mini-book2 (chapters 8-14) by clicking here. The name of the file to download is magi_astrology_minibook2.exe and it is a self-extracting zip file; once you download the file, you have to unzip it by using Explorer to locate the file and then double-click on the file's icon to extract the .pdf file from the downloaded .exe file.


The printed version of our third book has 17 chapters and over 400 pages.


If you have been looking for a book that teaches the basic principles of astrology, the mini-books are perfect. The mini-books also help you to learn the foundations of Magi Astrology.


The seven chapters in the first mini-book you can download are:


Chapter 1: Magi Astrology Helps You to Answer the Pertinent Questions in Your Life


Chapter 2: Planetary Geometry is the Key to Accurate Astrology


Chapter 3: Learning the Basics of Astrology – the Birth Chart


Chapter 4: How to Interpret a Birth Chart


Chapter 5: How Planetary Geometry Affects Love and Money Issues


Chapter 6: Chiron is the Arrow that Points to Your Soulmate


Chapter 7: We All Have a Second Birth Chart



The 7 chapters of the second mini-book are:


Chapter 8: The Astrological Secrets of Magical Sex


Chapter 9: Special Linkages That are Signs with Golden Linkages


Chapter 10: Maximize Your Success with Golden Linkages


Chapter 11: Fulfill Your Dreams with Help from Magi Astrology


Chapter 12: How to Choose the Best Days for Love and Money


Chapter 13: Planets Have Personalities and Symbolisms


Chapter 14: Chiron is the Sign of a New Age




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