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New Discoveries in Astrology


During the last decade, astronomers have discovered dozens of Dwarf Planets and we briefly wrote about this in the link below:


Some Dwarf Planets have astrological influences and some do not.  We use the term AstroBody to refer to a Dwarf Planet that has strong astrological powers.


The Magi Society has been working hard to discover which Dwarf Planets have astrological powers and what each new AstroBody symbolizes.


Below is a chart you should find interesting - it is the Magi Astrology chart of the original incorporation date of Apple Computer, Inc. (now renamed simply Apple, Inc.) - in the Heliocentric sky:




For over thirty-five years, it has been a mystery why Apple succeeded in inventing and marketing the first personal computers, then went nearly bankrupt, only to later become the most valuable and profitable corporation in the whole world. 


Now, with the help of the newly discovered Dwarf Planets, including Quaoar, Ixion and UB313/Eris, the Magi Society finally has a nearly complete understanding of all the major ups and downs of Apple.


We are happy to share all this new astrological information with the world - but we will first share our new knowledge with our members and we will do so by conducting Magi Astrology Workshops for our members.


If you are a Magi Society member and would like to attend Magi Astrology Workshops, please click the link below, fill out your membership identification and we will send you information on how to participate in our upcoming Magi Astrology Workshops.


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In addition to Apple, our upcoming workshops will include more lessons about how the newly discovered Dwarf Planets have astrological influences on:


  • True love and human relationships
  • Stock and commodity markets
  • Jeremy Lin
  • Tim Tebow
  • The upcoming US elections


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