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The Star-Crossed Fatal Attraction of


John Edwards and Rielle Hunter




April 2, 2010


John and Robert Kennedy had dozens, maybe even hundreds of affairs - but none of their affairs dramatically altered the course of their lives or political careers.  And Bill Clinton had who knows how many affairs but none of them changed his life.  (Paula Jones is the one woman who created an earthquake in Clinton’s life but she did not have an affair with him).


The point we are making is that most of the time, an affair between a famous married male politico and a woman will fade away into the night and no one is the wiser.


But every once in a while, an affair between a famous married male politico and a woman become FATAL ATTRACTIONS and end up fatal to the man’s career.


For examples, Gary Hart’s affair with Donna Rice was a knockout blow to his political ambitions; and Ted Kennedy’s affair with Mary Jo Kopechne left him deeply enough scarred that he was unable to beat Jimmy Carter for the Democratic Party nomination for president.  Mark Sanford’s affair will surely bury him also.


But the most disastrous and fatal of all politicians’ fatal attractions is the affair of John Edwards and Rielle Hunter.  Not only has that affair destroyed John Edwards’ political career, he might be indicted for misuse of campaign funds, and the sordid affair has left him with no supporters.  Edwards is now such an outcast that two of his former liberal admirers recently remarked on TV “Who cares what John Edwards is doing!  Nobody likes this guy anymore.  He is nothing but a liar.”



The Bigger They Are……The Bigger the Crater When They Fall


John Edwards was once the Democratic Party’s vice-presidential candidate – he could have been president (a scary thought, isn't it?) and eight years ago, Edwards was the Democratic Party’s number one rising star. 


But the stars have changed – Edwards has come down, crashed and burned as the truth about him has become obvious.  America is aghast at how effortlessly John Edwards can lie.  “I can tell you without any doubt whatsoever that that baby cannot possibly be mine.”


But another aspect of the Edwards – Hunter affair that makes it more sordid than almost all other affairs is the fact that no one understands what Edwards saw in Rielle Hunter.


When the Tiger Woods’ affair with Rachel Uchitel was first revealed, Uchitel’s pictures were all over the Internet and universally, male bloggers were saying “WOW!  That is one sexy woman. No wonder Tiger could not resist.”


But Rielle Hunter is – well let’s just say she would not win any beauty contests.


So this brings us to the $50 million question (the likely amount Elizabeth Edwards will receive in divorce court) – why was John Edwards fatally attracted to Rielle Hunter?


The answer is always in the stars!


The answer is Planetary Geometry.  Physical beauty is not as important as the attraction created by Planetary Geometry.  And only Magi Astrology can accurately understand Planetary Geometry.


When you see a really cute guy with a not so cute girl, and wonder what he sees in her, the answer is nearly always Planetary Geometry.  It is Planetary Geometry that creates the chemistry necessary for lasting attraction and it is much more powerful than physical attraction.


When you hear people say “Opposites attract,” it is because of Planetary Geometry.


Astrology is the reason two persons fall in love even though they are opposites.


If you have been so far unsuccessfully at finding true love, we advise you to look at the stars. You cannot find true love by psychoanalyzing anyone or going to dating sites that ask a prospect to take a personality test. True love is based on “chemistry” and chemistry is based on Planetary Geometry.


When two persons form magical Planetary Geometry, the two persons have the chemistry needed for a magical union.


True love is based on how well your planets match up.


This is due to the fact that God designed astrology in such a way that every single birth chart has many perfect matches. In this way, everyone has a chance at finding true love – we just have to find that magical person.


You and everyone else will form magical geometry with someone, and this gives us all a chance to find true love. God designed astrology and love such that true love is not based on our physical attributes or our social background, or our personality or our tastes. God wants every single person to be able to find true love so He made it such that true love is based on the stars.


There is someone out there that is magical for every single one of us because there is someone out there that makes magical Planetary Geometry with us.


Of course there are also people born on days when the planets are not matched well to ours. For each of us, there are quite a few persons who make turbulent Planetary Geometry with us. Those are the ones we must avoid and shut out of our lives.


For each and every one of us, there are persons that are magical for us, and there are persons who are fatal attractions for us.


Fortunately, Magi Astrology reliably informs us which is which.


Magi Astrology is the only system of astrology that tells us ahead of time if a person can be magical for us, or big trouble for us.


According to Magi Astrology:



Whenever extraordinary things happen,

there is extraordinary Planetary Geometry



Traditional Astrology has no clue why John Edwards and Rielle Hunter had a fatal attraction. In fact, Traditional Astrology cannot even begin to figure it out because Traditional Astrology is dependent on having exact times of birth and we do not know the exact time either of them was born.


But Magi Astrology does not need exact times of birth to be very accurate; although Magi Astrology is naturally the most accurate when exact birth times are available.


Magi Astrology is the only system of astrology that can provide you with useful and accurate information even without an exact time of birth.


We do this in large part by using Planetary Geometry.


The fatal attraction of John Edwards and Rielle Hunter is a perfect example of how much you can know through the Planetary Geometry and magical lens of Magi Astrology.



The Fatal Attraction of Edwards and Hunter


The most significant facts and characteristics of the Edwards-Hunter affair are:






Traditional Astrology does not have the tools to explain any of the above facts but Magi Astrology can explain them all.  Traditional Astrology does not even propose criteria for matters like child out of wedlock and obsessive attraction.  But Magi Astrology has the tools and abilities needed to fully understand any relationship.



Magi Astrology Fully Explains the Fatal Attraction of Edwards and Hunter


Why were John Edwards and Rielle Hunter neurotically and obsessively attracted to each other? Why did the Edwards-Hunter affair result in disaster for both of them? 


Magi Astrology knows the answer.  The reason is:


Edwards and Hunter created extraordinary Planetary Geometry.


As we have explained in our books and this website, the astrological keys to knowing the most probable outcome of any relationship is to utilize the principles of Magi Astrology to analyze the Planetary Geometry in the CAC that two charts create.





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These minibooks are the first fourteen chapters of our third book, which was first published in 1999 and had five printings.  To facilitate wider and easier availability of the Magi Astrology lessons in the book, we decided to offer a free download so anyone with Internet access could take advantage of the information in the book. Naturally, this means we did not reprint the book.  Nonetheless, there is amazing demand for used printed copies of the book as evidenced by the fact Internet resellers offer the books at prices presently ranging from $50 to $300.  The Magi Society is proud that our used books command a higher price than any other used astrology books (except for a very few antique books that are over a hundred years old).  We believe this is a testament to the value of Magi Astrology.





Quick Overview of Planetary Geometry and CAC


As a super quick summary, a CAC is short for Combined Alignment Chart.  It is two birth charts combined into a single chart in a way that easily shows the alignments made by the interaspects formed between the two charts.  One person’s natal planets are in black and the other’s is in red.  Most charts on this website are CACs.


Planetary Geometry refers to the geometric patterns created by drawing connecting lines between the planets


Planetary Geometry in a CAC refers to the geometric patterns formed by drawing connecting lines between two persons’ natal planets. 


Grand Trines and T-squares are examples of Planetary Geometry.  Traditional Astrology calls them “configurations” but Traditional Astrology has identified only a few configurations.  On the other hand, the Magi Astrology concept of Planetary Geometry includes not just the configurations used by Traditional Astrology but also all other geometric patterns formed by drawing connecting lines between the planets. 


Every geometric pattern has a different meaning.  For example, Magi Astrology is the only astrology that uses and recognizes the power of Mystical Triangles.  A Mystical Triangle is a triangle where the three sides are a quincunx, a trine and a square.  Madonna formed a Romantic Mystical Triangle with each of the three men that have been most important in her life: Sean Penn, Guy Ritchie and Carlos Leone.  To read about this, please click on the link below:


Magi Astrology has simple principles that help you to analyze the Planetary Geometry formed by any two persons and understand what it all means.  All we have to do is master the following MAGI ASTROLOGY PRINCIPLES OF PREDICTING FUTURE RELATIONSHIPS.


  1. Combined Planetary Geometry creates attraction and/or ties between the two persons that form the Planetary Geometry.  Two persons will not have any serious association with each other unless they form strong Planetary Geometry.  The more powerful the Planetary Geometry, the more serious the relationship that develops, and the longer it will last.


  1. The power of Planetary Geometry is directly proportional to the number of planets that form the Planetary Geometry – the more planets involved, the more powerful the Planetary Geometry.


  1. The power of Planetary Geometry is directly proportional to how exact the Planetary Geometry is - the more exact the aspects of the planets forming the Planetary Geometry, the more powerful the Planetary Geometry.


  1. Symmetrical Planetary Geometry is more powerful than non-symmetrical   Planetary Geometry.


  1. We can accurately interpret the precise nature of the type of attraction and ties created by any Planetary Geometry by combining and integrating the Magi symbolisms of the planets that comprise the Planetary Geometry.



Before we go on, we need to introduce two new terms:




In our most recent previous articles, we have explained why Sedna is very much like Saturn, and Sappho is neurotic and extreme, and therefore obsessive.


When we use the above Magi Astrology principles and examine the CACs of Edwards and Hunter, it becomes obvious why their affair was an overly obsessive and fatal attraction.



The CACs of Edwards and Hunter Had Disastrous Planetary Geometry


Below are the CACs of John Edwards and Rielle Hunter.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Edwards was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Hunter was born. The chart on the left is the geocentric CAC and the one on the right is the Heliocentric CAC.




Geocentric CAC of Edwards and Hunter:




Heliocentric CAC of Edwards and Hunter:





Locked Arrowheads


In their geocentric CAC, Edwards and Hunter formed an extremely powerful five-planet configuration of Planetary Geometry that the Magi Society calls LOCKED ARROWHEADS. It is formed by Edwards’ Juno and Sappho and Hunter’s Saturn, Sappho and Sun.  That is a total of five planets and they are tightly aspected to each other so they generate enormous attraction.


We interpret the Locked Arrowheads by using Magi Astrology principle 5 above.  The Locked Arrowheads mean obsessive (Sappho) sex (Juno) leading to no good (Saturn) and self-destruction (Saturn to Sun).


Juno is the most sexual of all planets and Sappho is the most obsessive of all planets.  Both Edwards’ and Hunter’s natal Sappho were in the Locked Arrowheads.  These Locked Arrowheads created a breathtakingly high level of sexual obsession between Edwards and Hunter.  The double-Sappho and Saturn in the Locked Arrowheads made the attraction disaster prone and ultimately fatal.



Interlocked Kite and Mystical Triangle


As powerful and insidious the Locked Arrowheads are, in their Heliocentric CAC, Edwards and Hunter formed Planetary Geometry that was even more powerful and insidious.  They formed a six-planet Kite Formation that is INTERLOCKED with a six-planet Mystical Triangle.  (Mystical Triangles are triangles formed by a quincunx, trine and square – as shown by the red lines in the Heliocentric CAC.  “Interlocked” means that two planetary patterns share some planets.)


The Kite formation is comprised of Edwards’ Uranus and Chiron, plus Hunter’s Chiron, Mars, Neptune and Juno.  The presence of both persons’ Chiron foretold that a child was likely.  Neptune makes the relationship long-term and Juno and Mars are Sexual Planets so this Kite adds to the sexual attraction generated by the Locked Arrowheads.


Does the double-Chiron in the Kite mean they were in love? 


Nope.  Ordinarily, a double-Chiron is indicative of love but both Edwards and Hunter do not know what true love is and are so selfish they cannot truly love. 


But they thought they were in love because they mistook the sexual attraction for love.


Edwards’ Sappho and Saturn-Jupiter midpoint, plus Hunter’s Chiron, Mars, Neptune and Juno create the Mystical Triangle in the Edwards-Hunter Heliocentric CAC.  (The Saturn-Jupiter midpoint is shown as 'hj' in the chart – we chose this designation because the h looks like the standard glyph for Saturn, and the j represents Jupiter).


Edwards’ Saturn-Jupiter midpoint makes four Nuclear Clashes, one each to Hunter’s Chiron, Neptune, Juno and Chiron.  All of these clashes are indications of BONDAGE because Saturn is the planet that symbolizes control (as explained in our books and this website for over a decade). On top of that, Edwards’ Sappho makes clashes to ALL of the same four natal planets.  With that many clashes, Hunter had no chance – she was so obsessed with Edwards that he was the only thing she wanted.  


Now – Edwards was a very eligible guy (except for the fact he was married) and he cared not a hoot about being faithful, so he had lots of other affairs.  He was able to handle his other affairs without problematic repercussions.  So the $50 million question is: Why was he so obsessed that he ended up destroyed by this affair and not the other affairs he had?


The answer is they had extraordinary Planetary Geometry.


In their Heliocentric CAC, their interlocked Kite and Mystical Triangle were composed of eight tightly aspected planets.  The more planets in any Planetary Geometry, the more powerful the Planetary Geometry. Planetary Geometry this powerful occurs only one in 50 thousand couples. 


Whenever extraordinary things happen, there is extraordinary Planetary Geometry





The above lesson helps you to understand matters you could not possibly understand without using the principles of Magi Astrology.  And you can know all this without using any exact times of birth.


Traditional Astrology could never help us understand any of this. Especially since Traditional Astrology is nearly a total prisoner of its requirement of an exact time of birth.


On the other hand, one of the great beauties of Magi Astrology is that it gives us so much knowledge without exact times of birth – Magi Astrology is a “timeless” gift to us and we should always use it in our lives.






If you have been a fan of Traditional Astrology, you must have been totally frustrated many times because you could not obtain an accurate time of birth to use for your Traditional Astrology analysis.


The fact is that we almost never know the exact time of birth.


The times of birth on birth certificates are almost never accurate.  This is because the CRITERIA FOR EXACT TIMES OF BIRTH VARY from doctor to doctor and nurse to nurse.


There has never been a uniform definition for “time of birth” among doctors and nurses, most of whom are not astrology fans.  One nurse may use the time when a baby’s head is visible, another nurse may use the time when the umbilical chord is cut, and still another nurse may simply write down a time the baby is safely delivered and the nurse can leave the delivery room. Or a doctor may just put in a time from memory after he leaves the delivery room.


The exact time of birth found on birth certificates is NOT reliable! 


But Magi Astrology is reliable and astoundingly accurate without exact times of birth.


Look at what you can know through Magi Astrology without a time of birth!


Through the Magical Lens of Magi Astrology, we actually know more about the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter affair than we could ever know from Traditional Astrology.  And we did not need any exact time of birth – which is rarely accurate anyway. 


The techniques and principles of Magi Astrology are revolutionizing astrology and giving all who use Magi Astrology an advantage over every one else. 


(By the way, the techniques Traditional Astrologers use to rectify a chart are a joke because no two Traditional Astrologers ever independently come up with the same rectified time – they are always different.  Test them out and see for yourself.)





Magi Astrology is easy to learn and is the only form of astrology that actually helps you to improve your life.  With Magi Astrology, you can improve your love life and your career; and you can avoid heartbreaks in both love and business. This may sound like quite an exaggeration but please judge for yourself.  We invite you to a free download of the first 14 chapters of our third book by clicking here.  Reading these chapters is the best way to begin to learn Magi Astrology.




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