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September 19, 2009



According to most leading skeptics, it is not possible to predict the future. 


All these skeptics claim to be scientists, yet they ignore the fact that most of science is devoted to making accurate predictions. For examples, science knows how to predict the speed and acceleration of a rock’s fall when dropped, and science can predict exactly where a planet will be in 47 days.  In fact, prediction is so basic to science that science rejects any theory that does not predict accurately.


So obviously, the skeptics are not only wrong, but they are idiots to claim you cannot predict the future.


In fact, we predict that the skeptics will think WE are the idiots – and that would be an accurate prediction of the future.


But to be more serious, the Magi Society looks at all of this in the following way:


Science has proven it can successfully discover laws about PHYSICAL MATTER and use them to make accurate predictions about pure physical occurrences. 


However, science is totally lost when it comes to anything that is not related to physical matter.  For examples, good and bad luck has nothing to do with physical matter.  Love and hate, ideas and ambitions, greed, fear, and the like, are all vital parts of our lives and are not related to physical matter.


Good and bad luck, love and hate, ideas and ambitions, greed and fear all have one thing in common – they are VARIABLE and they are all influenced by the alignments of the planets.  It is the changes in the alignments of the planets that make things variable and change.  And because they are influenced by the stars, they are predictable by analyzing the stars.


Magi Astrology can predict love and hate, good and bad luck, a person’s ambitions and when any person will experience greed or fear.  We also know when any person will be able to perform at peak levels or low levels, then someone’s judgment will be good or weak, when anyone will be calm or angry, etc.  If we have the ruling astrological charts, we can make predictions more accurate than any scientists ever could.


Soon, the Magi Society will begin to post on this website a series of articles to teach how to use the principles of Magi Astrology to predict the future.  We will reveal how to predict love and great sex, the economy, sports, the weather, disasters or miracles, and almost anything of great significance, and we will also continue to explain how to predict the stock and commodities markets.


But the stars are not right to begin posting these lessons (this is a very bad astrological month, as explained in our Best and Worst Astrological Days section) and we will wait until the stars get better.  But it will not be long from now.





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