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Notice of the Magi Society Privacy Policy

The Magi Society and its affiliated corporations (Magi Astrologers Worldwide Corporation and Magi Associates, Inc.) respect your privacy.

To help protect your privacy, we are providing this notice that explains our online information practices and how we protect your privacy.

On some of the pages of this website, you are able to order products, or email us to request either information or technical support. In order to fulfill such requests, we need to ask for information that may include your name, address, email address, phone number, credit or debit card Information.

We will use your personal information only to fulfill your requests and only in the following ways:

We use the information you provide us about yourself when placing an order to complete that order and send an order confirmation to you, and that information remains as part of our customer records.

If you requested information or technical support from us, we use your return email address to answer you by email.

We will never use your phone number to call you unless you specifically have asked us to do so.

We never share any of your contact information with any other persons or entity outside of the Magi Society.

In the past, the Magi Society has never sent out an unsolicited mass email. But if we ever do send out an unsolicited email, if you wish, you can be removed from our email list by following the instructions that would be included at the bottom of the email.

To prevent unauthorized access to your data, we have adopted the procedures and taken the actions that are prudent and appropriate in ensure that your data is properly safeguarded.

How To Contact Us: You may contact us by phone at (212) 867-2905 or you may send us an email by clicking the Contact Us link on the HomePage of our website.


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