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Return Policy

The standard return policy of the software industry is that software is not returnable once the purchaser installs the software program on any computer.

The Magi Society is a little more generous.

All Magi Society computer software programs are downloadable from our website and a purchaser can easily install the program on any computer. But we designed all of our software programs such that they do not fully function until the purchaser enters the software’s unique Activation Code for the installation.

The Magi Society will honor requests for full or partial refunds, for any reason, on all Magi Society software programs, until the purchaser both installs the program and also asks us for an Activation Code, or for 30 days from purchase date, whichever is first.

Once we receive a request from the purchaser for an Activation Code, the software program is not returnable and no refund request will be allowed.

Our return policy allows you to download our software, read the detailed manuals and make certain the program installs properly before you lose the right for a refund.

Most of our clients do not need it but the Magi Society provides free technical support to all purchasers of any Magi Society program for the first download and first installation of the software.

Our software license allows any purchaser to install our programs on up to two computers; we require that both computers must be registered in the same name. If you should need to install our software on more than two computers, you must first uninstall the software from on existing installation.


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