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How to Predict If a Marriage Will Bring Disaster



[This is Part One of a Three-Part Article.]




July 22, 2010


Sandra Bullock’s disastrous marriage to Jesse James ended in a very public and devastatingly humiliating heartbreak – but it was predictable.


More importantly, the disaster was avoidable.  If Sandra Bullock had mastered the principles of Magi Astrology, she would have been able to avoid the disaster all together.


Sandra Bullock is not a woman who falls in love easily – she dated the likes of Troy Aikman, Mathew McConaughey and Ryan Goseling and several other high desirable and eligible men but did not marry any of them.  Sandra remained single until she was over forty.


When she finally thought that she was in love and found Mr. Right, Sandra fell for and married Jesse James, the head of West Coast Choppers, a company that builds custom motorcycles.  They were married on July 16 2005.


On the day they married, there were two Heartbreak Clashes in the sky, one in the geocentric sky and also one in the Heliocentric sky.


Magi Astrology tells us that if a couple marries on a day with two Heartbreak Clashes, the marriage will most likely end in Heartbreak   So it is not at all surprising that the Bullock/James marriage has ended in Heartbreak and divorce. 


On the surface, the marriage seemed to be on very firm grounds as recently as March 7 of this year when Sandra won an Oscar and thanked her husband, saying she could not have “done it without Jesse’s love and support.”


But within ten days of her Oscar win, at least three women went public with proof they had affairs with Jesse James during the past two years.  To make matters worse, the mistresses were all on the seedy side – for example, two were strippers.  And to make matters totally unbearable, there was even a sex tape of Jesse James and one of the women and the tape was posted onto 


Talk about total humiliation!  The sex tape beats even Tiger’s problems.  (Can you imagine what Tiger’s reputation would be if there was a sex tape of him?)


Jesse James issued a public apology to Sandra. 


Big deal. 


Sandra moved out on March 18 and then filed for divorce, which was finalized on June 28.



Sandra Bullock Ignored Many Signs that Jesse James was Nothing but Trouble


When Sandra Bullock first met Jesse James, he was a known bad boy in the LA circuit. 


For starters, James had a history of two badly failed marriages including one to Janine Lindemulder, a hard-core porn star who recently served jail time for failure to pay federal income taxes. 


West Coast Choppers, Jesse James’ company, had some questionable clients, to put it politely.


Jesse James always wanted to become a TV star and he started his own production company.  To give you a clue as to where Jesse James’ head was at, he named his production company Payupsucker Productions.


James’ circle of friends and associates were all involved with the porn industry and motorcycle gangs. What is that old saying?  The company you keep ….


Jesse was also involved with a string of troublesome court battles.  Some were small and some not so small.


After Sandra married Jesse James, James got into some bigger problems.  His custom motorcycle company was fined $271,250 by a California State Agency for violating California’s Clean Air laws. Jesse James was sued for $422,680 for breach of contract and Jesse’s own attorneys sued him for $327,533 because he did not pay their legal fees.


Well, by now you might think it looks like Jesse had less brains than tattoos (reporters have written Jesse has tattoos over every inch of his body except his extremities, like face and hands).


Here is an interesting tidbit - in April of 2008, Sandra was in an SUV that was hit head-on by another vehicle.  The driver of her car was Jesse James.  They were not seriously injured – But do you think maybe God was sending Sandra a message?  Were Sandra’s Angels giving her a Sign that Jesse is not the one for her to be with?


Sandra Bullock ignored all those signs. 


Sandra refused to see any signs that Jesse was not what she wanted him to be.  Was it because she was in love?  NO.  It was because she was a VICTIM OF THE STARS – she was a CAPTIVE of SATURN BONDS and EMOTIONAL CAPTIVATIONS.







Sometimes, a woman or man is blessed and falls in love.  But most marriages now end in divorce so obviously, most of the time the woman (or man) who marries made a huge mistake. 


Marriage is such an important decision but the divorce rate in the US now stands at over 50% - it is close to 60%.  How can so many people that marry be so wrong about each other?


Magi Astrology knows the answer.


Saturn Clashes, Saturn Bonds, and Captivations CREATE THE ILLUSIONS THAT RESULT IN DISASTROUS RELATIONSHIPS.  This is because Saturn Clashes, Saturn Bonds, and Captivations will make you at first think you are in love and then knock you out of love.


We first introduced the astrological community to Saturn Clashes in our third book.   Since then, we have written extensively about them, and also about Saturn Bonds and Captivations on this website.  If you are not familiar with all these Magi Astrology concepts, below are four lessons you should read before continuing with this article:



[Editor’s Note: At this point of this article, we assume you have read the above three links.]


Since the time we wrote the above four lessons, we have revealed elsewhere on this website that the Saturn/Chiron and Saturn/Jupiter midpoints are the equivalent of Saturn, in both CACs and natal charts.  With this new information in mind, we have prepared the following summary to help you more fully understand Saturn Bonds, Saturn Clashes and Captivations.











In Classic Magi Astrology, a Saturn Clash occurs in a CAC when one person’s Saturn, Saturn/Chiron or Saturn/Jupiter, forms a Clash Angle (90, 150, 180 and contra-parallel) to any of the other person’s natal planets.


Each Saturn Clash is a sign of ultimate incompatibility. But the worst Saturn Clashes are the ones that are made to a natal Romance Planet (Chiron, Venus, and Neptune) or Juno. When it comes to romance and sex, these Saturn Clashes are the most powerful and the most dangerous because they create Heartbreaks. They first draw the two persons together and then break them apart. Such Saturn Clashes are insidious because they first create an Illusion Stage where the two persons are initially attracted to each other and both overlook the other’s faults. It may take years or even decades but over time, the couple will be very disappointed in each other as both persons ultimately realize each other’s shortcomings. The result is bitter disputes that often lead to irreconcilable differences and a serious deterioration of the relationship. Too often, the couple’s union falls apart in Heartbreak.





In Classic Magi Astrology, a Saturn Bond occurs in a CAC when one person’s Saturn, Saturn/Chiron or Saturn/Jupiter, forms a trine, conjunction or parallel to any of the other person’s natal planets. The strongest Saturn Bonds are those made to Chiron, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, Sun or Earth, or Juno.


One of the results of a Saturn Bond is that the person who contributes the Saturn (called the Saturn Person) has a perceptible degree of control over the other person (called the Passive Person).





An Emotional Captivation is created whenever Saturn, Saturn/Chiron or Saturn/Jupiter make any conjunction, square, trine, quincunx, opposition, parallel or contra-parallel to any ROMANCE PLANET (i.e. Chiron, Neptune or Venus).  Every Emotional Captivation is a type of Saturn Bond but not every Saturn Bond is an Emotional Captivation.  Some Saturn Bonds (like Saturn trine Sun) are not Emotional Captivations. 


Every Captivation has a Captive and a Trapper.  The Trapper is the one who contributes the Saturn, Saturn/Jupiter or Saturn/Chiron.  And the other person is the Captive. 











Sandra Bullock thought she was in love with Jesse James and married him.


But Sandra Bullock deceived by the stars, and was not in love with Jesse James.  Instead, she was deluded into thinking she was in love. She was actually the victim of Captivations – she was the Captive in multiple Emotional Captivations.  To illustrate what we mean, below is the CAC of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Sandra was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Jesse James was born.




There are two Saturn Clashes PLUS two Emotional Captivations in the above CAC chart.

Below is a listing and analysis of them:








If you look at the positions of Sandra Bullock’s Chiron and Neptune, her most crucial Romance Planets, you can figure out that she is MOST VULNERABLE TO FALLING CAPTIVE to a man who was born with Saturn/Chiron and Saturn/Jupiter exactly where Jesse James has them.


In the above CAC, you can also see that Bullock and James formed a quadruple Grand Trine formed by Bullock’s Mars trine Earth and James’ Jupiter Uranus trine to Sappho – oh that Sappho – once again Sappho shows up strong in a disastrous relationship. The quadruple Grand Trine makes the two of them have lots of chemistry together – but the presence of Sappho means the chemistry is extremely obsessive and neurotic, and not based on love.


This is just Part One of the Magi Astrology of the Sandra Bullock/Jesse James Fiasco.  Please come back to this website for the other two parts.




The above lesson helps you to understand matters you could not possibly understand without using the principles of Magi Astrology.  And you can know all this without using any exact times of birth.


Traditional Astrology could never help us understand any of this. Especially since Traditional Astrology is nearly a total prisoner of its requirement of an exact time of birth. 


On the other hand, one of the great beauties of Magi Astrology is that it gives us so much knowledge without exact times of birth – Magi Astrology is a “timeless” gift to us and we should always use it in our lives.





Even without an accurate time of birth.



If you have been a fan of Traditional Astrology, you must have been totally frustrated many times because you could not obtain an accurate time of birth to use for your Traditional Astrology analysis.


Even when you think you have an exact time of birth – there are the following problems:


The fact is that we almost never know the exact time of birth.


The times of birth on birth certificates are almost never accurate.  This is because the CRITERIA FOR EXACT TIMES OF BIRTH ARE DIFFERENT from doctor to doctor and nurse to nurse.


There has never been a uniform definition for “time of birth” among doctors and nurses, most of whom are not astrology fans.  One nurse may use the time when a baby’s head is visible, another nurse may use the time when the umbilical cord is cut, and still another nurse may simply write down a time the baby is safely delivered and the nurse can leave the delivery room. Or a doctor may just put in a time from memory after he leaves the delivery room.


The exact time of birth found on birth certificates is NOT reliable! 


But Magi Astrology is reliable without exact times of birth.


Look at what you can know through Magi Astrology without a time of birth!


Through the Magical Lens of Magi Astrology, we actually know more than Traditional Astrology could ever know about Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, and anyone else you wish to know more about.  We did it all without any exact time of birth – which is rarely accurate anyway. 


The techniques and principles of Magi Astrology are revolutionizing astrology and giving all who use Magi Astrology an advantage over everyone else. 


(By the way, the techniques Traditional Astrologers use to rectify a chart are a joke because no two Traditional Astrologers ever independently come up with the same rectified time – they are always different.  Test them out and see for yourself.)




Magi Astrology is easy to learn and is the only form of astrology that actually helps you to improve your life.  With Magi Astrology, you can improve your love life and your career; and you can avoid heartbreaks in both love and business. This may sound like quite an exaggeration but please judge for yourself.  We invite you to a free download of the first 14 chapters of our third book by clicking here.  Reading these chapters is the best way to begin to learn Magi Astrology.



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