September 22, 2009


In this article, the Magi Society is revealing another significant secret:




The asteroid SAPPHO is the astrological ruler of




Including intense FEAR.


Because fear creates bear markets in stocks,

Sappho is the strongest astrological cause of stock market crashes.





As the planets and asteroids move round and round in the sky, when Sappho makes Turbulent Angles to Financial Planets, most people suddenly become pessimistic, some to a degree that is not logical.  When Sappho makes Turbulent Angles to Financial Planets, most persons spend less money and some will even hoard cash.  The result is they sell stocks and other assets, so the stock market goes down.


Sappho is a small asteroid discovered in 1864.  Since its discovery, almost all astrologers have ignored it and no astrologer outside of the Magi Society has used it correctly.


Sappho has major influences on our personalities and personal lives but in this article, we will teach only about the Financial Astrology of Sappho.  In our Members Only Site, we will be posting a lesson about Sappho’s significance in the astrology of love and sex.


To help you to learn the Financial Astrology of Sappho, we will use the following three examples of stock market crashes:





To help all of you to better understand what we will teach in this article, let us first review the basic principles of Financial Magi Astrology.



The Five Basic Financial Magi Astrology Principles


Below are five basic principles of Financial Magi Astrology, which we have explained and used numerous times on this website:



  1. Venus, Chiron, Neptune, Pluto are Classic Magi Astrology Financial Planets. 


  1. Ceres is a Financial Asteroid, and the recently discovered Sedna is a Financial Planet. (These six planets and asteroids are collectively referred to as Financial AstroBodies.)


  1. Whenever any two Financial AstroBodies form a Magical Angle (trine, conjunction and parallel), the alignment creates optimism around the world, and investors are more likely to buy stocks and other financial assets.


  1. Whenever any two Financial AstroBodies form a Turbulent Angle, they create pessimism all over the world.  The result is investors are more likely to sell stocks and other financial assets.


  1. If three or more Financial AstroBodies form any Symmetrical Planetary Geometry, the power is substantially greater than the combined individual alignments and the type of geometric pattern will determine the meaning.  If the pattern is a Grand Trine, it is very good for stock prices, but if the pattern is a T-Square, it is very bad for stock prices.



Over a decade ago, we published that Venus, Chiron. Neptune and Pluto are Financial Planets.  Only recently, we informed the public that Ceres and Sedna are Financial AstroBodies.  (But we informed Magi Society members of this several years ago.)


And now we are revealing our latest revelation: Sappho Creates Selling Climaxes. 



Sappho Is The Key to Stock Market Crashes


When Sappho makes a Clash Angle to any of the six Financial AstroBodies, the alignment makes investors fearful so some of them will sell stocks they would normally hold.  The result is that many stocks make a low in price on the day the Clash Angle peaks (is most exact). 


If Sappho makes MORE THAN ONE CLASH ANGLE ON THE SAME DAY, it can create so much fear that it can result in a FEAR VORTEX, and the result is a major bear market low.  This happened on March 6, 2009 and on October 29, 1929.


Sappho has very powerful financial influences but it is not really a Financial AstroBody because it appears to work only in one direction.  Sappho can make stock prices go down, but it will not make stock prices go up.


Below is a graph of the stock market showing the famous low made in stock prices on Friday, March 6, 2009. The S & P 500 Index hit 666 on that day.  Since then, the markets all over the world have had one of the biggest rallies in history (measured by percentage gained in six months).  




(The above chart was created by AstroFibonacci, The Magi Society’s Financial Astrology Software Program.)

On the day the stock market made the above historic low, Sappho was making three Crash Angles to three Financial Planets.  The Magi Astrology Chart below illustrates the three Clashes.




(The glyph we use for Sappho is [S, which is very similar to the one we use for Sedna, which is ]S – the only difference is one has a right square bracket and the other a left square bracket.)

You can easily see that on March 6, 2009 when the stock market made its low, Sappho was making three Financial Clashes:



But that is not all.


The Clashes that Sappho made on that day formed a horrendous Double T-Square, which makes the three Sappho Clashes much more devastating and powerful.  (As predicted by Financial Magi Astrology Principle number 5.)


Guess what?  If you did not use Sappho and Sedna, you would have missed the whole Double T-Square and would never know the astrological reasons for the 2009 Crash low.


The Magi Society discovered the crucial roles that Sedna and Sappho play in shaping our stock markets. Only the Magi Society has accomplished this!



Whenever important discoveries are made in astrology, the Magi Society will make them.







If you mastered the principles of Financial Magi Astrology, you could have successfully predicted that the stock markets would make an historic low on the exact date that it did so. You could have done this by utilizing Financial Magi Astrology Principle Six that says:



Financial Magi Astrology Principle Number Six


When a major AstroFibonacci level AND a major Planetary Geometry formation occur at the SAME TIME, there is a strong likelihood of a major turn in the stock markets.





Referring now to the first stock chart of this lesson, by using the Magi Society’s Financial Astrology Program, AstroFibonacci, you would have known that the stock market would have very strong support at 672.82 in the S & P 500 index because that was the Neptune/Pluto AstroFibonacci Ratio (we get this by using the 1987 Crash low to the 2007 all time high).


On Friday, March 6, 2009, the stock market broke that support level by a hair (got down to the infamous 666.79 as the low of the day) and then rebounded to close at 683.83. If you knew at the same time that the Sappho double T-Squares were peaking on that day, you would be prepared for the likelihood that a major turn could be occurring. 



Magi Society Software Has Sappho As An Optional Upgrade


In 2005, the Magi Society added an upgrade called the Additional Asteroids Upgrade, which includes Sappho and ten other asteroids.  The Magi Society’s latest software program for members is AstroGeometry and it offers the Additional Asteroids Upgrade as an optional upgrade.  If you purchase this upgrade, you can include Sappho or any combination of the other ten asteroids into all chartwheels and calculations, including Houses and Planetary Geometry.





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