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March 13, 2012



For over three weeks, the US stock market tried to get over the 13,000 level on the Dow - it failed 52 times to do that, meaning stocks got close to or over 13000 fifty-two times but then were pushed back down.


But today, US stocks finally succeeded in breaking above the 13000 barrier and the stock market did so decisively by gaining 218 points and closing at 13177.


In a previous lesson about Financial Astrology, we wrote:




The Magi Society has revealed several times that stock and commodity markets are most likely to make highs when the planets make the following types of magical Planetary Geometry:


  • Symmetrical Patterns formed by at least four planets
  • Grand Trines
  • Conjoined Trines
  • Triple Conjunctions
  • Triple Parallels




By utilizing the above Magi Astrology principles, we know why stocks went up so much today.





The main astrological reasons for the surge in stocks was there were nine Grand Trines in the sky today.


But most of the Grand Trines were so well camouflaged that even some Magi Astrologers missed most of them.  To see them all, you would have had to use the Magi Society's most advanced Financial Astrology software and you would have to turn on all the 18 extra planets the software offers. Then this is what you would see:






Jupiter, Venus, Pluto and Mars formed two of the nine Grand Trines.  But the other Grand Trines were formed by Toro, Amor, Psyche, Eros, Urania, Lillith, Pandora. 


Six years ago, the Magi Society began to offer two software upgrades that included the following asteroids and planets:


Toro, Amor, Psyche, Eros, Urania, Lillith, Pandora, Icarus, Hidalgo, Diana, Sappho, Varuna, UB313/Eris, Peleus, Quaoar, Sedna, Ixion and Orcus.


All but two of these 18 extra AstroBodies made TRINES today. 


There are 16 conjoined trines today.


The eight Grand Trines formed a central pattern that is Symmetrical.

Once again, Magi Astrology proves that it is the most accurate and useful astrology.




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