April 21, 2009


As promised we are now going to reveal a very important secret of Magi Astrology.  The secret is that of Magi Zodiac7 Charts.


With Magi Zodiac7 Charts, you will be able to:


·        Attain a much deeper understanding of each and every personal relationship you have

·        Make more accurate predictions about the most likely outcome of any relationship

·        Look into the very soul of a person and discover characteristics that had always been hidden before


In order to use Magi Zodiac Charts, it is first necessary to have an adequate knowledge about Planetary Geometry.


Planetary Geometry is the most fundamental and important principle of Magi Astrology.  Magi Zodiac7 Charts are based on Planetary Geometry.  Therefore, it makes sense that the best way to begin to learn about Magi Zodiac7 Charts is to first understand the Magi Principles of Planetary Geometry, which informs us:




Magi Principle of Planetary Geometry

Planetary Geometry is the most powerful and

dominant astrological influence of any birth chart.




Traditional Astrology uses the houses, ascendant, midheaven, etc but it does not use Planetary Geometry.


However, the Planetary Geometry of a birth chart is much more important and powerful than the houses, the ascendant, midheaven, the placement of the planets in the 12 signs, and anything else that Traditional and popular astrologers use.   Planetary Geometry is so important that it is more powerful than the sum total of all the other astrological influences combined.


Those of you who have not read any of our three books or the lessons on this website may not understand what Planetary Geometry is. So let us define it for you:


Planetary Geometry refers to the lines, angles, shapes and figures that are created when we draw connecting lines between the positions of the planets in an astrological chart.


Aspects, and interaspects, are examples of the simplest form of Planetary Geometry.  But both aspects and interaspects are formed by the alignments of just two planets. In Magi Astrology, we pay more attention to the Planetary Geometry that is formed by more than just two planets. This is because the more planets there are forming Planetary Geometry, the more powerful the Planetary Geometry is.


Below is an example of “complex” Planetary Geometry. It is the CAC of the five foot five inch French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife, the five foot eleven inch Carla Bruni.  They are presently the first couple of Europe and during the last year, their photos have been on the cover of just about every magazine in the Euro Zone.





As you can see from the above CAC, President Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni form a Double Cinderella Grand Trine.  A Grand Trine is one of the most important and powerful patterns of Planetary Geometry. 


Every pattern of Planetary Geometry has a meaning. Every birth chart and CAC has at least several configurations of Planetary Geometry and each one has its own meaning.  There are many possible patterns of Planetary Geometry each pattern its own meaning.


We can accurately interpret the any piece of Planetary Geometry by recognizing the pattern and taking into account the symbolisms of the planets that form the Planetary Geometry.


For example, the Double Grand Trines of the above CAC are formed by a natal aspect of Neptune trine Chiron, with a natal conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus.  Neptune trine Chiron means “Cinderella” – Jupiter conjunct Uranus means “famous.” The Grand Trine pattern represents super success and extreme blessings.  Therefore, the Double Grand Trine in the Sarkozy-Bruni CAC means that the two of them together create a “famous Cinderella story of extraordinary good luck and blessings.”


This is exactly what happened; since the two of them met and fell in love (yes they really are in love) everything they have done has been blessed.  Sarkozy is very popular and the European media regularly compares Carla Bruni to Jacqueline Kennedy, whom they adored.


This is all Classic Magi Astrology and we have been teaching this for over a decade now.

Classic Magi Astrology works better than any other astrology.


Now that we gave you a refresher course on Planetary Geometry and another example of the enormous power of Planetary Geometry in CACs, let us start our journey into learning all about Magi Zodiac Charts.



The Magi Zodiac7 Chart


The Magi Zodiac7 Chart is a circle divided into seven equal parts.


The Classic Babylonian Zodiac chart is a circle divided into 12 equal parts. 


Thousands of years ago, before the Babylonians divided the circle into 12 equal parts to create the Classic Babylonian Astrological Chart, many ancient stargazers tried different types of astrology charts to see if any of them worked.


It is a certainty that ancient astrologers experimented with astrological charts that had a circle that was divided into five equal parts and decided such charts did not work.  Ancient astrologers must have also experimented with a circle divided into six equal parts, and seven, and eight, and nine, and decided that none of them really worked.


They were wrong.


The Magi Society’s Master Astrologers have discovered the enormous value of astrological charts divided into 7 equal parts.  We call such an astrological chart a “Magi Zodiac7 chart.”


The standard astrological chart is divided into 12 equal parts.  This means that each of the 12 sections of the circle has 30 degrees.  In these standard astrological charts, two planets form an aspect whenever the two planets are aligned at an angle that is a multiple of 30 degrees (0, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180).


A Magi Zodiac7 chart is an astrological chart with a circle but the circle is divided into 7 equal parts instead of the normal 12 equal parts.  This means that each of the 7 sections of the circle has 51.429 degrees (360 divided by 7 is 51.429.)  In a Magi Zodiac7 chart, two planets form an aspect when the two planets are aligned at an angle that is any multiple of 51.429 degrees, meaning 0, 51.429, 102.858 and 154.117. 


If you cannot picture this right now, do not worry.  We will provide you enough examples of Magi Zodiac7 charts later in this article so you will fully understand exactly what we mean by all this.


The Magi Zodiac7 chart is a fabulous new astrological tool.  By using Magi Zodiac7 charts, we can understand everyone and everything in a way that is impossible to do with any other astrological tool.


Magi Astrology has already proven itself to be the most accurate and useful form of astrology with all the Magi techniques you have already learned.  Everything we ever taught about Magi Astrology still works and is valid.


In fact, all the principles of Magi Astrology you have already learned are so valid that they actually all work perfectly on Magi Zodiac7 charts.


But the Magi Zodiac7 chart is a new tool of Magi Astrology and it dramatically increases the overall capabilities of Magi Astrology.


Let us use Adolf Hitler as an example of the accuracy of Magi Astrology plus Magi Zodiac7 charts, especially when compared to Traditional Astrology.  This will also be a good way to introduce you to what a Magi Zodiac7 chart is.



Traditional Astrology Fails to Explain Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler was sinister, evil and a demon on Earth – he was directly responsible for the deaths of fifty million soldiers and civilians and brought disaster into the lives of a billion people. Hitler was “killer of the century.”


Traditional Astrologers have never been able to explain how Adolf Hitler’s birth chart could give rise to such an evil killer and how Hitler had the power to force the world into a horrific war.


The Horoscope chart is the primary tool of Traditional Astrology.  So let us construct a horoscope chart for Adolf Hitler.


There seems to be widespread agreement that Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, at 6:30 PM LMT, in Branau Inn, Austria.


Below is Hitler’s Traditional Astrological Chart, using the Placidus House system.




From the above Horoscope chart, you can see that Hitler was born with:


1.      Libra rising

2.      Moon conjunct Jupiter in Cancer in his third house

3.      Venus/Mars conjunction in his seventh house.


Traditional Astrology tells us that a person with the above three “astrological signatures” would be a man of peace and harmony for the following reasons:


According to Traditional Astrology, a person with Libra rising enjoys peace and harmony.


Traditional Astrology also tells us that a person with a conjunction of Moon and Jupiter is tolerant and forgiving, compassionate and sympathetic, especially if this conjunction is in Cancer, the sign that rules the home and the protective mother instinct. 


Many Traditional Astrologers tell us that the Venus/Mars conjunction is indicative of a person with a great need to give and receive affection from others. 


But Hitler was ruthless, totally selfish and never forgave anyone for anything. 


How wrong can any astrologer be about someone?


As usual, Traditional Astrology fails miserably and is totally lost in trying to understand Adolf Hitler, who was “killer of the century.”


In contrast, classic Magi Astrology gave us clear indications that Hitler could degrade into an awful belligerent tyrant with delusions of conquering the world militarily. As we will explain, the Planetary Geometry in Hitler’s birth chart predicted that possibility.  And now, with the added advantage of Magi Zodiac7 charts, we understand much better exactly what drove Hitler to mass murder, and how he attained the power to actually destroy so many lives.






In Magi Astrology, we believe that a person’s natal Planetary Geometry provide us with valuable insights about the person’s inner self and true being.  Magi Astrologers can analyze any person’s natal Planetary Geometry and know more about the person than any other type of astrologer; we know even more than any psychologist does.


We can do this by analyzing the shapes of the natal Planetary Geometry and the symbolisms of the planets that form the Planetary Geometry.


The Magi symbolisms for the planets are sometimes very similar and sometimes very different from those that Traditional Astrologers use.  Magi Astrology also has discovered highly accurate symbolisms for some of the new planets that Traditional Astrology never dealt with.


In fact, we recently explained that the Magi Society has learned that the newly discovered planet named Sedna is the planet that rules EVIL AND THE DARK SIDE OF EVERYTHING.


By combining that discovery with the Magi Zodiac7 chart, we can finally understand why Hitler was so evil and how he was able to gain the power to become killer of the century.


To understand the astrology of Hitler, we must analyze the Planetary Geometry of both Hitler's Classic Magi Astrology Charts and the Magi Zodiac7 Charts.


Below are Magi Astrology natal charts for Adolf Hitler.  The first one immediately below is the Classic Magi Astrology Chart for Hitler in the Heliocentric sky. We will analyze the geocentric and Magi Zodiac7 charts a little later.




(In this chart and only this chart, we placed “30.00” markers every 30 degrees - there are 12 of them.   We did this to help you understand Magi Zodiac7 charts. When you read about the Magi Zodiac7 charts later on, you will know why we did this.)


In the chart above, we drew connecting lines to highlight Hitler’s triangular Planetary Geometry formed by the alignments of his natal Pluto, Sedna and Juno.  This is the most powerful piece of Planetary Geometry in the above chart. Magi Astrology has three principles for determining the power of any piece of Planetary Geometry.  These principles state:


·        The more planets that form a piece of Planetary Geometry, the more powerful it is.

·        The more exact the Planetary Geometry is, the more powerful it is.

·        Symmetrical Planetary Geometry is more powerful than non-symmetrical Planetary Geometry.


(All of this is pretty fully explained in our third book – if you would like to read a free download of our third book, please click here.  Please note that the above rules are very specific, even quantifiable.  In contrast, Traditional Astrology has never proposed a set of rules for determining which astrological criteria is the most important. Is it the Sun sign or the rising sign or something else? Traditional Astrology has no rules and has been purposely vague.  This is because Traditional Astrology does not work and needs to fudge.)


By applying the above Magi rules, it is clear that in Hitler’s chart above, the Pluto, Sedna Juno triangle is the most powerful piece of Planetary Geometry because it is BOTH the most exact and also the one formed by the most planets.  In Magi Astrology, we refer to the most powerful piece of Planetary Geometry of a chart as the CENTRAL PLANETARY GEOMETRY of the chart.


Now that we have identified the Central Planetary Geometry of Hitler’s natal chart, the next step is to interpret it.


As we have explained in our third book and numerous times on this website, we can accurately interpret Planetary Geometry by combining and integrating the symbolisms of the planets that create the Planetary Geometry.  If the Planetary Geometry has some clashes, then we “negatize” the symbolisms of the clashing planets, by using the most negative of the planets’ symbolisms and adding negative adjectives.  This sounds complicated but it is all really very simple, as you will see.


Hitler’s Sedna Juno Pluto Planetary Geometry means obsessive (Pluto) evil (Sedna) delusions (Juno).  It also means powerful (Pluto) and harmful (Sedna) delusions (Juno) and intentions (Juno).


The Sedna Pluto Juno triangle also means that Hitler had the ability (Pluto) to gain power (Pluto) by exploiting (Sedna) other people’s illusions (Juno).


We think that by now you get the picture of how all this works.


You are now ready for the Magi secret of Magi Zodiac7 charts. Below is the first Magi Zodiac7 chart you have ever seen. It is Hitler’s heliocentric Magi Zodiac7chart.


To understand what a Magi Zodiac7 chart is and how it differs from a Classic Magi Astrology chart, please compare the last two charts above.


Please note that in both charts, the positions of the planets along the circle are exactly the same.  In the classic Zodiac chart on the left, the wheel is divided into the familiar 12 equal parts of 30.000 degrees each. In the Classic Zodiac chart, two planets make aspects to each other if they are aligned at an angle that is a multiple of 30 degrees, such as 0, 30, 60 90, 120, 150 and 180. 


But in the Magi Zodiac7 chart on the right, we divide the wheel into 7 equal parts of 51.429 degrees.  In the Magi Zodiac7 chart, two planets make aspects to each other if they are aligned at an angle that is a multiple of 51.429 degrees, such as 0, 51.429, 102.858 and 154.287.


There are only four possible aspects in the Magi Zodiac7 chart.  We call the 0 aspect the conjunction, the 51.429 aspect is called the Zodiac7one aspect, the 102.858 angle creates a Zodiac7two aspect and the 154.287 aspect is the Zodiac7three aspect.


In both chartwheels, the divisions begin at the zero degree point of Aries and the numbers increase as we go counter-clockwise. So in the classic Zodiac chart, the degree markers for each of the 12 sections run from 0 to just under 30. Whereas in the Zodiac7 chart, the degree markers run from 0 to just under 51.429 degrees.


Unlike Classic Zodiac Charts where squares are bad aspects and trines are good aspects, the four possible aspects of Zodiac7 charts are all neutral.  There are no good or bad Zodiac7 aspects and they are all just neutral aspects – so we refer to them as simply Zodiac7 aspects.


Magi Zodiac7 charts have no houses and ascendants or midheavens.  But Magi Zodiac7 charts do have Planetary Geometry.  We can interpret Magi Zodiac7 Planetary Geometry in the same way as we do the Planetary Geometry of a Classic Magi Astrology chart.


Let’s now look for the Planetary Geometry in Hitler’s Zodiac7 chart.


Adolf Hitler was born with a “Zodiac7 yod.” It is comprised of Earth, Mars and Sedna and this is the Central Planetary Geometry of this Zodiac7 chart because it is most exact (just 0.3 degrees apart at most) and formed by more planets than any other piece of Planetary Geometry in the chart.


We can accurately interpret the meaning of Zodiac7 Planetary Geometry by using the exact same principles of Magi Astrology we use to interpret the meaning of Planetary Geometry in a Classic Magi Astrology chart.


By applying these Magi principles, Magi Astrology informs us that Hitler’s nearly exact Zodiac7 Yod of Earth, Sedna and Mars means Hitler was a man predisposed towards becoming an evil (Sedna) man (Earth) of war (Mars). 


Mars also rules killing, which of course is the most intrinsic component of war.  So Hitler’s Zodiac7 yod also means Hitler was a brutal (Sedna) man (Earth) and killer (Mars).


Which, of course, he was.  Hitler caused more killing than any other person in of the 20th century.


In Magi Astrology, we have given names to all of the most important yods and the names we selected depended on the planets that align to form the yod.  For example, when Mars and Earth combine with another planet to form a yod, we call the yod a “Man of War yod” because Mars rules war.  After all, Mars was the Roman god of war. 


So now we have learned a little bit about Magi Zodiac7 charts and how Hitler’s Heliocentric Magi Zodiac7 chart correctly revealed that he was prone towards being evil and a ruthless killer.






In the last sections of this link, we examined Hitler’s Heliocentric charts.


Now let us examine Hitler’s geocentric chartwheels.  Below, on the left is Hitler’s geocentric Classic Magi Astrology chartwheel and on the right is his Magi Zodiac7 Chartwheel.


Geocentric classic Magi Astrology chart and Magi Zodiac 7 chart of Adolf Hitler (click on image to enlarge on new page):




Please note that once again, the positions of the planets on both chartwheels are exactly the same.  Again, the difference between the two chartwheels is that the Classic Zodiac chartwheel on the left is divided into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees each whereas the Magi Zodiac7 chartwheel on the right is divided into seven parts of 51.429 degrees.


In Hitler’s geocentric Classic Chartwheel, the Central Planetary Geometry is the double T-Square formed by Hitler’s natal Sedna, Chiron, Jupiter and Moon.  This double T-Square is formed because Sedna is square to Chiron, square to Jupiter and square to the Moon.


·        By utilizing the principles of Magi Astrology, we know that Hitler’s double T-Square means he is diabolical (Sedna) and wants to destroy what is good  (Sedna square Jupiter), is willing to destroy families (Sedna square Chiron). And Hitler has a mean streak (Sedna square Moon).


Hitler also has two exact Mars aspects.  An aspect is the simplest form of Planetary Geometry. Like Planetary Geometry, the more exact the aspect, the more powerful it is.


In Magi Astrology, when Mars makes an exact aspect with Chiron, Venus, Sedna or Juno, the native normally has a mercurial temper.  Mars rules bad tempers and being combative and confrontational.


·        Hitler was born with two of the above exact Mars aspects: Chiron parallel Mars, Venus conjunct Mars.  These aspects were signs he had a horrific temper.


In the Classic Magi Astrology chart, Hitler’s geocentric Venus/Mars conjunction is an exact aspect that “stands alone” because it does not form more complex Planetary Geometry.


But this is not the case in Hitler’s geocentric Magi Zodiac7 chart.  In the Magi Zodiac7 chart, his Venus/Mars conjunction connects with Chiron and Uranus to create a double triangle.  These double triangles form extremely powerful Planetary Geometry because it is comprised of four planets and all the planets are within a tight orb of just 1.3 degrees.


In a Magi Zodiac7 chart, we call this particular type of triangle a Flying Wing.  The meaning of the Flying Wing depends on the planets that form it. 


In Hitler’s case he has a double Flying Wing because his Venus conjunction Mars forms two triangles with Chiron and Uranus.


·        Hitler’s double Flying Wing is symbolic of love of war (Venus conjunction Mars) and having the charisma (Chiron) he needed to plunge the world (Uranus) into war (Mars again).  The double Flying Wing also gave Hitler the ability to be charismatic (Chiron) in politics (Uranus) and make the public (Uranus) attracted (Venus) to war (Mars).


Hitler has another important aspect we wish to point out:


·        Hitler was born with a Magi Zodiac7 aspect formed by his Saturn and Sun.  This means he was a control (Saturn) freak and vengeful (Saturn) person (Sun). 


Traditional Astrology gave us no insight whatsoever into Hitler's soul. But when we look at Hitler through the Magical Lens of Magi Astrology, and analyze his Planetary Geometry, we know more about him than any other astrologer.  This is because Planetary Geometry is the key to knowing any person’s inner self.






In our third book, we explained that persons born with “bad aspects” do not have to be bad persons because God gave us Free Will to choose.  Every choice we make in our lives sets us along a path that would be different had we made a different choice.  We have the free will to make the better choices.  The most important choices we make are our selection of the persons we spend the most time with.  In other words, THE COMPANY WE KEEP has massive impact on the type of person we become and also what we do with our lives.


What we ultimately become and what we do with our lives depends on the decisions we make during our lives.  In particular, the persons we choose to associate with have a lot to do with the paths we take and what we bring to this world.


Hitler chose the worst of all possible associates, he chose to be friends with persons who were just as evil and sinister as he was. Even worse, Hitler became friends with people who had astrological charts that brought out the worst in him.


Adolf Hitler’s closest “friend” was Heinrich Himmler.  Hitler made Himmler his second in command in the Third Reich; he was head of the Gestapo and the architect of the Holocaust. 


Like Hitler, Himmler was an evil incarnation. If the two had never met, history would be different because it was the combination of Hitler and Himmler’s astrological charts that gave them the power to force the world into war.  The CAC formed by Hitler and Himmler was one of the key astrological components that gave the two of them the power to control Germany and nearly destroy the world.


All individual natal charts have capabilities and a degree of power. 


A CAC is the combination of two natal charts but it has more power than the sum of the two individual charts.  In fact, a CAC normally has four times the power of an individual natal because of a “multiplier effect.”


Here is the mind-blowing fact:


Some CACs have many times the power of individual natal charts.  If a CAC has extremely rare Planetary Geometry, it has much more power.  The more rare the Planetary Geometry, the more power it has.


The Hitler-Himmler CAC had awesome power. Below is the Magi Zodiac7 CAC of Hitler and Himmler. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Hitler was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Himmler was born.  This CAC reveals to us the astrological reasons why together, these two demons had the power to plunge the world into a devastating and senseless war.





In the geocentric Magi Zodiac7 dimension, Adolf Hitler combined with Heinrich Himmler to form a symmetrical pattern of Planetary Geometry we call a Steel Fortress.  If you tilt your head to the left 90 degrees, you can easily see that the pattern above is symmetrical around the blue symmetry pole that we added to the chart.  The cornerstone of this Steel Fortress is the Venus/Mars conjunction in Hitler’s natal chart. This is why we call this a Steel Fortress of War. 


Remember our rules about Planetary Geometry? 

·        The more planets that form a piece of Planetary Geometry, the more powerful it is.

·        The more exact the Planetary Geometry is, the more powerful it is.

·        Symmetrical Planetary Geometry is more powerful than non-symmetrical Planetary Geometry.


According to these rules, the Hitler-Himmler Steel Fortress of War is just about as powerful as any Planetary Geometry gets. It is symmetrical, it is formed by a lot of planets (eight), most of which are in a tight orb.


When Hitler and Himmler were together, their astrological energies combined and created this Steel Fortress of War that sucked everyone up into it.  What the two of them did together was much more powerful than what either did alone.


Hitler brought out the worst in Himmler, and Himmler brought out the worst in Hitler.


The asteroid Ceres is one of the cornerstones of this Siege Tower.  We already explained several times that Ceres is the little godfather of business and is ultra materialistic and selfish.  Like any mobster godfather, Ceres is UNETHICAL and does not care about obeying laws.  Ceres will do anything to achieve its goals.  By contributing Ceres to the Siege Tower, Himmler’s chart pushed Hitler to be more and more corrupt.


Because Hitler and Himmler formed this Siege Tower, when they were together, they brought out the worst in each other. Their CAC gave them much more power together to kill and wage war than they could by themselves. 


The most important choices we make are which persons we become closest to, such as lovers, or partners or friends.  This is because any close relationship between two persons creates COMBINED DESTINIES.  Believe it or not, the CAC we form with any person we spend a lot of time with will have enormous influence on our lives.  The CAC will have strong impact on what two persons CAN achieve together and what two persons WANT to achieve together.


This concept is known in the Magi Society as the Principle of CAC Capacity, which states:


The CAC of two persons will determine what the two persons can successfully accomplish together, and what the two persons desire to accomplish together.


This makes sense and is consistent with everything else we taught you about Magi Astrology.  For example, when two persons form multiple Cinderella Linkages in their CAC, they can fall in love and they want to marry and have a family together.  They are just following the Planetary Geometry of their CAC.  When two persons form multiple Golden Linkages in their CAC, they want to make money together and they can do so. 


Sometimes, the CAC is not about marriage or business, and it can be about something that changes a whole world, for good or for worse. The CAC of Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler changed the world very much for worse.


So once again, by using the Magical Lens of Magi Astrology, we finally know the astrological reasons why Hitler and Himmler had the power to make Nazi Germany fight a lunatic war in an attempt to dominate the world.


Hitler was certainly as evil as anyone could be. But Himmler was just as horrible a person – that is why he could mercilessly exterminate 6 million Jews. Most of us could not live with ourselves if we had killed even one innocent person, even by accident.  But Himmler meticulously planned and directly the extermination of 6 million Jews for the sole reason they were Jews.


Only Magi Astrology knows the astrological reasons Himmler was just as evil as Hitler does.  Below is Himmler’s Classic Magi Astrology chart showing that he was born with a Double Grand Trine of Jupiter conjunct Uranus, both in trine to Mars and Sedna.





The Double Grand Tines mean successful (Jupiter) at evil killing (Sedna trine Mars) on a worldwide (Uranus) and universal (Uranus) level. Magi Astrology informs us that this double Grand Trine can result in the ability to plunge the world into a demonic war.


Again and again, you can see how crucial the discovery of Sedna has been – and how important it is to know that Sedna corrupts everything it touches.


The depth of Himmler’s evil is unimaginable but Magi Astrology provides us with the astrological reason for Himmler’s proclivity for being evil and how he could constantly make the choices that dug him deeper and deeper into being a demonic beast.





Magi Astrology is easy to learn and is the only form of astrology that actually helps you to improve your life.  With Magi Astrology, you can improve your love life and your career; and you can avoid heartbreaks in both love and business. This may sound like quite an exaggeration but please judge for yourself.  We invite you to a free download of the first 14 chapters of our third book by clicking here.  Reading these chapters is the best way to begin to learn Magi Astrology.





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