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April 26, 2011


In 2009, the Magi Society introduced a revolutionary computer software program called AstroFibonacci.


We created the program with the goal of being able to utilize AstroFibonacci Ratios to help stock and commodity traders better forecast the stock and commodity markets.


For those of you who do not understand what AstroFibonacci Ratios are, please click on the link below:


[The rest of this article assumes you read the lesson in the above link.]


We believe that the motion of planets have an influence on stock prices on Earth.


In the above link, we provided evidence that the motion of planets had an influence on the US stock markets during 2009.  It was not proof but it was evidence in support of our theory.


There is an old proverb in China that goes like this:


Any fool can formulate a theory to explain the past.  Only a genius can formulate a theory that both explain the past and predict the future.


We very much agree with this proverb and it is especially apropos for astrologers.  Traditional astrologers are constantly proclaiming they are geniuses because they assert that they can explain the past - but they fall flat on their tails when they try to predict the future.


But we believe that our AstroFibonacci Theory was pretty good at forecasting stock performance since we published our theory about two years ago.


Below is a stock chart for the S & P 500 Index for the last five years:


Click Here To Enlarge Graph



Our Theory of AstroFibonacci says that stock prices will find the most natural support or resistance at AstroFibonacci levels.


In the above chart, we used the October 2007 high of 1576.09, and the March 2009 low of 666.79, to calculate AstroFibonacci levels. Our AstroFibonacci program automatically drew a red horizontal line to mark the position of each AstroFibonacci level.


On the right margin, the software program displays the exact S & P price level and the three-letter abbreviation of the two planets that create the AstroFibonacci level.


In addition to the red horizontal lines, there are also five purple horizontal lines - they represent the classic Fibonacci levels.


If you examine the above chart carefully (you can enlarge it by clicking on the chart), you can see that in January of 2010, stock prices found significant resistance when the S&P reached the 1150.17 level - this was the Ear/Mar AstroFibonacci level (please see right margin).


There was so much resistance that the market could not initially get above that level and had to first go down.


When stocks went down, they found significant support almost exactly on the Sat/Chi AstroFibonacci level of 1046.24, and then went up until it found significant resistance at 1221.28, which is the Mer/Ven AstroFibonacci level.


In other words, AstroFibonacci helped forecast each of those major turns in the stock market.


Here is a useful but simple rule for stock, commodity and currency investors and traders:




Level to Level Rule

More often than not, major moves in stock and commodity prices go from one AstroFibonacci level to another.



We will shortly post more about all this.

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