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Astrology Was Designed So That

We Are All Born

With Extraordinary Abilities



March 12, 2013


When we were born, each and every one of us was given gifts by the Higher Power that created the Divine Astrological System.


All of us were born with special abilities and talents that were transferred to us through the divinely created magical powers of the astrological system.


The Divine Astrological System was designed to ensure that each and every one of us can do some things better than most people, and we can each do at least one thing much better than most people.  This means that we all have a chance for success and financial security.


Here is how the Astrological System does this:


Every planetary aspect that existed at the time we were born endowed us with a special capability. The more planetary aspects there were when we were born, the more special capabilities we have. 



Every Natal Aspect Endows Us With an Ability and Talent


A natal aspect is a planetary aspect that existed when we were born.


A Higher Power designed the Divine Astrological System such that when we were born, each of our natal aspects transfers to us an above average talent and capability.  Every natal aspect is a blessing. 


To help you understand what we mean by this, we will first use the example of Walt Disney, a man born with many natal aspects and special abilities.  Below is his geocentric Magi Astrology Chart:




Walt Disney accomplished a lot during his life.


He was the first to successfully synchronize sound with the action of cartoons, he created Mickey Mouse and feature length colored cartoons; he gave us Davy Crockett, Pinocchio, Snow White, Cinderella and also Disney Worlds.  He was an extremely successful businessman, visionary and entrepreneur.  He hosted and produced one of the most successful television shows of the 1950s and early 60s.


Walt Disney was a man blessed with multiple extraordinary abilities and talents. 


Walt Disney was born with a broad range of extraordinarily talents because he was born with a lot of powerful natal aspects.  In his geocentric chart, Walt had twenty-four powerful natal aspects.  (He had additional natal aspects in his Heliocentric chart but we will look only at his geocentric chart in this lesson.)


Every planetary aspect that existed when Walt Disney was born blessed Disney with a special capability.


Different natal aspects endow us with different talents and skills.  We can use the principles of Magi Astrology to help us predict and understand what type of talent each natal aspect gives us. 



Magi Astrology Principles For Interpreting Natal Aspects:


To understand the nature and scope of the abilities that a natal aspect will confer upon a person, we combine and integrate the Magi symbolisms of the planets that form the aspect.




For example:


Walt was born with a quincunx (150 degree aspect) of Neptune and Mercury.  This aspect gave Disney a special ability to be creative (Neptune) and original (Neptune) in what is ruled by Mercury.  Among other things, Mercury is ruler of communication, writing, hearing, eyesight, and also what you see and what you hear, including movies and cartoons.  The result is Disney's natal aspect of Mercury 150 Neptune blessed him with a special capability of being creative (Neptune) in cartoons (Mercury) and movies (Mercury) and how to communicate (Mercury). 


The Mercury/Neptune aspect also endowed Disney with a special ability to be creative (Neptune) with sound (Mercury) and Walt was the first to succeed in synchronizing a cartoon's action with a sound track.  He did this with the Mickey Mouse cartoon called "Steamboat Willie." For decades, the process of synchronizing movie action with music was known as "Mickey Mousing" in the movie industry.


We have just given you a good example of how to use Magi principles to accurately forecast the type of special ability that a natal aspect will create.  But Walt Disney was a genius and the next question is "How do you predict when someone can be a genius?"


To predict if someone was born with the natal aspects that can make the person a genius, we can utilize this other Magi Astrology Principle:




Magi Astrology First Principle for Predicting Genius


The more exact the natal aspect is, the higher the level of the ability the natal aspect creates.  If a person is born with a nearly exact natal aspect, the person has the cosmic ability to become a genius in the field that the aspect rules.


In the longitudes, the "Genius Orb" is 0.55 degrees and in the declinations, it is 0.22 degrees.  Heliocentric longitude is also 0.55 but latitudes is 0.11.




All of Disney's declinational aspects are extremely tight.  Neptune, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and the Sun in declinations are all within 0.4 degrees of exact.  These six planets create 15 very tight distinct natal aspects and therefore they conferred extraordinary abilities onto Walt Disney.  But the most powerful aspects are the ones within Genius Orb.


In the geocentric chart, Walt Disney has seven natal aspects within Genius Orb:


  1. Venus quincunx Neptune
  2. Saturn contra-parallel Neptune
  3. Saturn parallel Sun
  4. Sun contra-parallel Neptune
  5. Venus parallel Jupiter
  6. Venus parallel Uranus
  7. Jupiter parallel Uranus


Each and every natal aspects blesses us with an above average ability and talent.  But every natal aspect that is within Genius Orb boosts our ability to the genius level.


Many of us are not so lucky as to have even one natal aspect within Genius Orb.  But do not despair.  The Higher Power that created the Divine Astrological System gave us more chances to have abilities that are at the genius level.  There is another way for us to have genius level abilities.


We can attain genius level talent through the divine gift of Planetary Synchronizations.



Every Planetary Synchronization


Endows Us With an EXTRAORDINARY Ability and Talent


Planetary Synchronizations occur whenever at least three planets are within orb to all make aspects to each other.  This can occur when three planets are all close to the same degree of any of the 12 signs, or close to the same degree of the declinations.


If we are born at a time when the planets are aligned so as to create strong Planetary Synchronization, then the planets have the power to endow us with genius qualities.  Once again, Walt Disney is a good example of this - the Magi Astrology Chart below illustrates that Disney was born with three very powerful Planetary Synchronizations:




Walt Disney was born with the following three geocentric Planetary Synchronizations:


Synch One: Mercury, Neptune and Venus are synched because each of the three planets make an aspect to each other.


Synch Two: Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus and Saturn are synched because each of the four planets make an aspect to each other.


Synch Three: Neptune, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and the Sun are all synched because each of the six planets is either parallel or contra-parallel to all of the planets in the synch.


Planetary Synchronizations and natal aspects are somewhat similar - the biggest difference is that a natal aspect is an alignment of just two planets whereas Planetary Synchronization is an alignment of at least three planets. 


Traditional Astrology is elementary level astrology and never figured out how to interpret anything that involved more than two planets.  Traditional Astrology is limited to two-planet natal aspects.


Only Magi Astrology fully understands how to interpret multiple planet alignments such as Planetary Synchronizations.


Magi Astrology teaches us that we can accurately interpret each Planetary Synchronization in the same way Magi Astrology interprets natal aspects, and that is by combining and integrating the Magi symbolisms of the planets that create the synchronization. By using this Magi principle, we derive the following interpretations for Walt Disney's Planetary Synchronizations:


Synch One gave Walt Disney an extraordinary ability to make money (Venus) through creative genius (Neptune) in cartoons (Mercury) and screenplays (Mercury) and comic books (Mercury).  This synch also means Walt Disney was very attracted (Venus) to and enjoyed (Venus) making original (Neptune) films (Mercury) and writing screenplays (Mercury and Neptune).


Synch Two gave Walt Disney an extraordinary ability to achieve super success (Jupiter and Pluto) in entertainment (Uranus) and television (Uranus) through hard work (Saturn). 


Synch Three gave Walt Disney a super extraordinary ability to become a dominant (Saturn) leader (Venus, Jupiter and Sun combo as we revealed in our second book) in creative (Neptune) entertainment (Uranus).


And guess what? Uranus is ruler of "joy rides" like the ones in Disneyland (because Uranus is symbolic of thrills and motion).  Uranus also is ruler of "adventures."  So Walt's third synch gave him the ability to create his Disneyland theme parks that featured adventures and joy rides.


As you might expect, some Synchs are more powerful than others.  The following three Magi principles help us to know how powerful any particular Planetary Synchronization is:



Magi Synch Rule One:


The more planets in a Synch, the more powerful the Synch.


Magi Synch Rule Two:


The tighter the orbs of each aspect that comprise a Synch, the more powerful the Synch.


Magi Synch Rule Three:


The more powerful the planets are that create a Synch, the more powerful the Synch.




With the help of the above Magi Synch Rules, we know that Walt Disney's most powerful Planetary Synchronization was his six-planet declinational synch of Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Sun and Neptune.  This was a truly extraordinarily powerful Planetary Synchronization and this is what gave Disney the ability to impact the whole world.  Walt Disney died almost 50 years ago but most of the western world still enjoys his creations - Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Disneyland.



We Can All Fulfill Our Dreams



Every natal aspect that existed when we were born gave us a natural ability to do something better than most people.


Every Planetary Synchronization that existed when we were born gave us a natural ability to do something much better than most people.


At one time, we thought Planetary Synchronizations were not everyday occurrences - but with the discovery of dozens of new dwarf planets, we now know that there is always at least one magical Planetary Synchronization at any given time.


This means that each and every one of us was born with a special capability because there is always a magical Planetary Synchronization in the sky.


We all have at least a couple of abilities that are above average, and we can all do something much better than most. 


This gives us the ability to fulfill our dreams.


This was a gift to us when we were born from the Higher Power that created the entire Divine Astrological System.


This is great news and so different from the bleak and hopeless world of Charles Darwin.


Charles Darwin's theory of evolution essentially tells us that if our parents are not especially gifted, then we will not be especially gifted.  Darwinism insists that we inherit all our talents from our parents because we inherit their genes and therefore if they do not have good genes, neither would we.


In other words, according to Darwin, if our parents are not especially talented, we are screwed and have no chance to be great.


But Darwin was wrong.


We now know Darwin was wrong because DNA testing proves Darwin was wrong.


Recent DNA tests comparing ape and human chromosomes produced results that totally contradict Darwin's "ape to human evolution theory." The ape Y chromosome is so different from the human Y chromosome that there is no conceivable way for the one to evolve into the other in the six million years scientists have claimed. (Please click here if you wish to read about how it is impossible for apes to have evolved into humans.)


The Divine Astrological System assures that all of us have a chance to be special and all of us have a chance of having children who can do great things even if we ourselves cannot.


No matter what our parents' genes are, we can all be especially talented because we could have been born on a day with great Planetary Synchronizations.


Like Walt Disney.


It is a fact that parents with extraordinary talents cannot pass their abilities on to their children through their genes.


Who were Isaac Newton's parents or children?  Who were Ludwig Beethoven's parents or children?  Who were Michelangelo's parents or children?  Who were Leonardo da Vinci's parents or children?  You never heard of them.


A person is exceptionally talented because of their birth chart - not because of their genes.


And this should give all of us hope.


Thank you for reading this.


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