If you have a strong interest in Financial Astrology, we urge you to carefully examine the advantages of adding Heliocentric Magi Astrology to your techniques for analyzing the financial markets.

Heliocentric astrology is certainly not news to financial astrologers. There are already a number of ways to use heliocentric analysis and many financial astrologers regularly employ them. Unfortunately, the results of such astrological techniques have been exceedingly disappointing. There are large gaping holes in these methodologies and we believe that Heliocentric Magi Astrology fills much of what is missing. We are confident that when you master Heliocentric Magi Astrology, you will agree with us that the principles of Heliocentric Magi Astrology provide the most reliable and consistent astrological methodology for explaining major trends in the financial markets.

Most of this website has been devoted to the Magi Astrology of love and personal relationships. This is an area of our lives that almost all of us have a strong interest. But with the turmoil now in the worldwide stock markets, many have become even more interested in their finances. Magi Astrology is as proficient in matters of money as it is in matters of love. But when it comes to money and the stock markets, Magi Astrology always includes Heliocentric Astrology because without it, we would be missing the most important dimension of financial astrology.


When the Magi Society published its first book Astrology Really Works!, we started what some call the Declinations Revolution. Our book was the very first book to ever present compelling evidence of the validity of the declinations and within a year of its publication, the best astrologers worldwide accepted the declinations as a reliable astrological tool. Since that time, many astrologers refer to the declinations as the "other dimension of astrology." However, at the Magi Society, we view the declinations as simply the vertical dimension of geocentric astrology. To us, the "other dimension of astrology" is Heliocentric Astrology.

Geocentric Astrology itself has two equally significant parts; they are the longitudes and the declinations. Heliocentric Astrology also has the longitudes and "declinations." But the Heliocentric equivalents of declinations are called the LATITUDES.

For thousands of years, astrology has been based on just the geocentric longitudes. And for thousands of years, little by little, the prestige of astrology has waned, primarily because astrology lacked accuracy. But by adding the declinations and Heliocentric Astrology to the normal geocentric longitudes, every astrologer has more than four times as much astrological knowledge and tools to use. By also including Chiron, astrological knowledge is on a new launch to the stars. By combining all this knowledge, astrologers can explain things that were simply unexplainable before. And the popularity of astrology will begin to expand dramatically.


Geocentric Astrology is very useful when analyzing the stock markets. But for whatever reason, Heliocentric Astrology is a little bit more important for Financial Astrology than Geocentric Astrology. Both dimensions are necessary for a full explanation of the astrological reasons for any major trend in the stock market. By using Magi Astrology in the geocentric dimension and by also applying the principles of Magi Astrology directly to the heliocentric dimension, it is finally possible to obtain the astrological explanations of historic financial events that have been left unexplained in the past.

Our first example is the stock market crash of 1929. This remains the most famous stock market crash in history.

Think about what we have just written. What we said was:

The Crash of 1929 remains the most famous stock market crash in history.

We are putting emphasis on the words "the most famous." This description should give us a clue to understand what to expect when we analyze the stars of the Crash of 1929.


Ever since astrology has been used to predict the stock market, millions of investors have been predicting stock market crashes. For some reason, astrology buffs seem to be intrinsically bearish and have probably predicted the coming of a million crashes. They have looked at the stars and have thought:

Ah ha! WOW! There is this terrible cycle, and this horrible alignment and this and also that and also this and oh my goodness -- the crash of the century is coming!

But these astrology fans have failed to recognize the most necessary astrological component of a truly historic crash. AN HISTORIC CRASH IS UNLIKELY TO OCCUR UNLESS THERE IS A JUPITER-URANUS ASPECT.

In our first book Astrology Really Works!, we disclosed our discovery that if someone is born on a day when Jupiter and Uranus made a MAGIcal angle to each other, then that person has a jump start on achieving fame. For this reason, we gave a special name to the alignment of Jupiter-Uranus forming a MAGIcal Angle and we named it the SUPER FAME ASPECT.

(An aspect is a meaningful alignment of two planets. In Magi Astrology, when two planets make MAGIcal angles to each other, we say the planets form an ENHANCEMENT ASPECT.)

The main point of this lesson is that this Super Fame Aspect works on stock market crashes as well as persons. In fact, a very high percentage of the most famous events in the stock markets have occurred on days when there was a Super Fame Aspect formed in the sky, either in the geocentric or in heliocentric dimension.

We wrote earlier that the Crash of 1929 was the most famous crash in history. Virtually everyone knows about it. The reason it was so famous is because it occurred on a day with the Super Fame Aspect. But you have to look at the heliocentric dimension and the latitudes in order to find it. Below is the Heliocentric Magi Astrology Chart for the Crash of 1929.

Our main point is this:

If there is a Super Fame Aspect in the sky, the chances of an historic event are dramatically increased. The reason for this is that Uranus rules fame, and when Jupiter makes a Magical Angle to a planet, it augments the symbolisms of that planet. In this case, Jupiter increased that likelihood that the day would become famous for one reason or another.

What this means is that if you look at the stars and think that something truly historic is about to happen in the stock market, you should check to see if there is a Super Fame Aspect during the predicted time frame. If not, you should reconsider. This does not mean that historic stock market events do not occur on days without the Super Fame Aspect. They do. But it does mean that historic events are more likely to occur during Super Fame Aspects.

In fact, as we are about to document for you, the five most historic crashes or bear markets in the US stock markets began or occurred during the Super Fame Aspect. The big question is "WHY?' Why is the Super Fame Aspect so commonly found in famous stock market crashes?

The answer is MAGNITUDE. You see, if something historic is going to happen in the stock market and everyone is going to remember it decades from now, then there has to be GREAT MAGNITUDE of movement in stock prices. Smaller drops in stock prices just do not become famous. The most famous crashes are the biggest crashes. So in the case of stock market crashes, the biggest ones are likely to have Super Fame Aspect because that is what makes it famous. For this reason, in the case of stock markets, the Super Fame Aspect is actually a sign of a historic event and therefore we call it the HISTORIC ASPECT. This makes sense because what is super famous in the stock market is also likely to be historic.

Below, we will analyze the astrology of the other four most historic stock market crashes.

2. Click here to read about the Historic Aspect that existed on the day that Iraq invaded Kuwait, which started the bear market of 1990.

3. Click here to read about the Historic Aspect that existed when OPEC declared an oil embargo on the United States, which started the bear market of 1973-74.

4. Click here to read about the Historic Aspect that existed during the Crash of 1987, which was the biggest single day drop in the history of the stock market.

5. Click here to read about the Historic Aspect that existed on the most historic low of the US stock market.

There you have them, the five most famous and significant crashes in the US stock markets of the 20th century. The stars gave us the same sign for every one of them: the Historic Aspect. Three of these signs were given to us in the heliocentric dimension and two were found in the geocentric dimension.

What's happening now? Well, last year was the worst ever bear market for the NASDAQ. There was an Historic Aspect in the heliocentric sky during the last months of last year.

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