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July 7, 2016

The Magi Society is pleased to announce a new benefit for our members.

We are calling this new benefit the Magi Advantage Planner (MAP).

From now on, the Magi Society will send emails to our members providing Magi Astrology information that will help our members to:

 1.      Best take advantage of great astrological days that are coming soon

 2.      Avoid problems that could result from horrible astrological days that are coming soon.

Really great astrological days are hard to find and it is a huge advantage to know about them ahead of time so we can plan ahead and harness the power of the stars and natalize something very important in our lives.

Really bad astrological days come far too often and it is a huge advantage to know about them ahead of time so that we never natalize anything important on such days because doing so could result in huge problems for us.

A short while ago, we actually initiated the Magi Advantage Planner by sending our members the following email:


Hello, Magi Society member:

The Magi Society wishes you and your loved ones a magical Fourth of July.

We would also like to make you aware that July 9 is a particularly good astrological day for most natalizations including those that involve romance, love, or sex and also financial security, careers, and business matters.

We wanted to let you know this so you might be able to take advantage of the good stars and natalize something important but make certain to check your transits because you should not natalize anything if you are having bad transits, even on good astrological days.

We will from time to time send you other emails providing you a heads up when there are other especially good astrological days.

We will also include a brief explanation of some of the reasons we believe any day is especially good.

In the case of July 9, 2016:

Although there are no obvious good aspects on July 9, there are five very powerful and helpful midpoint aspects, and they are:

1.   The midpoint of Chiron and Neptune in trine to the Sun remember that the Chiron-Neptune pairing is a Cinderella pairing and this makes July 9 a Cinderella Day.

2.   The same midpoint, Chiron/Neptune, is also conjunct Jupiter remember that each pair of planets forms two midpoints - one is the Near Midpoint and the other is the Far Midpoint. The Chiron/Neptune near midpoint is about 18.5 Pisces and the far midpoint is 18.5 Virgo and there it is conjunct Jupiter. This means that the Chiron/Neptune Cinderella Midpoint enhances both Sun and Jupiter, which of course is a very rare, powerful, and beneficial astrological blessing.

3.   The near Jupiter/Pluto midpoint is trine the Sun and also enhances Jupiter.

4.   In the Heliocentric Sky, the near Jupiter/Pluto midpoint is trine to Chiron.

5.   In the Heliocentric Sky, the far Chiron/Neptune midpoint is trine to Earth and Pluto.

So we suggest you check your transits on July 9 and if they are good, you should do as much natalizing as you can on July 9.

For example, write all the checks you can, and make all the online payments that you can, on July 9. Apply for a job or send out resumes or make deposits into your bank or brokerage accounts. Buy some appliance that you have been thinking about or at least buy gas for your car. You can even think big and launch some website or at least buy a domain name. Make a special posting on social media. Or set up a new account on social media or upload a video to YouTube or somewhere else. Upgrade your smart phone. Go out on a first date, meet someone new, and plan a seduction. Ask for a commitment of love.

Etc., etc.

There are many ways to take advantage of a great astrological day and if you do so you will harness the power of the stars and improve your life. That is the Magi Advantage.

God bless you all,

Magi Society


If you are a Magi Society member but did not receive this email, please contact your Membership Director and provide us with your current email address.



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