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September 24, 2009



The Stock Market Crash of 1929


Historians generally agree that the stock market crash of 1929 was the worst crash in history.


In 1929, the stock market made a high on September 3, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 381.17.


By the end of the month on September 30, the Dow had fallen 10 percent to 343.45, and stock prices kept on falling.


On Thursday, October 26, the Dow had dropped an additional 10% and closed at 298.97.


And then the real crash came.  On the following Monday and Tuesday, the Dow fell more than 10% each day (the equivalent now of about 1000 points each day).


On October 28, Black Monday, the Dow plummeted to close at 260.64.


And on October 29, Black Tuesday, the Dow tumbled down to close at 230.07, but the Dow had hit a low of 212.33 during the day.



Sappho Was the Astrological Key To The Timing of the Crash of 1929


The double T-Square that Sappho made on March 6 of 2009 pinpointed the low in stock prices made on that day.  In much the same way, Sappho also rang an astrological bell that told us the exact day of the low during the Crash of 1929.


Below are two Magi Astrology Charts for October 29, 1929 – the day the US stock market made its 1929 Crash bottom.  The chart on the left is the geocentric chart and the chart on the right is the heliocentric chart.  (Click on each to enlarge the chart.)





In Part One of our lesson, we explained that:



When Sappho makes a Clash Angle to any of the six Financial AstroBodies, the alignment makes investors fearful so some of them will sell stocks they would normally hold.  The result is that many stocks make a low in price on the day the Clash Angle peaks (is most exact). 



That is what was happening on October 29, 1929.  As illustrated in the charts above, in the geocentric sky, Sappho was making an exact Clash to Sedna on that day.


Sappho was also pushing stock prices down in the Heliocentric Sky.  In fact, Sappho was the CONTROLLING PLANET because Sappho made more aspects than any other planet   Sappho was in aspect to Uranus, Chiron and Jupiter, and striking fear all over the world.



Sappho and the Crash of 1987


Sappho was not the main astrological cause of the Crash of 1987.  Nonetheless, Sappho contributed to that crash.  The Crash of 1987 would not have been as bad if Sappho had not been making Financial Clashes.


Below are two Magi Astrology Charts for October 19, 1987 – the day the US stock market made its 1987 Crash bottom.  The chart on the left is the geocentric chart and the chart on the right is the heliocentric chart.  (Click on each to enlarge the chart.)






The main astrological cause of the 1987 Crash was the Financial Clash between Sedna and Pluto (as predicted by Financial Magi Astrology Principle Four).   The Pluto Sedna opposition occurred in both the geocentric and Heliocentric skies, and this makes the two clashes much more powerful.


Sappho did its part in creating the 1987 Crash because Sappho made its own Financial Clash by being opposed to Neptune, which is a Financial Planet.  This was a tight aspect and the peak of the aspect (when it is exact) was the next day.



There Are Still Unsolved Mysteries About Financial Astrology


On this website, we have learned a lot about Financial Astrology.


We learned about Sedna and Sappho.


We now know that Sappho is an important piece of the puzzle of predicting stock prices.  We also continue to find evidence that Sedna is crucial to Financial Astrology.


Does that now mean we can make a bundle of money trading stocks?


We do not think so – at least not yet. All this new knowledge will certainly improve our performance, but this is not a cure all.


The Magi Society has made major advances into learning the secrets of the stars but we do not know everything – at least not yet.


There is more to learn; perhaps much more.


It is very difficult to make money by trading stocks and very few persons can ever do it no matter what they know.  This is in part because most people were not born with the astrological ability to make money in this way.  We are all able to make money at something, but just as only a few can make money as a doctor or professional athlete, only a small percentage of persons can make money trading stocks.


There is another major obstacle to making money by trading stocks – the problem is that we are all captive to our astrological transits.  No matter what we know and no matter how good we are at trading stocks, when we have bad transits, we will not make money.  Something always goes wrong during bad transits.  For example, we click the wrong button or we type in the wrong symbol when we trade on line – or we chose the wrong price limit and miss the whole move.


Here at the Magi Society, when we know we are having bad transits, we try to not fight the stars so we avoid making big bets.


Because the stars do work, we must all try to remember the stars also work on us and our transits are a decisive factor in whether we make or lose money. 


You know what we mean, right?  There are days when everything goes wrong for us!  It is because we are having bad transits.  And there are days when most things go well for us – thank God for those days and they are always days when we have good transits.


You can use the Magi Society Members Only software to know when you have good or bad transits.  We also offer Interpretations Upgrades that are better than those of any other software program.


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Does this mean you can make a bundle using Sappho of course not because it is only one piece of puzzle and you have to look at your transits which is why we offer interpretations for your transits and also you need magi zodiac





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