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November 19, 2016

In Magi Astrology, Uranus is the Primary Ruler of the Internet and technology and therefore Uranus is also the Primary Ruler of Internet and technology stocks.

According to the principles of Magi Astrology taught in our three books, Internet and technology stock prices will likely go up on days when the midpoint of two “financial planets” is making a magical angle to Uranus.

From July 13 until October 26, four “Financial Midpoints” made exact magical angles to Uranus.  According to Magi Astrology, technology stocks should have gone up quite a bit during that time and that is exactly what happened.

From July 13 until October 26, Internet and technology stocks rose about 10% even though the S & P 500 fell by about 2.5%.  

Below is a stock chart that illustrates what we are talking about.  In the chart below, we chose to use the QQQ etf to represent the performance of Internet and technology stocks because the QQQ is comprised entirely of only Internet and technology stocks such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet (which used to be called Google), Netflix, Cisco, Intel, etc.


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In the above chart, you can easily see that until the middle of July, the S & P 500 and the QQQ went up and down almost the same (SP500 is the gold line and the QQQ is black).  But beginning in the middle of July, the gold line, representing the SP500 went sideways and slightly down while the QQQ (black lines) went mostly.

The bottom line is that the Internet and technology stocks did a lot better than the general stock market from for the twelve weeks from mid-July until the third week of October.  During those twelve weeks, the following four Financial Midpoints made exact trines to Uranus:

Jupiter/Chiron in the geocentric sky

Jupiter/Neptune in the Heliocentric sky

Jupiter/Neptune in the geocentric sky

Venus/Neptune in the heliocentric sky

(Editors’ Note: In Magi Astrology, the Financial Planets are Venus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron and Jupiter is the Golden Planet.  We know that Traditional Astrologers do not recognize Neptune as a Financial Planet but that is one reason why Traditional Astrologers have no money – their symbolisms do not work.)

To help you understand this, below is the geocentric Magi Astrology Chart for August 12, 2016 which was a short term peak for the QQQ:



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In these charts, a midpoint is shown with two letters, and the two letters are the first letters of the names of the planets that create the midpoint (except that we use the letter “K” for Chiron because it is pronounced “Khiron.”

For example, JN represents the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint and JK represents the Jupiter/Chiron midpoint.

Below is the Magi Astrology Chart in the Heliocentric sky for of the same day, August 12, 2016:


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[Editor’s Note: Normally a magical angle is made by a trine, conjunction and parallel.  But in the case of midpoints (as explained in all of our books), magical angles are also made by sextiles and oppositions and contra-parallels.  The reasons for this are taught in our books and on our Members Only Website and Certification Program, but it has to do with “midpoint aspect equivalents” and the fact that two planets always form two midpoints: the Near Midpoint and the Far Midpoint which are 180 degrees apart.  Both of these midpoints can form magical angles to any planet.  For example, when the near midpoint is sextile to a planet, then at the same time, the far midpoint is trine the same planet; and when a near midpoint is opposed to a planet, the far midpoint is conjunct that same planet)

For a better understanding of near and far midpoints, please click the link below and look at the Saturn/Chiron far and near midpoints on the one chart in the link:


 Internet and Technology Stocks Go Down When Uranus Crosses Saturn Midpoints

Similarly, when a Saturn Financial Midpoint (such as Saturn/Neptune and Saturn/Pluto) makes a Clash Angle (90, 150 and 180 degrees, plus Contra-Parallel) to Uranus in the sky, then Internet and technology stocks’ prices will most likely GO DOWN in price, or  “underperform” other stocks. 

The alignment of a midpoint to a planet is somewhat of a complex concept and we find it is always helpful to give complex concepts a special name. (Doing so helps us to crystalize the idea in our minds.) Therefore, when any midpoint is making any angle to any planet, Magi Astrology refers to that alignment as a MIDPOINT CROSSING, and the abbreviation for that is MDX. 

For example, when Uranus is in trine to the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint, that alignment of three planets is a Midpoint Crossing, or an MDX.

A Financial MDX is one that is formed by a Financial Midpoint, which is one formed by two Financial Planets.

All Financial MDX’s have an influence on stock and commodity prices.  When the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint trines Pluto, most stock prices are likely to go up but especially bank stocks because Pluto is a ruler of debt and banking. When the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint is trine to Neptune, OIL PRICES WILL RISE (probably), and so will oil stocks (most likely) because Neptune is ruler of oil (in Magi Astrology).

Another example is when the Sun is crossing the Saturn/Neptune midpoint, stock prices most likely go down because the Magi Astrology interpretation of that MDX is a day (Sun) of shrinking (Saturn) assets (Neptune).

We understand that some of the many fans of Magi Astrology have little interest in Financial Astrology so the above information may not excite you at all.  But midpoints also make crucial transits and progressions in all of our lives so we strongly urge all of you to include them in your astrological analyses.






The Magi Society has sold Financial Astrology Software since 2001 and we are the largest sell of Financial Astrology software worldwide. Back in 2001, the Magi Society did not realize how crucial Midpoint Crossings are for predicting stock prices and we did not include enough midpoints in our Financial Astrology software.  

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